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  1. A M says:

    Somalians no need to do DNA test, you already know you Somalians. What is the reason for doing it.

  2. A M says:

    Why are Somalians doing DNA test, you already know where you come from, I guess you just want to see if you have a little Arab blood on you. Somalians embrace when they find out Arab blood on them. I am from Kenya, I don't see Eritrean or Ethiopians doing DNA test, I think because they are proud African.

  3. Yahhhh finally I found somali with the same DNA results as me ????

  4. Cool! I received 46.8. % East African with a little ME and North African on 23andme, but different results on Ancestry. I’m half Ethiopian.? tfs!

  5. marv34001 says:

    Why do so many Somalis believe in this pseudo scientific history of their origins. Most population geneticists have proven that there is a large amount of Eurasian admixture into the the horn, including Somalians. So the simplest answer for the origin of East Africans would be that they had a pure sub Saharan ancestor, most likely different from Bantu or niger congloids, it was most likely something similar to the bushman or Cush. Then in recent and ancient history became mixed with Eurasians through several circumstances. Most these mythical origins of Somalis being super ancient pure people is just insulting and scientifically wrong.

  6. geerenmo says:

    What crackhead DNA website is that? 'Peoples'? Really? And North Africa is NOT arab, it is Amazigh, a whole other race. Amazigh is E-M81, haplotype E. Arab is haplotype J, a whole other race. What ancestry website is this even? Amateurs lol.

  7. It’s not about samples they know where you from , it’s just that they don’t want you to know , specially from East Africans

  8. us east africans are very ancient people including Somali people

  9. one question. Why are most Somali homogeneous (they look alike) Ethiopians too.

  10. Guudka says:

    qoloma tahay, lol. Teda kale, are you a member meesha uruur jaliyeed Somaliyeed la yida Somali spot ama net? LoL. Wa bila tawfiq.

  11. Because Somalia has a long tradition of sea trading you could have gotten that Asian from a merchant way back. That Asian person would have belonged to the same branch that had migrated into the Americas and that's why it's Asian/Native American

  12. funny becuaes im somali and i got 100% somali dna

  13. a g says:

    Somali are made of two Arab and Somali Berber . That's why your haplogroup E1b1b1 M78 that Somali share with North Africa and the the southern of Europe Somali Ydna clearly prove that so Somali are not bantous but Berber are arabe .. this guys that you sent your simple to don't know nothing .. waste of money! They are apprentice!

  14. any results sound bogus

  15. I got 80% unassigned and 20% african when I use the conservative results.

  16. If you get such huge unassigned DNA from two companies, then you may come from unknown species. ^_^ they discovered mtDNA from Swahili graves that are not part of the mtDNA tree of today and has not been found in any other humans. Geneticists ought to look into it, you may have unique Somali DNA.

  17. My test results showed 20% "unknown". What does that mean?? My Native American was 0%, and my grandmother was 5/8 Muskogee-born in Oklahoma, grandfather was 14/16 Cherokee…..I am 48% German, so does that mean my mother is 100%?? I don't think ANY of their information is accurate. Seems like a lot of "guess-work" to me. I feel like I wasted my money….

  18. Noora Ali says:

    wow! it makes sense i think all east Africans have ancient DNA

  19. Mary says:

    I would suggest to download your raw DNA to DNA.Land and also gedmatch. I actually was able to see my DNA far much more clearer through DNA.land and gedmatch can help you break down all the tribes and ethnicities you come from. I have seen some videos where some Mayan Indians came to Egypt and there is a pyramid with Mayan people represented in them, such as a man and woman and also a Mayan priest. It could actually be so, that the Native American Indians could travel to and from Egypt, because of a 500 year old frozen Peruvian mummy girl who was adorned in tiny braids like the Egyptians, she had straight thick hair, but her hair was able to keep all those tiny braids, it was "ceremonial attire" for her sacrifice to the gods. This makes you think of history far much more broader.

  20. Somalis are africans from punt and ancient egypt .

  21. Here is my Gedmatch and Wegene video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8tBSohISuQ check it out guys.

  22. you are mixed up but most somalies are bantus European and middle east,while some also are mix bantus ,then North Africa and middle east but most of them the high percentage is from southeastern bantus.so try GED match will help you to understand more.

  23. Hella east african
    Hella somali

  24. i was born in usa and i got 40 percentage of usa and rest somalilander and djibouti

  25. Somali guys stop asking about qabiil. And to the guys who are interested in my Somali qabiil. This DNA is not about qabiil.

  26. +Fargeto Fargeto thanks brother for the compliment, I am extremely busy with work and school these days, which left me with little time to make another calculator. Email me you info and I will try my best to answer all your questions. Furthermore one of my friends has a blog that discuss this topic, anthromadness.blogspot.com, his name is awale.

  27. Lions Free says:

    Just accept your self for who you are

  28. that other part means u are a pure cushite sister be proud u dont have arabs blood or Eurasian

  29. harder married Somali people. iam surprised

  30. May be you can explain better, but when you submit sample you give names, from your name one with a good sense can guss your relgion and regin .then easily can point where your genetic root could be; i am saying this because some of the result is not realistic, i saw a somali girl dna result in which somali not mentioned but nigeria mentioned, this is another questionable thing.

  31. Decca A says:

    I got the same results where at 90% conservative, I had 51% unassigned too!
    I think that they need more samples from Somali people

  32. Abz Zay says:

    What tribe are you?

  33. For all those curious about Somali genetics & origins
    Read on below.
    Bear in mind these events happened thousands of years ago so those ancestral populations that intermixed aren't reflective of modern day populations.

    1) Somalis were never enslaved by any foreign populations. Neither are Somalis in any way shape or form linked to foreign Arab or European men intermixing with Sub-saharan African "Bantu" women.

    2) Somalis do not have Arab forefathers…. Genetics studies have show that Somali males predominantly belong to the Y haplogroup E1b1b which is Indigenous to the Horn of Africa. (However a large chunk of Somali males carry Haplogroup T, this is ancient and linked to Ancient Levantine farming communities of the Fertile crescent (Not linked to Arabs), I'll provide a link at the end, as for J1 it's very limited and usually found amongst coastal regions were some Yemeni/Omani traders settled fairly recently )

    3) Thirdly Somalis were not born to so called Bantu women/Niger-Congo or West African Sub-saharan women (AncestryDNA gets this miserably wrong) …. Genetic tests have shown that Eurasian/Arabian mtdna Haplogroups dominate the Somali gene pool.

    In fact it's quite the opposite of what many people have theorised.

    Below are the facts ?.

    The scientific paper below directly addresses the "Cushitic" component. It's the most in depth study of the Cushitic component and also the most recent research carried out by geneticists. I'll link the article below, it was published this year 2016 so therefore it's the most up to date information regarding the matter.

    "The second migration event indicates that Cushitic ancestry is a mixture of ancestries closely related to Nilo-Saharan/Omotic and Arabian ancestries. This migration event resolves the observed unstable placement between East African and Middle Eastern ancestries3,4,6: Cushitic ancestry has both East African and Middle Eastern origins. The fourth migration event indicated gene flow between Indian ancestry and the common ancestor of Arabian, Levantine-Caucasian, Northern European, and Southern European ancestries. In conjunction with the second migration event, this event connects India to East Africa. Taken together, these two events are consistent with the presence among East Africans of the mitochondrial DNA haplogroup M1, possibly reflecting migration from India to East Africa following the Last Glacial Maximum13,14,15. In the Nilotic Maasai, the presence of 50% Y DNA haplogroup E1b1b and the absence of Y DNA haplogroups J and T16 suggest a depletion of male Arabian ancestry, raising the possibility that Cushitic ancestry formed as a mixture of male-biased Nilo-Saharan/Omotic ancestry and female-biased Arabian ancestry."
    -Ancient Human Migration after Out-of-Africa : Scientific Reports

    This admixture occurred thousands of years ago…… the genetic makeup of people back then and their demographics may have differed to modern day populations.

    The conclusions that can be made from the text are as follows:

    Cushitic ancestry is a mixture of ancestries closely related to Nilo-Saharan/Omotic and Arabian ancestries.


    "Cushitic ancestry formed as a mixture of male-biased Nilo-Saharan/Omotic ancestry and female-biased Arabian ancestry."

    The key word here is "closely related"…. they're still yet to definitively identify the African component and are still yet to Identify the Eurasian component, but it's closest to Nilo-Saharan/Omotic and Arabian.

    Additionally the mixing occurred more or less exclusively between those Indigenous African males and Arabian females.

    As for the large chunck Somali males 20-30% belong to Haplogroup T(m184). They're predominantly of the Dir clan and have the maximal worldwide frequency for haplogroup T, infact it accounts for approximately 70 to 90% of their male lineages. I'll explain below where this T haplogroup came from.

    An article was recently published just over a month ago exploring the genetic makeup of early human populations that inhabited the fertile crescent. "Ain Ghazal" is the location of one the earliest ancient farming communities occupying the Southern Levant region of the Fertile Crescent (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Southern Syria)…. It will surprise many to know that the DNA results obtained from the bones of those ancient indigenous inhabitants who lived over 10,000 years ago are not closest to the Arab & Jews who inhabit the region today.

    Read the extract below for the big reveal.
    "And the people of Ain Ghazal? Their population expanded into East Africa, bringing crops and animals with them. East Africans retain ancestry from the first farmers of the southern Levant — in Somalia, a third of people’s DNA comes from there."

    However E1b1b was also present in ancient DNA samples from the fertile Crescent. E1b1b was observed in Ancient DNA samples from the Natufians of Northern Israel and also amongst the samples taken from Ain Ghazal.

    "Lazaridis et al. (2016) tested the first ancient DNA samples from the Mesolithic Natufian culture in Israel, possibly the world's oldest sedentary community, and found that the male individuals belonged either to haplogroups CT or E1b1 (including two E1b1b1b2 samples). These are to date the oldest known E1b1b individuals. The same haplogroups show up in Pre-Pottery Neolithic Jordan, accompanied by new haplogroups (H2 and T)."


    All in all these admixture events occurred thousands of years ago….. and the dynamics of the process is complicated. For now the term Cushite/Cushitic is sufficient enough to describe Somalis.

  34. ali jama says:

    say you qabiil because we have 59 % african and 41% arab my sis sun did the test. and he samruun and i'm darood and i wil do it because …… we dont have father call somali so we must be diffrent!

  35. like u said i think its the ancient dna which is unassigned. Somalis have a unique DNA which many people dont have. possibly because we r an ancient race that havent mixed. if they want to find the unassigned dna they better get some samples from them mummified pharoahs ???

  36. If use where ever interested what it would be for reer xamar', I made a video of my ancestry DNA results! Check it out.

  37. Jilbis says:

    I think anything less than 5% is negligible in this test.

  38. xyman says:

    It's not normal because all the people of Somali origin who did the DNA test have between 30% – 40% of Middle East.

  39. Natanya T says:

    For the East Asian/Native American it was <0.1% so they are not saying that you have this ancestry.

  40. I have used 23andme.com and it is a lot different than this.

  41. Tahnn Ju says:

    The problem is there are not enough East Africans taking the test whether from Tanzania Somalia Ethiopians there are more Africans from west Africa etc and the diaspora taking these tests.

  42. Unassigned meaning there is nothing in their database that they can refer to. OR unassigned mean unknown to their database

  43. Wow, no west african. Your basically a pure east african

  44. Kamal Ali says:

    Sub saharan African or east African- that part is the root of ambiguity. It seem like the three Somalian girls who did the deed of disclosing their Ancestry DNA show related results, but I am assuming it is all about which tribe you came from, and of course these results are not yet accurate or precise. I will just take mine soon!

  45. Most Somalia people are 50% middle east 50% African u results is different ???

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