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TESTING MY FITNESS DNA (Weight Loss Journey)

TESTING MY FITNESS DNA (Weight Loss Journey)

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This video was shot in the week beginning 20th April, 12 days after we got the results & did the training session, it has been a long time getting this video out which I apologise for. I hope people that are interested in the journey I’m going on this is a interesting watch.

In this video I was weighing around 98KG I believe, I am now about to drop to sub 90KG. I’ve been trying out new things recently and I’m working on releasing actual gym work videos.

I hope you guys can see I am trying to up the production levels on videos like these & bringing you along on the journey.

P.S I will be uploading a body transformation video at the end of the year to show you guys how I changed in 2018, I hope you have a fantastic day, peace.

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47 thoughts on “TESTING MY FITNESS DNA (Weight Loss Journey)

  1. man said "don't touch this head with my fingers"

  2. Well done Behz! Keep up the hard work.

  3. Broooo behz looking slim after 10working days

  4. klxsta CG says:

    Legit behzinga vlogs are the best vlogs!

  5. Yo DNAfit didn't see the yoga video where Behz lifted himself, JJ, and Tobi. 29% power my ass

  6. The brightness was really high on that first bit where u were doing the test

  7. He says Pam not fam ????

  8. Booooom says:

    Good video man, keep up the good work!

  9. Roberts 00 says:

    Look really good Behz, carry on going bro!

  10. Max White says:

    2:49 legit I got a Grindr ad then that happened….

  11. well done bez keep up the good work become a power house

  12. Maybe you can find your dad with your dna behz

  13. I liked this. Lovely editing, and what you proved here is that you don't judge a book by its cover, especially a behzinga book by its cover.

  14. LKT says:

    Mad body change in that transition of about 10days

  15. Tendinopathy is when there is a injury or disease of the tendon. For example, this could be from a repetitive strain or an infection of the tendon. According to your genes, you have a higher risk of a tendinopathy occurring.

  16. You look really good behz
    A little bit more hard work, and you're there
    Keep it up,…King

  17. Good luck on your journey Behz we' ll always love you

  18. Oi Behz common with all that progress dropping on us:)

  19. Raf P says:

    Respect Behz, sorry if I ever critisized you I didn't know how hard you had worked and you seem like a nice guy..

  20. Mid rolls jehz fooki chrust

  21. Looking great, hope you're feeling just as good! Any tips for beginners? 🙂

  22. I love u soooooo much behz, keep up the goodzzz!!!

  23. Great video and its amazing to see you getting fitter

  24. I just want to say you look so much more fit after the 10 days like if you look at it before the transition then after you almost look like a new person keep up the awesome work.

  25. FightFacts says:

    All the way up Behz!!

  26. Wow, even when you were doing the Dna test when you sent it then received it you could se how much slimer you are wow???Xxx

  27. Heterozygous genotype means you have one dominant Gene and one recessive Gene so one of your parents has it and the other doesn't or both your parents are heterozygous, homozygous genotype means you have both doninant or both recessive #biology ?

  28. Z says:

    Behzinga is a true inspiration proving anyone can get fit and healthy 🙂

    Even you reading this comment
    Have a Good Day for those that do come across this comment ?

  29. Your my favorite yt in the sidemen and the funnyest person ever keep up making good vids

  30. Wow ur looking really good

  31. Behz keep it up mate ❤️ Plz change to another camera if u can ❤️??

  32. Looking good behz keep it up !!

  33. Well Done Behz mate keep it up ???

  34. Rodger G says:


  35. Kookies says:

    Behz is my inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Jade flynn says:

    Your doing a great job keep it up

  37. Sup Behz Keep It Up. Everytime I see you I remember one of my bff

  38. 18M Views says:

    This was amazing❤️

  39. Caine says:

    DNAfit just added those words in to make you think you got your moneys worth!

  40. Megan Eliz says:

    I've really enjoyed this! I might take up this DNAfit myself. Ive found it all really interesting. Keep up the great work Behz! You inspire me through every vlog!

  41. Keep your awesome work
    U r my inspiration

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