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  1. Young Tim says:

    Its probably the test if the elders tell what u are than u should know from inside

  2. I think you’re confused, you did an autosomal admixture test. You don’t need a male relative to receive information about your genetic make up for tests of this nature. Somewhere along the line someone misinformed you. Autosomal admixture tests reveal the RANDOM 50 percent your mother dispersed unto you upon conception, & the random 50 percent your father dispersed unto you. This could also account for why you didn’t receive much,…Arab, Middle Eastern dna, due to that random 50 percent dispersal. Get your parents or siblings tested to see if it has any validity. If you were curious about your direct paternal ancestor, father’s father’s father’s etcetera lineage then you would need your father, paternal uncles, paternal grandfather, or brothers seeing their y dna would have to be tested. If you were curious about your direct maternal lineage, then you would have your mitochondrial dna tested, your brothers, mother, or sisters could be tested also having the same.

  3. You do not look Arabian.

  4. B G says:

    I feel like people need to study some history before they start interpreting their dna tests.

  5. El Matador says:

    If you are Nubian, the test you took is reflecting your genetic make up which is a mix between Nilotic and West Eurasian elements. Nubians are a near 50/50 mix of Nilotic and West Eurasian genetic components. In layman’s terms, that is Nilotic=black African and West Eurasian=Middle Eastern/North African/European. Nubians are similar to East African Horners in genetic profile, as they are a mix of black African and West Eurasian.

    Let me give you some scientific info on the subject from a recent genetic study on Sudanese populations:

    “The FST values to the surrounding Arabic and Beja populations were also low, which hints at gene-flow or shared ancestry with the neighboring populations. Even though the Nubians and the Nilotes are linguistically closer to each other than to the Afro-Asiatic groups, the Nubians showed the greatest genetic differentiation (FST between 0.02 and 0.04) to the Nilotes (Fig 1, S7A Fig). To investigate whether this signal of genetic differentiation is driven by the Eurasian admixture into the Nubians (as seen in Fig 2), we created pseudo-‘unadmixed’ (in terms of not having Eurasian admixture) allele frequencies (see SI) and calculated Wright’s FST, which showed that an ‘unadmixed’ Nubian gene-pool is genetically similar to Nilotes (S7B Fig). The strongest signal of admixture into Nubian populations came from Eurasian populations (S10 Fig, S2 Table) and was likely quite extensive: 39.41%-47.73% (f4-ratio, Z-scores between 22.8 and 26.7 Fig 3B, S9 Fig). Interestingly, the Nubians showed the highest level of allelic richness, number of private alleles and shared private alleles (ADZE, between Danagla and Halfawieen, S12 Fig) among all Sudanese and South Sudanese groups. This observation together with a smaller total length of runs of homozygosity, between lengths of 0.5–1 kilobases, points to substantial admixture in Nubians (Fig 4). Hence, the Nubians can be seen as a group with substantial genetic material relating to Nilotes that later have received much gene-flow from Eurasians (likely Middle Eastern) and from East Africans (Fig 2).”

    “All the populations that inhabit the Northeast of Sudan today, including the Nubian, Arab, and Beja groups showed admixture with Eurasian sources and the admixture fractions were very similar. The admixture component in the northeastern groups cluster with the greater European and Middle Eastern group assuming few clusters, and for greater number of assumed clusters, when a predominantly Middle Eastern cluster emerged, the admixture in northeastern Sudan connected to the Middle East (ADMIXTURE, Fig 2, f3, S10 Fig). According to historical and linguistic studies, and recent Y-chromosome data it has been suggested that the northeastern Sudanese populations especially Nubians and Beja were strongly affected by Eurasian migrations since the introduction of Islam from the Arabian Peninsula through Egypt and the Red Sea starting around 651 A.D [9, 35].”

    “Assuming that the Nubian population is a mixture of an incoming Eurasian (TSI is used as a proxy) group and a resident group that is genetically similar to the current day Nilotes (Nuer is used as a proxy), first contact is dated using patterns of LD-decay [34] to roughly 56 generations ago for the Danagla (54.45 ± 10.34, Z = 5.26437) and the Mahas (58.35 ± 12.2, Z = 4.78402); the Halfawieen have received Eurasian admixture later, around 19 generations ago (19.31 ± 3.81, Z = 5.05949, S7 Table, Fig 3C). Assuming a generation time of 30 years, the admixture dates for Danagla and Mahas predate the Arab expansion in the 7th century, and may suggest that the migrations and admixture predate Islamic conquest. However, the confidence intervals overlap with the 7th century, and these admixture estimates largely coincide with the Arab expansion into the northeast of Sudan. It is known from historic sources that Arabic groups encountered the Nubians first in the 7th century, and were held back from advancing further into the Sahel until the fall of Dongola in 1315/1316AD [36] and the collapse of the Kingdom of Makuria. This is consistent with the later date for the admixture into Halfawieen and the Arabic populations of Sudan. Previous studies [37, 38] have found a similar pattern for populations of Maghreb, where admixture times coincide with the time of the historically documented Arab conquest.”

    Northeast African genomic variation shaped by the continuity of indigenous groups and Eurasian migrations
    Nina Hollfelder, Carina M. Schlebusch, Torsten Günther, Hiba Babiker, Hisham Y. Hassan, Mattias Jakobsson

    Published: August 24, 2017


  6. mai salih says:

    North African means amizath and Berber.

  7. As long as your Mitochondrial (Mother’s side,) DNA goes back to Africa you’re good! The European purposely mixed our seed so that our DNA couldn’t ascend !

  8. I'm Sudanese too and I've been wanting to do this test as well since I know I have Saudi, Morrocan, Iranian, and Turkish blood

  9. You should've took African ancestry test the test you took isn't for black people

  10. Mo Tama says:

    God nubian are east African!

  11. H KC says:

    north africans= amazighs (berbers) and I'm a an Amazigh of algeria and proud of that !

  12. Nubian dna is east and north african dna dummy

  13. Egyptians colonized Nubia on and off for 3000 years.You're mixed.

  14. ويقولوا ليك جدنا العباس ??????

  15. Did you let them know that you were Sudanese prior to taking the test? I'm watching the videos of those from the Continent, and I find it hard to accept that they can locate my people as a descendant of slaves taken to America, if you all are so mixed. This is not a good feeling. I don't feel as if my tests are reliable. I think I just go some place where there are a lot of Africans, and have them tell me where I fit in…..

  16. i am from Sudan i belong to Almahas tribe i had the test done long time ago . my results were 47% middle eastern and 53 % sub Saharan . 32% were from east Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE , south Iraq and Oman plus alsham (Syria Palestine etc.) 11 % North African . 4% Turkish ..the 53% from Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda ..i believe my results are fair and confirm what my parents told me


  18. north Africa is nubian middle East could be Saudi Arabia.. .nothing to be confused about….

  19. Thing about, Adan and Eva were black and not white.

  20. LOZZAXOX says:

    Wow i could tell she was arab

  21. Tutu Moise says:

    This Sudanese woman isn't a member of the Afrikan/black race !! All non-blacks invaders will be forced off of the Afrikan Continent in the coming decades !!

  22. What's the point of taking this test anyway ?

  23. Samir Taby says:

    You are so beutiful

  24. ,Believe the Test Girl , we are african No need for Test to figure it out ,all sudanese are african

  25. +M O D E S T * S O U L hey sister 🙂
    I took the test about 3 months ago and I was extremely shocked by the results !!!
    I will always be proud African and proud Sudanese although many have agreed that I was not LOL. what so ever the highest percentage was from East Africa and particularly from Kenya 🙂 🙂
    it was a great experience by the way and i hope many people will take this test in the future so we can have a bigger database which will help to estimate more accurate results.
    xoxo from a South Sudanese sister:)

  26. hhhhh that fraction of European might appeared because a European guy kissed your grand mom by accident.

  27. It's not where you're from,it's where you are. That's what makes you strong.?

  28. Bro I honestly feel like this DNA shit works better for European people. They clump the Arabs as one race.

  29. Angel Lee says:

    You seems like a cool girl! 😀
    Don't worry about ignorant comments xo

  30. Sudan is north africa

  31. Very interesting, I did mine also.

  32. Bilel B says:

    You look very Algerian omg you have the same face then my sister i swear god mashallah

  33. Your test is a lie it's fske

  34. Slaves were bought in Egypt that's y lol

  35. للأسف كثيرون منساقون خلف هذه الألاعيب اليهودية وشركات البحث عن الثراء .. اكثرهم بلع الطعمة اليهودية .. التي تريد تأكيد ان ايهود شعب الله المختار .. وانا بصفتي من شمال السودان العريق انسانا وحضارة اتعجب اشد العجب كيف لا يكون هناك جين سوداني خاص نشأ في هذا الجزء العريق القديم من السودان!؟ ان الدراسات التي تمت في المنطقة ونتائجها تؤكد اصالة الانسان في هذا المكان وانه ليس وافدا من اي مكان آخر في العالم بل ان وجوده يسبق اي مكان آخر في افريقياا .. إذن فهناك جين سوداني سمه نوبي او كوشي او او لكنه في كل الاحوال لا شرق اوسطي – هذا الاسم الهيلامي – ولا هو شمال افريقي – مصطلح ضبابي – ولا من قرن افريقيا

  36. Miss Piggy says:

    so does that mean Sudanese are considered "white" when they have high percentages of North African and middle eastern/Arab?

  37. اتي حيوانه ابوك ل ابو اهلك
    انتي منو عشان تتكلمي ب اسم الجعليبيين
    ما تتفلسفي

  38. Why do North Africans wanna be mixed with Arabs so bad? Arabs hate black period and how they came to Africa was very barbaric if you know you know period

  39. Sudanese are african ion give damn bout none

  40. The 1.9%, European DNA is the result of many North Africans mixing with the Spanish and other Southern European people. Spain is only about nine miles away from Morocco. Also there were a number of Spanish people who converted to Islam when the Moor's civilization was in Spain. During the Spanish inquisition, many of those Spanish Muslims, were forced to go to Morocco with the Moors.

  41. Why are you confuse? Sudanese is African country.. and i know my original and that is good to know where you belong.. i am sudanese and Gaaly tribe..

  42. Nubian are nations there is African nubian and there is some kind of nubian those whom leave in North are refusing that they are not related other nubian the question is where the African nubian come from ?

  43. I'm proud of you to be Sudanese what makes Sudan to be mixed with north Africa dumn shit

  44. T Nugod says:

    You are 100% Asian

  45. ryukenb2k says:

    Trust me sister you probably got arab blood for sure. I am nubian and dinka scottish on mom side and chinese mix with gujarati native american on my dads side. So my ancestry is all over the place. And in islam and judaism the lineage is taken from the fathers side and according to science due to the dna marker.

  46. U r Arab girl I knew that, the 1% European comes from north african. Nubian r dark Sudanese they r from South Sudan

  47. s salah says:

    Hiba the DNA is big lie, realy there is no way to know were are you from

  48. Mo T says:

    North afrika are arab and berbers.

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