Home DNA AncestorWeekly Wrapup 199 – Our Voluntary Dystopian Future, MIST FPGA PC Demoed, and More!
Weekly Wrapup 199 – Our Voluntary Dystopian Future, MIST FPGA PC Demoed, and More!

Weekly Wrapup 199 – Our Voluntary Dystopian Future, MIST FPGA PC Demoed, and More!

Sponsored by Plex: http://lon.tv/plexpass – This week I talk about the dystopian future we created voluntarily. I also demo the MIST FPGA PC running Mac, Amiga, Apple II and the PC Engine / Turbografx! See this week’s mentioned videos: http://lon.tv/ww199 and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:28 – Patreon thank yous
01:00 – Ad: Plex lon.tv/plexpass lon.tv/plexgift
02:52 – Week in review: Extras channel lon.tv/extras
03:43 – Week in review: Main channel
04:03 – On My mind week 61
04:34 – Prime video soon
05:55 – Our voluntary dystopian future
19:02 – Q&A: The MIST FPGA PC !
30:31 – Q&A: VR is improving, but isn’t it enough?
34:31 – Q&A For you: How do you feel about VR?
35:02 – Channel of the Week: http://exponent.fm
36:44 – Helping the channel
37:09 – My other channels

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35 thoughts on “Weekly Wrapup 199 – Our Voluntary Dystopian Future, MIST FPGA PC Demoed, and More!

  1. FPGAs are fascinating and I can’t wait for the day when I can have a little box on my desk that can switch to any legacy computer I have ever used!

  2. cool review on the FPGA. I would like to see more of these

  3. Kattz says:

    There’s at least one device in many of our homes that we can’t control. Smart meters. We don’t know much about how these work. In Ontario at least, these record when we are using power and it is more expensive at certain times a day. If this got into the wrong hands it would give someone a pretty good idea of when your house is empty. I’m not sure about how this information is passed back to the utility. It must go over the internet somehow because I don’t think that they read the meters anymore.

  4. "dystopian"?
    I'm a fan of the channel, Lon, but I don't think that word means what you think it means.
    As for DNA and what they did to catch the Golden State Killer I'm damned glad. I think that is a perfect use case for such data. I'm all for rights of individuals. But frankly we have never had the right to anonymity. Everything in our history says the government has a right to identify us. And I'm fine with that. Fingerprints have been a huge boon to crime fighting. Now DNA is too. Frankly I think they should take DNA on arrest. Maybe even take DNA when you get a driver's license.
    As for the rest – gmail and whatnot…. What would be the alternative? Do people think they would be safe from hackers if they had their own server? Of course they wouldn't. Google pays a lot of very smart people a lot of money to keep hackers out of my Gmail. Sometimes they fail but is the thinking that people wouldn't fail in maintaining their own security? Of course they could/would. And I'll put my money on Google any day against most anybody for success.
    Then there is government demand. Is the thinking that the government cannot demand the same from the private individual? Of course they can. Ask Michael Coen what the government can demand from a private individual. Everything. That's the answer. Everything.
    I've gotten a lot of use out of having all my old e-mail. Been able to search for old conversations to glean information I recalled discussing but couldn't remember the specifics of. Meanwhile it has been a lark to maintain on my part. And what has it cost me? Google stated what their business model is. I've never seen any informed story which claims their business model is anything but what they claimed it to be. I'm fine with it. Good trade.
    Frankly I see nothing dystopian about any of it.
    The laws we should be passing should be in relation to what can be done with our data. Who sold to and for what purpose.
    If the worry is just that it's there and so government can get it no matter the laws and that we can't trust them then it's hardly our most pressing problem. Why anyone thinks the government will ignore the law out there but stop at our own front door I do not know.

  5. Leo DS says:

    I envy you. You got all cool retro consoles out there. 🙂

  6. Great wrapup. I love your wrapup videos because you talk about what's on your mind and in the news and it's very conversational. The computer emulator device looks fun. It might be a good way for people to own something that will bring them an old school computer experience.

  7. LLRaven says:

    Yes do the Mist FPGA!

  8. The main reason I haven't got into VR yet is that I don't currently have a gaming pc, so here in Australia I would be up for close to $2000 to get something a bit future ready and a rift/vive. The Lenovo headset is very interesting to me but I'm not sure if the developers are going to make good use of the 6DOF. And at $577 aud, I'll need to think for a while

  9. VR will never take off. Clunky, expensive and no killer app.

  10. MrMarbles says:

    I think you're really underplaying what a horrifying rapist and murderer the Golden State Killer was (also known as the Original Night Stalker, East Area Rapist, and apparently is being investigated for the crimes of the Visalia Ransacker as well). Learning about the details of his crimes really makes you wonder if some people are just pure evil, and I'd definitely put him up there as one of the most horrifying killers of the 20th century. The speculation that he actually completely stopped is just speculation at this point, and he was definitely known to still call and torment his victims many years after even if they'd moved and changed their information. The fact that he was a police officer during a lot of this time and had that extra veil of protection just makes his capture more remarkable.

    With the lady that might have gotten killed by her husband, I would assume that she would have been all for sharing that information that would convict her killer. It not only prevents him getting away with it, but plants that extra bit of doubt in someone that might be planning another 'perfect crime'.

    I'm not saying that there aren't downsides and drawbacks to where technology is taking us, but it's just delusional to think of the past as some sort of dreamland of liberty and equal rights. There's been plenty of brutal repressive regimes that didn't need advanced technology. If anything, the cameras and data trails everywhere are also holding those in power more accountable, with the sudden rise in consciousness of police abuse of power now that more people can tell their own side of the story.

    I'm fine with a little more focused marketing if it means that we can stop people like serial killers, that have probably existed for the whole history of humanity but were so rarely caught until technology began improving.

  11. Bpk Suhadi says:

    Yeah no food reviews

  12. There are 8 videos of you in Amazon Prime Video in Japan.

  13. tralexan says:

    It seems as though the ultimate goal of VR and AR is to discover a way to have an geographically unlimited/untethered way to duplicate an LSD trip with the smallest, most unobtrusive bit of electronic paraphernalia . It's an odd goal, don't you think? Timothy Leary on a chip.

  14. This is why I never bought any microphone device from any company! Something in my experience to me this was just creepy!

  15. The letter ß is German and pronounced ''ss". So you would say his name as Johannes Ress. Source: Live very close to the Dutch-German border 🙂

  16. now days you need to think more off what companies your using. to at least use companies that DO TRY to make it more secure. and stay away from the ones that don't seem to care about security or the users safety.

  17. Joe D says:

    I own an Oculus Rift and it's a lot of fun for gaming, but I cannot wait for a headset to come out with a higher DPI. Currently the biggest thing I want to do with VR is be able to replace all of my monitors with a single VR headset but the DPI is too low on all of the consumer devices out there to make the text clear enough to do that. Imagine the ability to have any size display or as many screens as you want at the cost of a single decent monitor, the ability to fit on any desk, and without needing a top of the line PC to power it. I think once VR is at the level where it can be used for business applications and increase productivity, it will take off a lot more. For now I'll enjoy playing games on my headset, but I'll continue dreaming of the day where I'm able to run command line efficiently in it.

  18. Joe D says:

    In regards to the Voluntary Dystopian Future, people just don't understand the technology or what is going on behind the scenes. In 2016 Facebook was making roughly $12 for every account. Imagine the amount of privacy we would gain if users were just willing to spend $12 per year for a social media account. Facebook would still be just as profitable but instead of them being an advertising company, they'd be a social media company selling a service to the users instead of selling the users to other companies.

  19. yoschmoyo says:

    People who upload their DNA profiles to GED Match voluntarily expose their profiles to the world, including the government. They’ve given up their privacy in those profiles. The same is not true for people who merely have one of the ancestry services profile their DNA. It seems quite unlikely that the government could force one of these services to either query its databases for a match or require it to surrender its database for the government to search. Such a search or seizure would necessarily involve the private records of many individuals unrelated to any governmental investigation, roughly equivalent to rummaging around in the bank records of millions of customers in hopes that they might reveal who made a particular transaction.

  20. LOL Yup, I meant MacPlusToo. Somehow it turned into the Mac II in my head and I got excited like the big doofus I am. Still cool considering it can do even that. I can't wait for the FPGA computers that can do something more advanced like a Mac IIsi. Maybe call it the MacIIToo.

    Overall I love your demonstrations of it. I would love to see a side by side of an SNES core vs the Super NT some day when those cores get more advanced. I just love the fact that it's an FPGA computer with USB and VGA rather than being focused on one platform with one type of controller connection and cartridge input.

    Thanks for answering my question!

  21. Timeline emails me every month to remind me that it's still active. Hard to forget when they do that.

  22. ghardt91 says:

    most of it is too expensive I like the standalone daydream thing that Lenovo has. I have the phab 2 pro I like their room scale tech too.

  23. Tom B says:

    Great plex brief, how about comparing plex vs kodi? VR headsets are for geeks (just ask my/your wife). Sighting murderers going to jail to advocate for personal information internet privacy is not a very wise strategy but was entertaining. Your disclosure policy is great but overly complicated to explain. In a nutshell, your business policy is good-old-fashion honesty ; you simply go out of your way to avoid deceiving your viewers (& be a nice guy). Oh absolute truth is an absolute myth but a good myth to strive for. Fortunately you would make a lousy Ferengi ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIBT-JYiCuE . I’m still trying to find Corey in the background. I’ve sighted him once so far. They was wrong, he doesn't have two heads 😉

  24. 17:44 Free services ??? you are the product. ..

  25. My position on VR is perhaps unfair to the companies invested on it, and perhaps a get off my lawn perspective too since I'm probably not the target market at 38 years old… but the entire problem to me boils down to something that also bothered me on 3D glasses, and bothers me on something as simple as headphones. The cumbersome thing I have to wear part.

    I've only tried the first Oculus Rift when it was still in dk form, and thought it was already cool at that point in time, so I'd probably be very impressed with how things are today… it's not that I don't think the tech is impressive or anything like that, but much like other forms of entertainment, it's not something I think I'd be using enough, playing enough and spending enough time to justify a purchase of a dedicated hardware just for that.

    I can see myself spending sometime on say a VR park setting, or renting it out for a weekend, but I'm almost certain that at this point, if I were to purchase the thing, it'd just end up inside a box collecting dust. Not unlike some previous consoles and portables I had.

    I do believe the future is there, though I see more potential on AR rather than VR. And it might be a bit far away still… like wearing a standard pair of glasses that somehow does it all. Intel seemed to be getting the closest until they cancelled the whole thing.

    I think people are still waiting for the killer app thing though… there were some great demos, few games, and even fewer compelling applications, but I still have to hear about that lifechanging app that justify all the cost, adaptation, learning curve, and whatnot.

  26. I know you don't like to publish reviews of products that people wouldn't be happy buying and you sometimes make a Didn't Make the Cut video. But it would be interesting if you had a segment for products that show promise for the future but they aren't ready for mass consumption yet. Like a regular Future of Consumer Tech segment/video, where things like new VR and FPGAs can be discussed and your views on if it is getting closer or further away from being ready.

  27. Thanks for showing off the MIST. I am heavily considering one. I would love to get an Amiga and a MSX, but the original computers (not to mention all the accessories and software) is crazy expensive now. The MIST looks to be a great compromise.

  28. IMDABROWN says:

    Not enough things for me to enjoy in VR. I'll spend my money on things I can get more use now with.

  29. Alex Vega says:

    Lon as always kudos on the great content. About #OurVoluntaryDystopianFuture I watched a decent, related movie today called Anon – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5397194/ – and recommend it. Intriguing that in the story all the sensory tech exists within the body so there are no cell phones, computers, displays, etc. – data overlays visual reality – but a warning this is not for children and is a bit violent. Also would love to see more content from you about #TheMistFpgaPc ! Regards.

  30. You summed it up in one sentence. Nothing on the internet is private. PERIOD.

  31. TDUB116 says:

    11:18 haha you said 1,000 gigabytes

  32. What about Canada for the prime video? We actually speak English here too !

  33. Alex says:

    As for VR, the new Lenovo Daydream headset sounds perfect for entry level hardware… 6 degrees of freedom and good frames are a must. But unfortunately it lacks any good software to take advantage of the 6dof. Hopefully Google announces a must have 6dof app at their I/O conference to help out.

  34. pefclic says:

    you can try Mister the new iteration of retro hardware recreation based on FPGA with HDMI output

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