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Triangulation 320: Scott Galloway

Triangulation 320: Scott Galloway

Scott Galloway is the author of The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. He talks with Jason Howell about how Apple became a luxury brand, why Amazon is so addictive, what makes Google the new god, and why Facebook should be shut down.

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7 thoughts on “Triangulation 320: Scott Galloway

  1. Is it the roll of the interviewer to softball a guest for an hour?

    I really liked the interview, but seriously, you could challenge some of the information, or at least probe deeper on the meaning of some of these developing situations.

  2. Ray Garcia says:

    Plase move the mic AWAY FROM YOUR NOSE!

  3. The question is what companies are the next ones to join The Four. Any thoughts?

  4. DVD 78 says:

    Got the book
    And it was a great read

  5. Very cool talk, especially the mentions of that millionaires vs billionaires issue and the luxury aspect as related to finding a mate.

  6. Excellent discussion! Prof Galloway always has great insight.

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