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Pedigree Charts

Pedigree Charts

A simple description of how to create a pedigree chart in genetics.


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  1. seth ngo says:


  2. tfk although my first language isn't English but I could have understood you thank you dear

  3. CJ CW says:

    Very well done and helpful thank you

  4. Krupa Sade says:

    Thank you madam. I've understood very well, simple and affective. ?

  5. A S says:

    Best video..
    Easy and less time consuming..

  6. This was soooo helpful

  7. You did a great job explaining this…. Shout out to the instructor YOU DA BEST

  8. some one please answer me this project is a lot of points!

  9. if you had all half siblings and there's a male and female then they had kids and then the son would have a girl friend and have my brother then since she died and got with my mom and got married and had me and then my mom would die and get with someone else and have my sister where would i put her?

  10. Very helpful and a quick solution for MQS exam questions thank you!!

  11. Thank you so much mam, I was really struggling in class but this video helps me alot. I appreciate it

  12. Thanq for making this video
    It really helps to understand pedigree chart

  13. Simon Wong says:

    I’m doing this is freaking 7th grade and my teacher is actually mental. This didn’t help either. Science is stupid.

  14. my friend says:

    Simple but helpful

  15. Habiba says:

    Honey thank you so much for this video.

  16. This one was great tutorial Mam…Thanks!:)) How to make X Linked Dominant Pedigree Chart..?

  17. I did not know what to do at all from an hour lesson and after watching 1 minute of this video my homework is practically done ??

  18. itzmix says:

    Mrs pretty…. Luther College

  19. talking about life sciences made easy!!!!!!!

  20. OMG i have my science exam tomorrow which is predominantly on biology and ive been struggling so much on this, you made it so easy to understand omg thank you!!


  21. Thank you…it is so useful for MED entrance exams here in INDIA

  22. Jinheng Li says:

    Easy to understand. Do you have more about Pedigree Chart teaching videos ? Thank you Teacher.

  23. this is so effective

  24. just chillin in science class

  25. nice it is
    very simple to understand

  26. 「wink」 says:

    LIFE SAVER!!! Subscribed <3333 Thank you so much for this helpful video! Please make more!

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