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Polish? French? African? My Ancestry DNA Results!

Polish? French? African? My Ancestry DNA Results!

I couldn’t wait to get my Ancestry DNA results — So I when I did, I had to film a quick video going over my results for the first time on camera! These are all my real reactions to seeing what my ethnicity is from the test. Hope you enjoy!

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19 thoughts on “Polish? French? African? My Ancestry DNA Results!

  1. The ave Brit is only 36% Native Celtic Brit the rest is else were.

  2. Welcome to the Club GB hahah

  3. szuwi 112 says:

    You have a face like a polka.

  4. In terms of physical anthropology they will call you a pan-european. Shape of your face and color of your eyes telling us that this Czechoslovakian part of you probably is from Celts – central european Celtic tribes

  5. Solo Lolo says:

    Why would you hope to have French snobbery in you?

  6. Isn't the Europe West probably German as it neighbours Poland?

  7. The origin of all Jews is from the Middle East = from Israel. At one point the Babylonians came and deported them to Babylon. At a certain point, many Jews lived in Spain until 500-600 years ago. Some of them were expelled from Spain and arrived in North Africa. Until 1948 when the State of Israel was established.

  8. im 45.2%norway 17.4% united kingdom,9.0% french and german,5.5% ukraine,0.5%balkan, 19.8% broadly northwestern european,0.6%broadly southern european,1.9% broadly european,0.1%unassigned but not european.And the low confidence region means it's way of being breed out, and if a parent is well mixed the likely hood that child will end up with all is not likely cuz you only get 50% per parent and each child could end up with different results

  9. Yeah, you do look very Polish to me.

  10. DNA tests are not that accurate. People are so mixed.

  11. Desert Sky says:

    I think you look Italian. And beautiful.

  12. Vous n'êtes peut-être pas Française, mais vous avez le charmant sourire d'une Française.
    Translation :
    You may not be French, but you have the charming smile of a Frenchwoman.

  13. Angel Wig says:

    Why the Africa part funny???You are a black woman dear???

  14. dohaeng82 says:

    So you're basically Polish girl. Congratulations!

  15. KEL7000 says:

    first off beautiful just beautiful my Queen and also amazing video….!!!!!

  16. wow me and you are kinda similar with the results.
    Great Britain
    Europe East
    European Jewish
    Europe West
    and then for my low regions I got
    Iberian Peninsula
    < 1%
    Finland/Northwest Russia
    < 1%
    < 1%
    Pennsylvania Settlers for me also.
    I was also born and raised in Pennsylvania I live here now. Where are you from? I was very surprised about being polish I never knew I was. My dad didn't know most of his family. I thought I was gonna be more German and french since I even have a German last name. lol

  17. Low confidence regions are accurate…

  18. Upload your Raw DNA to GEDmatch, Wegene and My Heritage for more results. It's free!

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