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Understanding AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate

Understanding AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate

Ancestry’s Brad Argent explores his AncestryDNA ethnicity results.


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  1. many of us do have our history back over 2000 years and are not necessarily royalty. today's records are amazing. however, without a chromosome browser and several dna tests to compare, it is hard to know how accurate the results from ancestry are.

  2. What you are telling people is wrong! You personally, may be showing up as 100% "European", however, (as is so often seen, within different family members results), our inherited racial input & percentages, can vary greatly amongst family members. For eg: Within my own family, i have seen variances, in different inherited racial groups/percentages. Some either "showing up" or "not showing up" within mine & all my relatives DNA results. I don't have any Middle Eastern or North African showing up within my results, however, 2 of my family members do. My point is, just because i don't have Middle Eastern or North African showing up within my results, doesn't mean that Middle Eastern & Nth African DNA does "not exist" within my "family lineage". All this really means is that, although it "does exist" within my family's ancestral lineage, i didn't inherit those racial inputs within my DNA, or my inheritance percentage may be so very low, so minute, that it's not showing up within my DNA test results. The same may be said for you. I can almost guarantee, that if you have all your immediate & extended family members tested, you would most likely see, that there are a small number of relatives who do carry high, average or small to tiny percentages of "different" racial inputs to yourself. For eg: African DNA, Native American DNA, Middle Eastern DNA, North African DNA, European Jewish DNA, etc;, etc;. Remember, you've only inherited "HALF" of your parents genetic input, meaning 23 out of the full 46 chromosomes coming from EACH parent, so who knows what's within their "entire" DNA genome sequence. Again, this means, when your siblings inherit their "random shuffle" of DNA, they may have surprisingly inherited other racial components that YOU DIDN'T INHERIT. My gf's cousin actually works as a Geneticist within a lab in the UK & she is the person who explained this to my gf & i in full. I have a much better understanding about the way in which we inherit our DNA now. Look at it like this, you & all your family members are sitting around a table playing a card game. The dealer, he's simply throwing "random" cards around the table to all family members & you all end up with different cards. This is how DNA is also passed/handed down to us from our parents and our ancestors. Also, you've mentioned that these results go back "2000" years. This is absolutely INCORRECT! I watched a documentary, involving Ancestry DNA, with the guest speaker being one of Ancestry DNA's primary Scientists/Lab Technician's & she mentioned that our results only go back as far as "500" years, not 2000 years! You've added an extra 1,500 years! If what you're implying is "true" then you'd most definitely have African DNA showing up within your DNA results, because we all originate from Africa. The farther back we all go, the higher the probability of seeing visual evidence of this inherited African DNA. Where are you getting your info from? Please don't upload videos giving the general public "false & misleading" information.

  3. P C says:

    I don’t trust this company I tested and it’s different to 23%me results in a big way

  4. jane doe says:

    If you were born in he US ,Doesn't that make you a "Native American" ?

  5. I came up 98% great Briton and not sure totally what that means. 98 % of dna in one place these day is surprising

  6. Just got my results yesterday and found it fascinating. A minimum of three fourths of my ancestors are well-established to have come from southwestern Germany or the southeastern part of France just across the border from Germany. There might be even more German blood, as there are a couple of branches that we haven't been able to determine with certainty where the immigrant ancestor came from, but their surnames appear to possibly be German. On my paternal grandmother's side, there is a smattering of English and Scotch-Irish several generations back. (Abraham Lincoln is my second cousin six times removed.) My ethnicity was determined to be 47% Great Britain and 18% Ireland/Scotland/Wales, for a total of 65%, with only 21% being Western Europe. Maybe this explains why I feel such a deep yearning when I see photographs of villages and landscapes in the British Isles — perhaps such scenes have been imprinted in my genetic memory!

  7. Giving haplogroups information would help more, than giving countries % that didnt exist 2000 years ago.

  8. Why would you say that having Irish and Scandinavian DNA is something to brag about? Each region has something to brag about!

  9. My great grandma was full Sicilian and looked Sicilian, my great grandpa was full Portuguese from Portugal. I have a Native American ancestor from late 1600. I don't understand why I don't have any South Europe in my DNA and a small amount of Caucasus. My native American wasn't even a small number. Why did it give me 56% Great British? When I took myheritage.com, it made a little more sense. My Italian wasn't there, but it showed Balkan and the Balkan region is pretty close to the Sicilian. My Iberian was also not that big of a number. He was a dark man. Ancestry DNA was suppose to answer questions for me…and all I got was more questions. I do genealogy and my Italian is from Sicily and I have traced it all the way to 1600s. So why on earth is my Italian non existent?

  10. Question for Ancestry.com or anyone doing research in DNA. My question is can one person's DNA change over time?
    The reason I ask is people have told me they used to have blond hair as a kid and now have dark brown hair.

    I have also known people who are half Asian and half white and was told that that they used to look 100% Asian as a
    toddler and now look more white, than Asian.

    This made me wonder and noticed that Dean Cain, the person that played superman, who is part Japanese looked Asian as a toddler, when seeing his pictures online. And the famous wrestler, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat's son, who is half white, looked very Asian as a kid and now looks more white than Asian.

    If DNA can change, then maybe ancestry.com test people's DNA throughout their lifetime to see if there are any differences from being a toddler to adulthood.

  11. oneill 73 says:

    Just got my results and it says I'm 79.1english 28.1 Irish scotch Welsh,it says I have only 2 ethnicities, I'm not from any were else ,am I Celt or Basque, I'm either 1 ,I'm not Norman, Saxon,viking,,can anybody shed some light ,also my results say English not British

  12. Axe ODA8 says:

    What do the numbers mean under show all 150 regions?

  13. KH TV says:

    Scandinavian is not Viking, you got Vikings from Scandinavia, but a Viking is a ‘land pirate’ it is a group of raiding Norse people from between 700-1100 AD. Many people who lived in the Scandinavia region where farmers and didn’t raid British/Irish monasteries.

  14. Please stop with the Political bull in your video's. The vote was done, It has us leaving Europe get a new topic.

  15. Didee M says:

    In your video at the 5:25 mark you show the Genetic Diversity for Ireland Region. I cannot find this information as Ancestry has changed the pages. Do you know where I can find it now? Thanks!

  16. I’m so confused because my result is a cluster it’s 44% irish/Scottish/Welsh so which one am I

  17. You stated that these estimates are only within a 2000 year period. And you mentioned that had this estimate included the period beyond 2000 years, you may have African or Native American blood. How could you have Native American blood in that hypothetical? That would mean the native population of America made their way across the Atlantic pre-Roman Empire.

  18. You also get Scots-Irish in the Appalachian Mountains of the USA.

  19. How can u have no aferican anncestors when all humans come from there? XD

  20. P Hoppe says:

    My page looks different than yours. None of those extra things below the map

  21. I'm 2% everything European, and then some more shite. I guess I start Temple this week as well as getting circumcised.

  22. What is show all regions? I have data in there. The numbers dont add up accurately. Please help. Thank you!

  23. This is outdated. Some of the features pointed to in this video no longer exist. My results remain confusing.

  24. just love the English accent, not really, when I hear an English accent selling something and that's washout today….I think you'd be better off with a German accent instead!

  25. Liz Liz says:

    Great Britain 76%
    Europe East 13%
    Europe West 7%
    Ireland 3%
    Other Regions 2%

  26. So is DNA from the Great Britain region mean Anglo-Saxon ancestry? Or would Anglo-Saxons genetically be Scandinavians and Western Europeans?

  27. Seri Ade says:

    Can you explain why royals can't be found?

  28. Dude, you are not native American.

  29. Rob Cole says:

    Why do you say you'd possibly have native American DNA if you went back further than 2000 years? If they only made contact a few hundred years ago?

    If you looked back more than 2000 years in a native Americans DNA you wouldnt expect to see irish

  30. There is a political agender behind these companies. Stop supporting them. Look at who owns and funds them (google) (Soros) and then wake the fuck up. They want a one world order, and are willing to do this by any means. Western governments (EU and Merkel) have allowed hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men to enter europe. This is the Army Isis promised. People say these people have not attacked us, its those born at home, well of course not. They will attack when the whole of their army is here and then there will be bloodshed on unprescedended levels.

  31. Hello Brad! Just a quick question. How can 'Great Britain' mean Anglo-Saxon when the Great Britain region doesn't really cover the area the Anglo-Saxons came from (Saxon Coast/Anglia??? It covers more of modern day Belgium. Thousands of years ago British Tribes fought against Rome with Belgic tribes and there were Belgic Kings that ruled parts of Great Britain (and maybe vice versa). Belgic/Gaulish seems much more plausable then Anglo Saxon.

  32. I'm Italian/Greek, but Serbian and Romania is also highlighted as part of that. what does that mean? if a place is highlighted then does that mean that I'm related to all the places that are highlighted? and if it says Italian/ Greece it lists "also found in" and it lists Serbia, Romania, France, and Switzerland. does that mean that since those places are all partly highlighted then I'm also related to Switzerland and Serbia not just Italy?

  33. Why call it Irish – and not Irish/Scottish/Welsh. As a catch all phrase just saying Irish seems to be missleading.

  34. my husband is french with eastern appearance,ie,almonst black hair, dark brown eyes, and dark skin, I am natural blond hair and blue eyes with light skin, our first born looked just like my husband, the following two children were blue eyed blondes like me,according to my research it is only icelantic DNA that can do that, am I a decendant from the scanndanavian vikings.

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