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Tech Talk Today 274

Tech Talk Today 274

Windows 10 users are getting a big update, but we’re a little unimpressed, the tragic story of Eric Lundgren, someone is trying to extort GrayShift, and scientist have buckets with living pig brains.

Also – how GEDmatch was helpful in busting the Golden State Killer.

Plus the new horrible truth we just learned about online dating… All live from LinuxFest Northwest with special guests!

00:00:00 Live from LFNW 2018
00:00:47 Big Win10 Update
00:04:46 GrayShift Extortion Demands
00:06:13 Sponsor: Ting http://las.ting.com/
00:07:08 Eric Lundgren is Going to Jail
00:14:36 Brains in a Bucket
00:19:06 Gold State Killer Busted with gedmatch
00:21:39 Online Dating Impersonators
00:25:00 Our Parting Words

Show Notes & Download: http://techtalk.today/274

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3 thoughts on “Tech Talk Today 274

  1. wwwShadow7 says:

    My mom would have trouble with windows and networking. Every time she couldn't connect to the web, she would buy a new/replacement computer. Back in the day of dialup. I switched her to linux for a bit and saved a few landfill items. But ultimately legacy windows only games got her back on windows. Although I live with her now so I can reason her into dealing with it, let me help you, than just running to the store.

  2. Kurukx says:

    The keeping a head alive would be hell on earth. All circuits from the spine cut but oxygen to keep the brain running WOW. I know they said the pigs where in a medical coma….But wow….Brain in a bucket….
    Could you imagine a pig eye tracking you but unable to scream cause no lungs. In permanent head chopped of state of being.

  3. Marty Red says:

    The e-waste angle is just deflection on his part. He got busted and tried to claim Robin Hood motivations.
    When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon…

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