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SOUTH ASIAN/SOUTH INDIAN ANCESTRY DNA: Family History and Expectations

SOUTH ASIAN/SOUTH INDIAN ANCESTRY DNA: Family History and Expectations

Leave your guess in the comments below! I will reveal my DNA test results when they come in about a few weeks from now!


28 thoughts on “SOUTH ASIAN/SOUTH INDIAN ANCESTRY DNA: Family History and Expectations

  1. Hey Everyone! The Results video is up on my channel so please feel free to check it out.

  2. Dravidian and Aryan is just a propaganda. There isn't much difference between north and south India.

  3. miss42310 says:

    The South is extremely mixed too…depending on which part of the South you are from… but we are mixed through trade

  4. I’m Indian an just made a video on my results, great video bro

  5. Bharathi K says:

    So If You are A Kannadiga and Lived in Tamilnadu Then you are a Madhwa For 100% ? if this is true hit Like.

  6. Monkish 19 says:

    Does the cast system still exist in Indian?

  7. Bitch it’s like 6:30, you are pussy, wasted my time

  8. Bitch show me your results

  9. Im from the northeast part of india…and i have mongolian DNA…

  10. great video!!! I really liked that you talked with such detail!

  11. Bro y'all have so many different Indian

  12. Avinash MN says:

    If you are from Karnataka, you might have some cuscuses because a part of mittani migrated towards India which is part of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra

  13. ULGMX says:

    South Indians are caucasoid darker skin and broader nose is not the features of south India you fucking retard it's the Australoids in south India. India is a continent with diverse people. It's the Aryan(Hindu in English) that make it into country

  14. 85% south Asian and 10% Melanesia 5% European my guess.

  15. dunkaccino says:

    Omg I'm 3/4 Tamil 1/4 Bengali I really wanna do this but my family doesn't think it's real or anything

  16. Nuance says:

    I'm a South Indian guy in the US with your name lmao

  17. I would say 50 White, 45 SA and 5 other. Lol.

  18. T baz says:

    I'm going to guess you're 100% Hottie. 🙂

  19. Asterisk A says:

    they don't differentiate BTW South Indian and north India..just south Asian…

  20. Hi, you're very handsome and intelligent i must say. The reason people think that you're hispanic is because of the AMERICAN INDIAN OR INDIGENOUS INDIANS came from EAST ASIA and many in india have MONGOLOID DNA from these people. it shows up as AMERINDIAN DNA

  21. you look more North Indian than Hispanic or Latino. I am half Hispanic and half Indian but look more like mixed. in India I pass as an Indian and Argentina I pass as an Argentine.
    I think indian genes are more dominant, even a comparatively small part of Indian DNA give pronounced results.

  22. aborigines came from south and southeast asia in prehistory so that is why south asians get melanesian.

  23. Bakkasur says:

    eagerly waiting….

  24. I made a vid like this too ahaha turns out I'm 99.2% south Asian HAHAHA it's the highest I've seen in anyone so far

  25. Karan M says:

    Gedmatch's Harappa World calculator is awesome and will give you a much more detailed breakdown of the south asian DNA. The mix with ancestral south indian and ancestral north indian can also be inferred.


  26. Hey my ethnicity is Bangladeshi, I done the ancestry dna test results and the results were 74% South Asian, 20% East Asia and 6% Pacific Islander. Within Pacific Islander I have 4% Polynesia and 2% melanasia

  27. dontbedumb says:

    Hey, I'm South Indian too… I'm eager to know what the results are like

  28. Interesting! My guess is 90% Asia South, 6% Melanesia, 2% Asia Central, 1% Asia East, and >1% Africa Southeastern Bantu. You should check out Gedmatch.com when you get your results back. They have calculators specifically designed for South Asian ancestry in order to give more detail.

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