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Rwandan Tag | Ethnicity 2016

Rwandan Tag | Ethnicity 2016

Hope you guys enjoy this video.
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32 thoughts on “Rwandan Tag | Ethnicity 2016

  1. Arya Thapa says:

    You’re the sweetest Rwandese I have met girl ?

  2. I love all African From Somalia??

  3. Jessica ng says:

    hahahahahahahahah my day has been made damn go gurl preach it

  4. Hey Girl!! ? You Are So Cute! I Am Digging Your Channel. Keep Up The Great Work ? I subbed. Let's be Friendddsss ? Come By My End & Smash That Button If You Like My Vibes ???

  5. Z Queen says:

    I'm new to your channel I'm in love with your videos plzz feel free to subscribe back to my channel

  6. Hey beautiful, I love your channel! I'm always looking for new YouTube friends who I can support and they can do the same for me as well. I have subbed. feel free to check me out & only if you genuinely like me please sub as well and let's keep in touch ???

  7. Addy Liz says:

    hey aesha, I wrote you on Facebook. I recorded a Rwandan Tag in German and am about to finish the subtitles. Can I send you the link so you can tell me whether my info is correct or not? Maybe I'll put it public later if everything's fine haha

  8. do have one vedio only

  9. You look cute 🙂 I live in europe, but I'm born in Rwanda too! Never been there though.

  10. Hi I'm sure we met before hmu jug my memory

  11. Love love love this video! You're beautiful and your accent is so badass! I died @ "I can understand the language but I just can't speak it…yo… becky…what the fuck." Bwahahahaha ROTFL

  12. great video ! I'm from Burundi ; by the looks I thought you were umurundi your so pretty by the way ;

  13. U totally don't look Somali to me Iwould think u are from Angola or from Guinea. Great vid tho 🙂

  14. SMN TV says:

    Great video you look stunning i just subbed check out my channel if you like sub bk ?

  15. Flaviagro says:

    great video.i like and subbed keep it up

  16. theoisback says:

    Yesss, great Rwandan tag! We need more of these
    PS: you look very Rwandese to me 🙂

  17. Can you do your best British accent please?

  18. Belise says:

    Girl, when you said ifiriti I was like you go girl!!!

  19. Hang in there gurl! turagushyigikiye??.

  20. Addy Liz says:

    I love these Rwandan Tag videos! Unfortunately I don't speak Kinyarwanda so I'm trying to learn it by myself. I was born in Rwanda (Southern Province to be more exact) but I was adopted and grew up in Germany so I need to learn so much more about my native country. Yeah, so many people say we're actually Somali or Ethiopian etc Idk haha Is that your natural hair length? It looks so good

  21. loved this video. we are also from Rwanda. glad to see people do Rwanda tag. 🙂

  22. great video .. i just sub you hope you sub back ..xx

  23. MorePlaces says:

    <3 <3 Beautifully! I find your work really wonderful! Thank you for sharing with the community! I left you a likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you deserve it! If you want to pass on my channel! A big hug! <3 <3 <3 <3 O_O

  24. Awesome<3 GREAT VIDEO ♪♫ Keep it up:((( You have a wonderful channel<3 I have Liked, happy if you would check out my new video ◠‿◠

  25. Gerara hiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIED when you said that!!! ROTFL

  26. Hahaha??thanks @Rita x

  27. Thank you so much @ada brandyworld love you love ur videos

  28. Great video and i'm loving your channel so I just subbed 🙂

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