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41 thoughts on “SHOCKING DNA RESULTS!

  1. This is so cool! I have always wanted to do this, and I think I will. I'm pretty sure I'm mostly English and German, with a tiny bit of Irish descent. I'm excited to find out, because I love to learn about different cultures. Thank you for this fascinating video!

  2. 23 and me is just a scheme to collect your young DNA and then sell it to you when you're older to reverse aging.

  3. littlejay says:

    im guessing you are european with scandinavian roots.

  4. Actually I had already ordered the tests & received It afew days after you posted the first video. So I should be getting my results in afew days. I can't wait!

  5. I was gonna say Welsh

  6. I knew you were Hargreaves through and through!

  7. AliTube says:

    I’m mostly English too! ? We share all the same ethnicities, except I’m 2% European Jewish and less than 1% Middle Eastern as well. I wasn’t surprised by the Jewish or Middle Eastern at all, but the Greek/Italian and Iberian really threw me off ?

  8. i wouldn't want to give my dna to people i don't know. that feels wrong ?

  9. Yass a new vid from hailey on my birthday ?

  10. Elisa Mila says:

    Omg I wanna do it now sooo bad ?

  11. So Sarah says:

    The Irish/Scottish part makes sense, considering your fairy stories

  12. My dad would have been really interested in this, might do it someday for him ?

  13. Now we're twins…. I'm probably 99.9999 percent European. Half of my family is from Tajikistan so yeah.

  14. mxlii says:

    I think you come from Cuba, you look cuban

  15. frida says:

    I'm Scandinavian! 🙂

  16. Love you Hailey ???

  17. You are love ????❤❤

  18. gothmedli says:

    pretty pretttyy !

  19. Whats the lipstick youre wearing called? Its so pretty

  20. those 2 other were african and cambodian

  21. I love your videos and you are so nice and sweet

  22. Hailey you are…. WHITE AS FRICK

  23. Could you make a video about sublimimal messages? Like the type that make you change. I'd really love to know what you think

  24. Lovee youu Haileeyyyy!!?

  25. Wow so cool! I'll have to check that out as well!

  26. i would love to have a DNA test done. My mum was adopted so the only family i know is her and my dad's side. I have just checked out the link and it's not as expensive as I thought it might have been so I might buy one or ask for one for my birthday.

  27. _.solazy._ says:

    This was posted on my birthday! 😀

  28. Teodora B. says:

    Wow, did I hear it right? You're partially from The Balkan? That's so great. Love from Serbia.

  29. OMG I've been wanting to do this! Hailey thank you for sharing ..u do look Scandinavian!! Love ya

  30. NiwaLeaf says:

    I always wanted to test my DNA but I don’t trust those companies. ? Though given what Shane said about 23 and me selling you a procedure to keep you young, could be interesting. Haha

  31. You should meet Jessii Vee

  32. Lysm was waiting for this video ??????xoxo

  33. I’m guessing Norwegian or generally northwest European

  34. This was not shocking but this was certainly cool!

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