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Tanzanian Ancestry DNA Results!

Tanzanian Ancestry DNA Results!

I was born and partially raised in Tanzania, but I’ve spent the overwhelming majority of my life in the United States. I decided that I wanted to do my DNA test to know who I am genetically. I am really happy I took this test and whether it’s with AncestryDNA or another company, I recommend that everyone do a DNA test. You will not regret it!


42 thoughts on “Tanzanian Ancestry DNA Results!

  1. This is cool. I am African( from Cameroon) as well. I made a video with my results on my channel.

  2. If we are SE how come Ancestry DNA didn't go back to trace him to other SE Bantus? They need to advance more.

    Enjoyed your vid?. Thx

  3. My first 100%video.im Kenyan….All I see are mixed blood even among Kenyans

  4. Man you should upload your results to gedmatch, 100% can't be possible. I don't really believe in those 100% dna results, I doubt that it is possible…you def' should upload yoir results to gedmatch.

  5. Mo Martin2 says:

    Youre a Unicorn! 😮

  6. What is your paternal haplogroup?

  7. Should've used African ancestry. Com they can tell which tribes

  8. People who are first generation migrants in the USA usually have a good chunk of one place(whether it be africa, or europe, or asia)…the ones that have been for some generations in the USA usualy have quite mixed dna…

  9. Bk353637 C says:

    WOW! From one region too!

  10. Afolabi725 says:

    There was once a perception, that all black people are mixed, science is proving otherwise.

  11. GH boy says:

    so bantu is the origin of the human being

  12. Great 100% African.  Cool.

  13. You forgot to mention it borders Malawi.Seriously are you really that bad at geography?

  14. Habari! This is so interesting! I am Tanzanian and I think its about time I also did some research on my ancestry origins, sounds so interesting! Nice Video indeed!

  15. Great Video. 100% African Great . I took my Ancesty DNA Test four years with ancestry. com

  16. ingrid P says:

    Excellent result

  17. Dooky says:

    You should do the GED match. A bantu woman did it and she found matches with North Africa and East Africa. The GED match is also much more accurate than ancestry

  18. Ntu & Eu says:


  19. Okaysana says:

    100% bantu thats sooooo amazing ! i was so excited to get some bantu in my video results would have preferred a bit more lol but i cant complain

  20. how can i do an ancestry dna test

  21. from tanzania in dar es salam

  22. ur an israelite boooom

  23. Wow such a boring dna?

  24. Im tanzanian as well …am 75% south east africsn bantu 20% Cameron/congo and 5 % Midle eastern … I found my Tanzanian distant cousin call himself Julius Nyerere ..

  25. Your name is Julius Nyerere!?

  26. N.S_GAMING says:

    I'm half Tanzanian half Asian I wanna take this dna test but I don't know where to buy it from

  27. wadi gaji says:

    100 % bantu is so rare…..that is very cool …… I am 36 % bantu and the rest middle eastern .

  28. These no such thing as bantuo.

  29. nice video 100% african VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Please join us at Dna Tested Descendants of Southern Africa Facebook group

  31. ocean man says:

    Ancestry DNA is no good. Any historian knows that Tanzanians are a mix of west and a little east African. Try a better company like 23andme. You'll be surprised.

  32. L. Sher says:

    Yes, thank you for sharing this because it validates that although the companies my not be 100% accurate 100% of the times but it shows that their estimates are not fraud. Thanks.

  33. Tahnn Ju says:

    Great to see a native East African sharing a DNA test result. Kool. So your result show that your DNA is a good indicator/marker of pure southeastern Africa DNA

  34. rare to see pure bred people these days

  35. my husband's results were like yours. his parents were both from poland.

    he was 96% europe east(range 86-100), 3% british, 1% iberian peninsula

    my results were everything in europe basically with trace ranges in asia(except polynesia & asia east)…

    thx 4 sharing…

    you can download your results to gedmatch, dna-land & we gene for free…

    it was kinda the gedmatch. my husband came back 2% khoi san(the african emulator; where we all came from). i didn't have khoi san… but i came back a small amt biaka pygmy.

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