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Salvadoran- DNA … I’m confused??

Salvadoran- DNA … I’m confused??

My Ancestry.Com DNA results are in!

dna.land and gedmatch.com will give you more information on your DNA.

From DNA.LAND – My Results:
24% Mediterranean Islander (Sicily/Malta/Cyprus)
13.2% Sardinian (Sardinia)
11.4% South/Central Europe (Tuscany/Bergamo -Italy)
3.4% Ambiguous Eurasian (Basically – Europe/Middle East/Central Asia/India/Mongolia)
3.2% Finnish

35% Native American (Not amazonian tribes)
1% Amazonian

3.9% Lower Niger Valley
1.9 % Ambiguous African

3% Ambiguous North East Asia (Siberian)


See… I am indigenous to this continent!

GEDMATCH – Is hard to understand, but basically you can notice the trends- it’ll give you examples of what parents you might have like:
Maya+Siberian+Sardinian+Sicilian – my most common trend, it also goes waaay back.


49 thoughts on “Salvadoran- DNA … I’m confused??

  1. 23% is not so little, it's nearly 1/4, like if one of your grandparents would've been a native American. That's how you pretty much look to me. And then the 3 others had some African and East Asian ancestors in their backround, but were mostly European. That 23% with the 66% or European gives you that Central American look, very Mestizo – but the heavy beard growth is more European.

    So don't be surprised you're more than 50% European. You look very much like a Spaniard, North African, Italian or Greek. – with some native Indian there, like 20 to 49,99% 🙂 But you do look mostly Southern European: Mediterranean, with some other spices 🙂

    That East Asian in the Americas is MOSTLY Chinese and Japanes from the 19th century. It's less likely it's something from Siberia. The migratory patterns most likely brought the Native Americans to the Americas, in the dawn of the first, pioneer migrations off mankind. So that's 1000s of years ago.

    Likewise, better not to try to watch too far in history. The English and Irish likely comes from the populations of the sailors who settled in the Caribbean – notices how close those percentages are with your African DNA? For example Belize used to have typically that type of Blacks and British population until very recently, when the other nations of Central America flooded there, and have changed their genetical composition dramatically, but that was only quite recently. So there was time for the older Belizeans(?) to migrate to the neighbouring Spanish areas too.

    And 8% of African genes means it might've been your grandfather's grandfather or mother who was Black African. Or his/her kid or parent. Or you maybe got it from many grandparents. But if it's all Senegalese, looks more likely there was just one person there.

    So, Belize and Caribbean Honduras (Islands especially) got some people from the Caribbean Islands. Later they spread over the Central America to the neighbouring countries. Especially when there was the time of all of them (except Panamá) belonging to Mexico, and later forming an independent Central American country. There were no such strict borders as now, so people moved more freely within Central America. So Caribbeans went to MExico, some to Guatemala, etc.

    The Italian part of you is interesting. Because, olumbus himself was Italian, just some of ITaly belonged to Spain at his time. So he worked under the Spanish crown. If he was Italian (who have a Greek componed in them since the time of the Roman…), so many of his crew were too. Some were of course from Spain. But your DNA results would suggest, that many of the descendants of the first Europeans at the Caribbean later spread to the other Islands in the Caribbean, and even to the continent. Their DNA might be the strongest componenet of the European migrants in the area. Their surviing children made many children during the following centuries, only a few new people joined them in every generation. So it's possible the first sailors might be overrepresented in the area 🙂

    On the other hand, later generations occasionally brought a shipfull of people often from one country only. You could check if many of the people in your mother's childhood district have a lot of Italian blood. Would suggest they established a colony there, with few other Europeans or nearly none joining them.

    Respect all the backgrounds you've got, it's still only one you – that's all that matters. And, most importantly: How are you gonna use those 100% of genes you've got? 🙂

  2. Oh and it’s not about how can the truth serve you! That’s the problem, if it doesn’t validate yours and whites need to feel superior you tell a false narrative! That’s what Narcissist do! Don’t be a Narcissist! ?

  3. I was so waiting for you to get back with me after doing some basic research! I know the truth hurts those who have put themselves on a false pedestal, this is how racism started by the notion of white supremacy and jealousy of the indigenous people. First you say I’m wrong then you say it doesn’t matter??! It mattered when you were saying Natives looked like you but not now when your faced with facts it stopped mattering! Please do some research on the topics I provided, I think you will be awakened! ???

  4. I wish I could send you links and pictures! You have no idea of what you are talking about!!! ?

  5. Please Google, Queen CALIFA, “When the Moors Ruled Europe,” “How the Moors Civilized Europe,” The Moors, Rule of Portugal, etc, etc, etc,! Please understand the Native Americans were extremely dark skinned before the Spaniards INVADED THIER LAND! Wow! Do some research before speaking to a Black History Major! These Europeans are pure devils and liars! Do your research! You are NOT A NATIVE BUT A WASHED OUT EUROPEAN. Everyone and everything was once Black before the creepy crawlers came out of the CAVES!!!

  6. Blacks/Muurs were all over the WORLD BEFORE SLAVERY EVER OCCURRED! Black/Dark Skinned was the original race of the ENTIRE EARTH before the European came out from the Caucus Mountains. THE MUURS RULED EUROPE, Spain, Portugal, China, etc. Columbus used the Muurs to teach him the trade routes to he Americas. California was ruled by the African Queen, CALIFA (California Blacks) before the Spaniards began their invasions! The HIStory has been told by the people who wanted to take over and rule Gods Earth! Oh and there are “Pure” Africans!

  7. A lot of Italians and Greeks immigrated to Latin American in the late 19th and early century. The funny thing is that most of the Italians who went to Latin America were of Northern Italian Heritage and most of the Italians who went to North America were of Southern Italian heritage.

  8. Your dad is not your dad

  9. Seems like the dna test is bullshit …. So much error , salvadorians would a fair whack of Spanish dna for sure …. Dna test is a big fail

  10. Be Free says:

    That's Dope bro! I agree race is made up no one is 100% anything

  11. america was named after a italian

  12. i'm salvadorean, just sent mine in today. ?? ?? can't wait.

  13. Im Lebanese with Cypriot, Arab and Armenian roots. I just send my DNA in yesterday. Im really interested what comes up.

  14. Too Good says:

    I look like a fucking Arabic guy with straight hair, there's just too much Spanish influence.

  15. I think we all have to own up to the fact that we are a new race. I know some people don't see it that way but it's a fact. I'm going to be starting a movement to educate and empower our people. We are a new race! We need to take ownership of it and be proud of this fact.

  16. ejtwice says:

    You don't look African at all so we all know the test is bullshit.

  17. ejtwice says:

    Why is the African part "really cool" but the Chino part is blah blah to you. Something disturbing about that.

  18. I thought that I was Jewish maybe 20%  my family name had a Hebrew name and my great-grand father changed it . but I am only 1% Jewish but my religion is Jewish. and I ended it up being 15% black but I don't look black at all and 45% European and the rest Native America

  19. im from el salvador but have Spanish in Turkish ancestor but
    i leave in eeuu the know i hispanic
    but some times people tell if im Italian!

  20. I would put money on your ancesters being from sicily or naples. This area of southern italy was heavily settled by the greeks in antiquity. And then in the middle ages was ruled by the spanish kingdom of aragon from barcelona. A lot of Aragonese settlers came straight from their empire not from spain itself.

  21. Ancestry DNA is a hoax, I don't believe anything they say. they've proven that 23andMe is a hoax, and they have better genetic testing, all of them are hoaxes, don't waste the money.

  22. All wars are started by evil hearts and all of us are naturally evil. Divisions are started by comments such as “disappointed” to being from one group and saying you find it “cool” being from another group. That is where it gets all started, I know you corrected yourself but your first response is what creates hatred towards one another, thanks for contributing to the divisions towards one another.

  23. Conqustador,native aint a race

  24. hahahahahah, im from the canary island live in the island 500 years and im italian and lest that one porcent hispanic

  25. Most White people don’t ask you about your DNA they just look at a brown beaner mexican.

  26. Who cares what you are. you think you are in a higher social level if you have more European DNA. Most White people don’t ask you about your DNA they just look at a brown beaner mexican.

  27. All you fools taking DNA test are screwed. Get the big picture they are storing your DNA as evidence to testify against you in the future. Eventually to store your Data and control the population. Idiots don’t belive in the DNA crap.

  28. Sara P says:

    You should try 23andme

  29. A. T. says:

    damn, that native blood is struonguh your results are are definitely shocking.

  30. Both my parents are from Cabañas, Victoria. My mom is white as snow and my dad is your typical mestizo. I'm really interested in my mom's DNA because she looks Caucasian af and from what I hear there's French in her blood. We Salvadorans are mixed af.

  31. Your family is sure to be from the west of El Salvador, there were many Greek and Irish boats, in the whole northern area came many Germans and Galicians, but none of these beats the Palestinians and French Jews, it is said that the Palestinians arrived before that the Spaniards, but it is more of a joke to say that, for its part the French Jews have arrived since 1800, in our word we have many Gallicism, for example "chero" of the French "cher" in Spanish means "querido" and " salu ", of the French" salú "in Spanish does not exist that word, but its homologous is" hasta pronto "the Spaniards for their part were concentrated in the whole country, the majority came from Galicia and Asturias, on the other hand, the country , is also in the top of the 5 countries with more Asians especially Taiwanese and Korean, and as an extra bonus in the "blue book of El Salvador" says that the majority of the population was black, as our Indians were very rebellious andthey always revealed themselves to the Spaniards, they killed them constantly, and probably the Salvadorans would have more indigenous people and blacks if there had not been a genocide of these in 1932 where they exterminated indigenous people, and expelled people of African descent, I think that is the explanation of your genetics greetings compatriot

  32. I’m also Salvadoran and I’ve been told I look like a Filipino lol

  33. The big lie . The continent of Africa Is very large and I believe they speak over a 100 languages many countries. To think that all people on one of the largest continent in the world all look alive sounds like you’ve been reading American or English literature on what people from Africa look like. I’ve met many people from many different places during my 43 years in the US military what some people‘s Believe Africa people who look like you will fine in just about every race in the world have similar features..

  34. Wil liam says:

    ALOT of "Hispanics/Latinos" of the Americas doing these tests are finding out they have a substantial amount of Italian. =when the Spaniards arrived they were already mixed with Italian, and Widely, due to Spain being a Roman colony for several centuries before the islamic caliphate occupying southern half of spain (why alot of Arab, hence the "north african", is common in Latino Americans). In short… the Spaniards already came mixed with both Italian & Arab, while still maintaining their main ethnicity

  35. U look nothing like native American

  36. So you looked down your pants and said: ahhhhhhhh !! it makes sense now why I have African blood !!!!

  37. Your mostly European so you can also say you're not indigenous to the continent.

  38. It's very interesting that so many Central Americans have more Italy/Greece genetic background than from Iberian Peninsula. On the other hand we must understand that Spanish people are not really "Spanish" but they have also wide range scale of heritage from "Western Europe", "Italy/Greece", "North Africa", "British" and even "Scandinavian". Let's not also forget that immigrants from Italy came mostly from Southern part of Italy, not from northern Italy.

  39. Denis Cruz says:

    You do look Secilian or native Greek!!!

  40. B DeBot says:

    The spanish empire used to have a lot of foreigners working for them, especially in the colonies. Columbus for instance was an italian. Italians especially made up a lot of the non spanish colonists and Soldiers, as large swaths of italy were part of spain back then

  41. I say it's not BS because you don't get 50 50 from each parent if you have a sibling you would both have different DNA mixes

  42. CZARVII says:

    You're actually a member of the true 12 tribes of Israel. Forget about all that DNA bs .You're not European. That's obvious.

  43. i did my test with ancestry n it shows that i have 37 percent European italy Greece n a couple places in that what me was that my family is from Puerto Rico and according to ancestry i have 16 percent native American but they show that taino indians share GENETIC WITH the native of the Iberian peninsula so i use another company to confirm some unanswered questions to my surprise they say i have 37 percent European in me n i SHARE GENETIC WITH THE sardinian n the Basque the sardinian are the four moors they are ancient cananite n the Basque are GOD HOLLY PEOPLE THE BASQUE N THE TAINO ARE ONE of The same n they also carry the RH- i hope i help u alitte i want to do my video but don't know how 2 go about it I'm a black Puerto trust me they will be shocked with my results


  45. day day says:

    This is why i don't want to do my DNA test coz I know I'll get disappointed lol

  46. Bro you have black features

  47. Birds Eye says:

    Rob, bear in mind that these tests are "estimates", so they give you an average of your ethnicity makeup. That is because they don't test all SNP markers and the tests aren't accurate enough to tell exactly where you came from. It's possible that you would be more of 1 ethnicity if you tested with another site. I'm curious to know what company breaks down your Native American tribes? As far as I know, there aren't any that can do this accurately. Gedmatch maybe?

  48. The Romans conquered Spain before it was called Spain. You need to read a history book.

  49. Riley llan says:

    Most El Salvadorean just like Mexicans has a distinctly Native American look that is a dominant feature.

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