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Understanding Ethnicity Part 2: Admixture Algorithms

Understanding Ethnicity Part 2: Admixture Algorithms

You’ve heard Andy talk about reference populations, but how do DNA companies match you to these reference populations? And what are admixture algorithms? Let Andy Lee explain.

WATCH Part 1: https://youtu.be/ScZtHuU78n4

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7 thoughts on “Understanding Ethnicity Part 2: Admixture Algorithms

  1. Andy, I did the 23andMe test and the AncestryDNA test and the results were extremely dissimilar.

    Ancestry DNA said
    31% Scandanavian; 15% Irish/Scotish; Great Britian 14%; Europe West 13% Iberian Penin. 11% Europe South 5%; Jewish 2%; Native American 1%

    23andMe said
    French/German/Netherlands 44%; British/Irish 30.5%; Balkan 5.1%; Italian 2%; Scandanavian 1.8% Iberian 0.6%; Native American 0.5% (the rest "Broadly")

    31% vs 1.8%; Scand
    11% vs 0.6%??? Iberian

    How could the algorithms be so divergent? Thanks in advance!

    (I felt 23andMe was much closer to the genealogical research that I have found. I have never found any Scandanavian nor have I ever found any Iberian Penin. nor Jewish nor Europe East)

  2. Krixx Set says:

    Hey mate, nice channel! Would be very interested to know how i would be able to match my DNA results to Ancient populations such as the Western hunter gathers that migrated into Europe 35,000 years ago and the Early European farmers, also the yamnaya (migrated to europe 5000 years ago). Are there any services that would be able to give me a graph of the percentages of these genes that make up my DNA? It is my understanding that all europeans are a mixture of these 3 groups meaning we are all related and what accounts for the differences among us is the variation in amounts that we have of these 3 genetic groups. I have seen graphs online that show each european populations general variation of these 3 groups (for example southern europeans having more Early Farmers DNA and Northern Europeans having more Hunter Gatherer DNA) Is there anyway i can find out this information for my personal DNA results?

    Thanks heapas and keep up the great work!

  3. Question: Understand Native American and African Heritage from 1600s and early 1700s will not usually reflect in DNA %. I’ve even seen some kinfolk that have 0% African autosomal yet have African Y DNA. Trippy. But when using Gedmatch, can see upwards of 20% Native American on individual chromosomes. What’s it mean? Can I assume it’s there in the chromosome but too small to register as a % when looking at full spectrum?

  4. Example of Sample Population giving wrong results…sort of. My wife is 100% Asian. She’s Korean. Her My Heritage DNA shows 100% Asian. Right so far. Then it shows 45% Japanese, 30% Chinese & Vietnamese, and 25% Mongolian. So…maybe she’s not Korean after all. No! My Heritage has no sample population from Korea…so it shows the next closest things.

  5. J Tarbell says:

    Do you know the number of regions and reference samples for Family Tree DNA? (Ancestry has 166/2995). I took the test with Ancestry DNA and Family Tree DNA and there are some interesting differences.

  6. Also this is often overlooked but you can trace your ancestry pretty accrately just by looking at your features. Exzample if you have blonde hair and blue eyes pale skin means very northern european ancestry like scandaveion . Thats just one example of many.

  7. Very informative video. But I'm real life it's not so cut and dry . I'm real life the data bases are what they think is pure Jewish DNA let's say but European Jews have alot of outside Jewish ancestry that's been falsely identified as jewish. This go s for the American Indian database as well and also alo t of data bases are lacking in markers lio e the American Indian database so you will get flawed results no matter how many DNA testing sits you test with. Also all white all black and all of any race is basically the same what country your from is meaningless . But some dark Italian s and medtraneions have arab admixture outside of that all what is the same

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