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17 thoughts on “The Family :: The Cowie Family’s AncestryDNA Journey

  1. What a beautiful family and a beautiful moment for the daughter to share what she found. So happy the Dad could meet his family.

  2. If you want to do a Ancestry DNA test on an Australian Pioneering Family, not only am I a member of an Illawarra Pioneering Family, I also have a partner who is a member of a Port Macquarie Pioneering Family as well as have a British Royal Family connection

  3. nxtmassnz says:

    @1:01 that ladies laugh though cringe

  4. nxtmassnz says:

    The old guy is a bit of a mouth breather, if he's not careful he might swallow a fly or 2.

  5. 730 Mŷ says:

    Touching story!!! Thank you very God, and Ancestry.com for helping me find who I am and helping me find my half sister!!!!! ☺?????????☹????????????????????️‍♂️

  6. They didnt show mom or daughter's results. How disappointing. But, I love the granddad to pieces.

  7. Holcee says:

    Im not crying, you're crying.

  8. Johnr954 says:

    Omg I’m so happy for him I’m crying happy tears :’)

  9. i knew my dad had a baby girl when i was young.but i didnt have any details to go by. i searched everywhere .even put ads in the paper. did my dna early last year . about november i got a message from my sister.she had done her dna too and they matched us up. so happy.I'd been an only child for 67 yrs.

  10. Omg my last name is Cowie!

  11. What does he mean he's afraid to find out he's English the cheeky peasant what language does he speak…

  12. Made me cry. What a special moment for him.

  13. what is the name of the background music??

  14. made me cry,so incredible for you to find for him.Sister looks like him

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