Home DNA AncestorUNBELIEVABLE!!! Ancestry DNA test results. I’m very surprised.
UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Ancestry DNA test results. I’m very surprised.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Ancestry DNA test results. I’m very surprised.


Not what I was expecting both what I have and don’t have plus the percentages. I have a second video comparing ancestry and gedmatch.

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33 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE!!! Ancestry DNA test results. I’m very surprised.

  1. jfsfrnd says:

    Your DNA isnt necessarily where your family lived. People moved around.

  2. Your Caucasus percentage is probably from Caucasians living in the Caucasus Mountains region. They are White.

  3. As Fred Sanford said: "Mothers baby, Fathers maybe".

  4. sky luna says:

    You would of never guessed because a blue eyed light skinned man. I would assume you were full European but that's not the case

  5. Some Greeks, though not a whole lot share dna with other Europeans so your Greek dna could be there just disguised, especially the case if you know for sure that you do have Greek ancestry. Also some Greeks come up with some percentages of Caucasus dna .

  6. I am 31% Europe West and I was like holy crap . So I'm mostly from Belgium Germany or the Netherlands. I think I'm mostly Dutch and German.

  7. Greek heritage is inline with the Caucasus heritage. Scandinavian DNA is not very distinguishing from your British DNA and Western European. Please remember than your brain is trying to connect you to the current world map. Our DNA comes from a time when Europe looked very very different.

  8. My friend you are as CAUCASIAN as they come. 96% European is very high, I was only 69% European, and 26% African, the other 5% was other. Egypt and Ethiopia are in Africa, They are beautiful people, with a very rich culture.

  9. ItsMeShi says:

    Damn you got some of every white ethnicity that there is don't you? lol you read off some of everywhere!

  10. Happy Ness says:

    Wow … What do you put down on applications?

  11. Neobreaker says:

    You should try getting your close family tested and compare the differences. I think it's really interesting to see how the Dna splits.

  12. try gps dna…..more precise

  13. Ron Lee says:

    Don't listen to geneticist lies they don't know what the fuck they are DOING

  14. Adam was a black man. We all are black. Hello my brother.

  15. "EAR-RITCH-REA" 🙂 I found out that I have a heavy amount of Greek and Italian ancestry–Never new that!!!!!

  16. it's pronounced "LICK-TEN-SHTINE" btw.

  17. prince dos says:

    lol you are arab now deal with it

  18. Ve Ve says:

    DNA is sometimes mind blowing.

    I have a cousin who is black but light skinned and her husband is also black but he's dark skinned they have three children, two of their children were born light skinned with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes and her youngest daughter is dark skinned with black hair and dark brown eyes which was even more confusing because her twin looks the complete opposite. Her husband didn't believe that the first child was his because she looked so biracial and had her to get a paternity test. She was indeed his daughter and my cousin had to explain to her husband that her children probably looked biracial because her grandfather was mixed race and apparently they call the term a "throw back" and her children might look like a white ancestor.

  19. You people are terrified that black. D. N. A is in you. Please.and many of u do because of the mullto blood a lot of you people are mullitos looking white but have black blood

  20. Americans are so good at geography! 😉

  21. This proves race is BS.

  22. Dude check out the recent finds of the cheddar man. U were black long before u were white.

  23. Vinson says:

    I Think the Beach boys wrote a song about your ancestors! ?

  24. By the way Eritrea and Ethiopia are Greek words we also have a lot of Greek admixture and we also are Greek orthodox you should look up you tube on Eritrean Ethiopian genetic tests result

  25. Welcome to the family brother??????

  26. your pronunciation wasn't bad

  27. I forgive you for not being able to pronounce the names of other countries because you are American.

  28. P Des13 says:

    I thought DNA splits 50 , 50 so forth.

  29. We all think we have native American dna.

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