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People Telling me that I am Stupid – DNA test – Comments

People Telling me that I am Stupid – DNA test – Comments

Thank You So much for watching People Telling me that I am Stupid – DNA test – Comments

In this video I share my thoughts and how people on youtube have been trying to hurt me. DNA test and i read some of the new comments. Make sure you like and subscribe.

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32 thoughts on “People Telling me that I am Stupid – DNA test – Comments

  1. Boy black Americans are fucking stupid they actually forcing themselves to believe that the all white people are out to deceive them through dna testing but if the dna testing results said they had majority Indian in them it whould be no skepticism from them I can guarantee that.

  2. gnk1971 says:

    Lexie, you are far from stupid. People need to stop accepting what is spoon fed to them in the classroom and learn to eat for themselves. This information is so clear if people would just read!!!

  3. I enjoy your vids. Check out topless Lu Lu on you tube.

  4. middle passage never happened no slave ships found We don't need DNA test.

  5. middle passage never happened no slave ships found We don't need DNA test

  6. keep it up Cooper queen

  7. our spirit shifts when told we are Native

  8. telling people they are native is like rubbing the head of a dog, they will bite you. We have been extremely wounded by the lie told to us. it's a process some people get hurt knowing. Be gentle to them

  9. white folks and black folks always be claiming they native American. your not enrolled in the tribe and you have no tribal I.D. you all can pretend to be native American all you want just don't bring that nonsense to my rez, I'll cap you in tha ass real fast.

  10. Patrick says:

    Black Americans say this more so than "White Indians". Always gotta blame whitey.

  11. this neggress has low IQ sub saharan nigrology on lock down

  12. ibelivinu1 says:

    go see if you can join a native american tribe and see what they tell you!

  13. Qwinny X says:

    You are not stupid. You are a beautiful woman. 🙂

  14. Keep your head up sis. All these people talking this pan African shit don't have any African great grandparents in their lineage.

  15. you can discern a genuine honest question or comment differently from a trouble making time waster

  16. Indige N5D says:

    Research We were first on every continent. We were the first people in the world so it's common sense .Check us out in Asia for example. Check who we're the first real royals in England , who ruled Spain first??? Ireland??? ECT. And oh Egypt is where… yeah Africa. There's a lot of stupid ass so-call Black & white people on here. Damn read something real. We've been lied to about every damn thing else so this doesn't surprise me. All of the world has been lied to. Except the facts

  17. Indige N5D says:

    I'm fortunate to have a picture of my Great Great Grandmother and she is clearly Native American and we all still look very much like her. Listen 500 years won't change our look. DNA doesn't work that way. The Africans who came to be slaves are not the same as the Negro Native Americans , some have blended with us. I don't see why it's such a bad thing for people to find this out??? Look if you know you & yours came from Africa you should go home. Humans in general all have roots in Africa. But my people built America & we're here to stay.

  18. Speechless….I am very sad for my black people. It is obvious that the damage inflicted through the accumulative effect of the slave trade has seriously affected us on a psychological level. Despite the vast pictorial, artifactual, verbal, and DNA evidence, it seems there are those (African Americans) who want to claim that they have no connection to Africa. I must say that I am ashamed of those who do this. They are a disgrace to their own kind and an embarrassment. By saying that they are the real "native Americans" they have chosen to turn their backs on the black holocaust and the millions of blacks that died so that they can be who they are today.

  19. simple just take dna test dna don't lie

  20. I also like the term aboriginal or aborigines

  21. I consider myself as an indigenous american

  22. henry hill says:

    All white people are immigrates to the land of the america's. blacks are the only indigenous people of this land of the america.

  23. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pE8LJzoupFM

    African s and Chinese always came over to America 10000s of years before the Modern Day Indian and Columbus That's were you get your Native American from today. and 500 years before Columbus an African King from Mali came over. And other nations from West Africa. No wonder all DNA test say we from West Africa. As of Today we are more NaTive to America. 1000s of years to Africa. We are Indigenous First Original to All Continents. Look up Indigenous people of any land Mass and the people will always be Brown skin. Hawaii, Alaska, Australia North America South America, India, Asia China, Everywhere

  24. Keep on because they can't take the truth!!! Very great !! They mad because you know the truth

  25. Lisa Sweet says:

    Where is the DNA test??

  26. Sis….. you're beautiful! and thank you soooo much for doing what you do. We need sisters like you to reach others. these idiots don't study. keep doing what you do.

  27. TheCbmt says:

    what people dont realize is indians were transported but not in stuffed like sardines they took them 20-50 at a time max just like Africans they did not bring people in 400 stuffed pissing urinating vomiting on each etc. if people study logistics they will know no one was cramped in like Jordans(lol )thats just unrealistic

  28. TheCbmt says:

    gotta stop calling pale skins white they are not that is a commercial status pale skins are amorites you are not black you are indigenous people have no idea about history the u.s corporation knows exactly who you are but its up to you to claim your birthright trolls cant help themselves ignore them

  29. keep up the good work.

  30. I Salute you Lexie. We are the True Aboriginal of the whole continent of Amexem. We are the real children of Northwest Amexem and Turtle Island. Those Mixed Native are half Aboriginal and European. They(USA Govt) listed them as Natives, so they could disenfranchise the true inhabitants of these land, and steal Our Ancestors land and resources. It is a well kept Masonic Secret that WE are the True Americans and they owe US the real Aboriginal Americans. Those Native Americans know we are not "Black" nor African American. However they won't never admit it because the USA Govt is supporting them, by letting them have Casinos and giving them land. Those Native are starting to see it was not such a good deal, by what is happening with that pipeline. Those $5 Indians are defensive towards the Truth, because they are to wrapped up in the Fraud against Us the Aboriginal Americans, and are benefiting from it. So keep researching and dont get discouraged, by these Masonic people who took a Oath of Silence of "Black" Americans True Birthrights: #Peace

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