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9 thoughts on “Sharing My DNA Results!

  1. I'm part native American my mom has a lot of that my great great was full blooeded

  2. qolspony says:

    Great Britain was the importer of slaves in the U.S. so anyone of African American decent.

  3. you look so much like grave from uglyface ofbeayty grant victory

  4. Blu Man says:

    I'm also a mixed person from the Caribbean and sometime next year I will do one. Keep smiling.

  5. Blu Man says:

    Nice results and you look beautiful

  6. Thank you Sassybeautyqueen123 for sharing your results! Your DNA % breakdown is close to people of Caribbean descent. 🙂

  7. Great results!! thanks for sharing

  8. Nice video. I love your hair!

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