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  1. Adam Sahr says:

    Has anybody here been able to access Y-DNA info? This is the main reason I would like to pay for this report.

  2. Isa Bo says:

    I have uploaded my raw-dna twice but got different results. Why?

  3. this video needs youtube 2006 tutorial theme "009 Sound System – Dreamscape"

  4. Do you guys need help? I know some developers. 😀

  5. Brielle D says:

    I wish the website accepted the Paypal purchase option. I'm apprehensive on using my card directly.

  6. I don't trust someone who uses Windows XP with handling my genetic data.

  7. If you're wondering if this is worth the small $ fee, yes, it is. I used this service on my raw dna file and spent many hours going through the resulting report. It's absolutely fascinating and very well done. A wealth of information. Over a year later and I still find new things when I browse through my promethease results.

  8. helloalix says:

    I chose to download the report for long-term viewing (based on the email instructions I received), but the link it is is providing me for long-term viewing is an .html link that still goes straight to the Promethease website. I am assuming this link will not be available for the rest of time. I guess I am confused – is the data that is available for long-term viewing in the folder titled "ui2libs"? If so, how do I view it in a summarized format as I am now on the Promethease site? Thanks for your help and this information! It is beyond interesting….

  9. Wonderful program!! Thank you

  10. In my Neanderthal traits there is 24 genomics what percentage is that in my makeup?

  11. As a senior citizen with absolutely no scientific background, I find much of this confusing and slightly alarming that I have such a large "bad" portion on the pie. (It seems like I should have been dead long ago ? ). Is there a site where a layman can get easy, basic instructions for interpreting what this data means? Like how to sort out what is truly a possible medical problem and what is not, as some of the data contradicts itself. Thank you!

  12. Joan Braun says:

    Under "medical conditions" tab there are numbers "(211)" listed next to specific conditions. What do those numbers represent and are they remarkable?

  13. roan33 says:

    TIL that I'm going to live to over 100 with prostate cancer.

  14. nikilaine says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. It was very helpful to me. Do you know if there is a way through Promethease to see if I'm a carrier of the SMN1 gene for Spinal Muscular Atrophy? I have researched it and I know genetic tests can be done to find out. I know Promethease isn't meant to replace medical advice. I'm just curious since 1 in 40 people are unknown carriers. Thank you in advance!

  15. Cindy says:

    Once you've downloaded the report, is there a way to print it? Maybe load it into a spreadsheet program? Or do you always have to click on the downloaded html file and go back on the web to review the report?

  16. Mike, I have both raw data from 23andme and DNA.LAND, which one would be the better choice to upload to Promethease?

  17. Hi Mike, I really appreciate you invaluable work and contributions in this fascinating field. My I ask, is a 0:0 in the alleles field of Promothease indicative of a deletion? Thank you.

  18. According to this, were I woman, I would've had big tits. Also apparently some of my ancestors were cannibals, since I'm immune to Kuru.

  19. Johnny says:

    that last part was especially helpful. thanks.

  20. It's remarkable to me that so few people avail themselves of this technology.

  21. Thank you so much, Mike. You rock.

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