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Shocking Jewish Ancestry DNA Results

Shocking Jewish Ancestry DNA Results

Here are my results!
I come from an Ashkenazi Jewish and Sephardic Jewish background so it’s cool to see what Sephardic Jewish is made up of.
Let me know your results in the comments! I’d love to know 🙂
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My full results are:

1% Africa North

54% European Jewish
14% Iberian Peninsula
5% Italy/Greece

18% Middle East
8% Caucasus


33 thoughts on “Shocking Jewish Ancestry DNA Results

  1. I reached 10 000 views! I'm overwhelmed by the feedback on this video, I'll be posting some new content really soon so stay tuned 🙂

  2. Hi Joel, quick resume: Some scholars think that Iberian peninsulars and Caucasian Iberians are related, on top of that many Scythians – Alans (from around the Caucassus) settled in Roman times in Spain during the big migrations c.a. 385 A.D. Along the way they also settled in Germany and Eastern Europe 🙂 Many do not know but Spain has a huge pool of commonalities (in genetic terms) With Southern Russians – Ukrainians and Germans and Swedes (Goths and "barbarians" migrations) Then we have the issue of Sephardic jews, Sepharad was the jewish name for Sphahan, Hispania, Spain (meaning land of rabbits) when the expulsion in 1492 Spain was 1 of the Mediterranean powers (the other one being The Ottoman Empire) The Ottoman Sultan saw the opportunity (because jews were the incipient middle class, technicians and artisans (the guys that made the money grow in 15th century) and very cleverly decided to host them "in mase" The Ottoman Empire ruled over most of the Balcans, Caucasus, Southern Russia and Ukraine (again) . Whereas this company says middle eastern, in your case refers mainly to Israelites (however bear in mind that Arabs, Egyptians and Jews are closely related too, forget about modern politics) If you finally consider that some people place the origing of ashknazi jews within the Khazars (Sarmathian, Scythian genetic markers) (South Russia) you have all the elements of a great cocktail. So to me everything looks wonderfully in place. is funny because at first I thought you looked like a mix of Daguestani-Ossetian-Georgian.

  3. Ashkenazi Jew's on the whole, have the highest iqs in the world at about 113, Asians are 103 and whites (European) is 100, so it's pretty cool to be a Ashkenazi Jew.

  4. my DNA is e1b1 a… place of origin North East Africa… which is Israel.. and I am a so-called negroe.

  5. If you can maybe have you/dad do the myHeritage DNA test as they can link you to communities of Sephardim/Mizrahim

  6. sam nelson says:

    keep in mind that dna only goes back a few hundred years, everybody is mixed somewhere along their line if you go back far enough, and you do not get equal amounts of dna from each relative.

  7. URC says:

    I am : 28.5 % Yemenite Jewish / 1.5% Ashkenazi jew

  8. Know this….Hebrew, Israelite Jews never was nothing but just that. They never were Berbers, Moors or whatever, just Hebrew, Israelite Jews. They never traveled nowhere, without the bible telling you where they were captives etc. Abraham was there progenitor of the HEBREWS. The nations that came from Abraham, Issac & Jacob is all God cares about in the entire world, for he chose them to be his people. This does not sound like if anyone outside of the chosen can go to heaven. This is what most don't realize about TIMELINES to be apart you have to be in that timeline. And in between 1875 – 1446 BC Genesis 46:6 God's row call tells us the chosen that came into Egypt. It was Jacob and his entire family, no lost tribes here. Understand this….if your tribe or race was not named in this TIMELINE, you are not WANTED by God nor are you God's chosen.These people are the ONLY people on the earth that God sent someone to help. And they became the ones sent to the four corners of the earth. No Indians, Mexicans, Berbers, Moors, Africans, Europeans or anything else fit the timeline of the Hebrews, nor were they given the covenant nor married the Israelites nor any other lie concocted. When the bible don't say it, God didn't do it.

  9. This test doesn’t make sense
    You should have 50percent sefarafic jew

  10. Noa says:

    Damn you look really Israeli

  11. my young brother!!! it doesn't matter if you have less than just dropped a Jewish blood you are Jewish!! it would be the dominating Force!! , thanks be given to our Lord Jesus
    Christ!! in DNA test you may not have exactly what your father and mother have you maybe for the room back. such as your grandfather or great-grandfather mother!!

  12. the ones in isarel today are white people. The limba and yoruba, ashanti are it. You are white. All the really jewish people are in africa

  13. I was 52% Italy/ Greek , 15% Caucasus, 15% Great Britain, 6% Middle East, 6% Ashkenazi Jewish, 2% europe West 2% Africa north and less than 1 percent europe east and Iberian peninsula (77% Europe 21% west Asia )

  14. tobin2517 says:

    You are where you born and raised. This is what you truly are, and there's a big difference between being born and raised somewhere and being a descendant of someone. Huge difference. To be submerged in the culture, customs and traditions. To speak the language be affected by the politics, economy, and day to day life of a country, this determines your influences. People are finding out they are have a Spanish or German ancestor from a hundred years ago and say "I'm Spanish". But you're not really you are merely a descendant. You weren't born there, raised there. You don't speak the language, know the culture, etc, etc. They could be 60 years old finding out about there ancestor from 300 years ago and they say with a British accent "I'm German" So weird and inaccurate. You are British but of German decent.

  15. So ur blood is part of army of Magog sons of Gomer synagogue of Shin Tet Nun.

  16. Ryan Jones says:

    yes got khazar in you as well semtic

  17. Hi, I’m also Ashkenazi + Sephardic. My Sephardic side was:
    12% Middle East
    10% Italy/Greece
    3% Iberian
    1% Caucasus
    It’s interesting that we have the same mix of ethnicities from our Sephardic heritage, although in different proportions. My Sephardic ancestors from Greece and Turkey.

  18. Caucasus is the mountain range between the Black Sea and the Caspian seas. Many Jews fled there during the Babylonian exile 486 BCE. Some went all the way to Russia and became Ashkenazi.some still live in the highest mountains still living a biblical lifestyle.

  19. P C says:

    I’ve found I likely have Sephardic ancestry now. My mother was Ashkenazi and I assumed my father was but I’m getting relatives who are Spanish interesting. <1% means your Sephardic ancestors married a Berber person about 200 years or so ago.

  20. momo abidi says:

    you father is probably from spain jewish

  21. Helena H says:

    I actually do not know where we come from XD we are just Sephardic jewish AND I WANNA KNOW THE TRUTH SO HARD ?(we I mean my family lol XDDD)

  22. if jewish was european why not just european , iberian , middle east , africa , european , asian ? these are locations and then they use the word jewish , unbelievable .

  23. European Jewish is a fake category. Jews don't want to admit they don't have Middle Eastern DNA so they made up this bogus category NOT connected to any Jewish homeland anywhere.

  24. Dach Yomi says:

    Hey, according to Jewish Law, Jewish is a soul and of your mothers mothers mother etc is Jewish you and 100% because you have the soul, or if a person converts to orthodox Judaism and commits to the laws they have the soul and are 100% Jewish. The soul desires to do specific things that reveal it. You can learn about it on chabad.org

  25. Ashkenazi Jews adopted the Jewish religion and in know way shape or form descendants of the Ancient Hebrews. Ashkenaz was a descendant of Japeth,not Shem. I believe you've been deceived.

  26. Good results Joel! I also did an Ancestry test to see where my ancestors came from. I am a British born Greek Cypriot who my ancestors where Italian, Jewish, Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish and Armenian. When I was watching your video on your Ancestry results it said you where 5% Greek and Italian, when I received my results it showed that I was 5% European Jewish. I am proud of my results and I hope you are to Joel!

  27. These companies are owned by Jews who skew the results. I have seen Greeks and Slavs grouped together as balkans for political reasons. I have also seen another company slap most people with a 0-4% Jew label with a 4% error interval. Another lie to make more people pro Jewish

  28. Fancy Nem says:

    Ashkenazis are descendants of converts just like Khazars. There are no white Jews. The people of North Africa are not real Africans. They are also converts. Where's the Semitic connection? No Yemen. No Jordan. No Israel. Nothing? Not even related to the false Jews who are in Israel. You are white European, a descendant of converts.

  29. You are Turkic! Khazar Turks are Not european Jews they are Turkic Turk People who belive to Jew Religion

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