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UA 2017 Rethinking Race: “What We Can Tell”

UA 2017 Rethinking Race: “What We Can Tell”

With the cooperation of ancestry.com, we had DNA taken from 30 members of the UA community. Before and after learning their results, this is some of what they had to say.


24 thoughts on “UA 2017 Rethinking Race: “What We Can Tell”

  1. L Lindsey says:

    The guy with 35% african dna said that having 25 percent of african DNA makes someone black? I really hate the one drop rule.

  2. ULGMX says:

    That Indian is not a victim of racism

  3. ULGMX says:

    United States is a cult state on the Indian land of America

  4. ULGMX says:

    White is a Indian Subrace

  5. 1mikon says:

    British society is so racist. All human beings are related.

  6. The average African American isn’t 72% African the average is about 80% African who ever this white lady is she’s a bold face lie

  7. >>>>> The real so~called Native American is the so~called black man and women. These white so~called natives, raped, and pillage their way into calling themselves NATIVES! The so~called black man and women been here way before a slave ship. It was impossible to bring millions of people on those ship at that time. These people from yesteryear and today are (LIEING TO YOU) The so~called black man and woman we were the first people on the planet. The Most High gave them dominion over the whole planet! Ever so~called black man and woman are not the same just because of their melanin. The chosen people are those that were enslaved. The so~called black man and woman of USA first, then our kinfolks, the ones from the Caribbean, and South, and Central America. Do research, and stop listen too these DEVILS continual LIES! P.S. If you don't seek the truth! Then this message wasn't for you! (STAY IN THE DARK) if you wanna stay ignorant, THEN STAY IGNORANT!

  8. Nell Rose says:

    Yes its a bit outdated. We Irish come mainly from the Middle east and europe.

  9. Can somebody please explain to me what 'Arab' is?

  10. Marina's part about Bosnia and Serbia touched me the most. Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro we're definitely the same.

  11. Nadia Love says:

    Just like she said Native American cannot be found in DNA or genes; the same as Hispanic and Asian and Jewish and British, they are ethnicity , you cannot find ethnicity in DNA, so these test are nothing but lies, that's like saying you're 20% Jamaican or 15% Australian, how the heck your DNA can determine you are part Australian or Jamaican?

  12. Nadia Love says:

    What? Your hair color? I think red heads have the most beautiful hair color.

  13. rattylol says:

    That last one was silly and just as much a biased as he thought the man was. Children should not be allowed to open a protected security door, it is better to have an absolute rule than have the child make the decision which may put them in danger.

  14. excellent. thank you

  15. Iberian Peninsula= celt in my family

  16. All races are equal anyway. The problem is some peoples from particular races think they are superior. These people are the problem.

  17. Jews aren't a fucking race, it's a religion.

  18. Wendy Lady says:

    Children are just bratty to each other. I was the only protestant in my neighborhood. I was the only one without siblings. I was picked on for being, white, for being German, for having straight hair and freckles. For being the "new" kid in many schools. For being "smart". I did not take any of this as my fault per se. I wanted to be relate to Anne Oakley. Sadly, I am distantly related to Calamity Jane! I had friends of all ethnicities. I understood we are all the same, though others did not. My dad hated Jews and I laughed so hard to find his grandparents were Jewish! I imagine there is some "gypsy" in there, as they visited my great grandparents farm every year. We carry the genes of 8 generations, how can we not be a conglomeration? I welcome any and all cousins!!!

  19. Nell Rose says:

    If they have Irish they will always have Iberian peninsula. As this is Spain. The Irish originated in Spain.

  20. Myraisins1 says:

    The responses of the black people in this video was disappointing.

  21. I find chevonne reaction at 7:13 a bit funny. my belief is that she didn't want to be as much African descent as she actually is

  22. Midnight says:

    Hey, I'm sorry he feels that way. 13:47 but that was not racism. That was stranger danger. What he should have asked is for her to get an adult to come to the door. I wouldn't just like my young child open the door. He's calling her little girl so that means he doesn't know her and she doesn't know him.

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