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11 thoughts on “Wegene ancestry dna results

  1. P C says:

    I did this last night was cool

  2. Are you of Guyanese nationality sir?

  3. I am also over 90% African! Right on!

  4. Sounds like Wegene is limited at present for African ancestry? I may skip wegene.

  5. are you african or Afro American/Caribbean

  6. Are there any other third party websites I can upload my ancestry DNA results onto other than dnaland gedmatch and wegene?

  7. How do I use we gene? It's like not letting me submit my ancestry results. It keeps going to a blank page

  8. Great video ! thanks for sharing it . I used wegene and uploaded the 23andme file because 23andme I found vague in regions for Asian and African 🙂 i just uploaded my parents and myself wegene results since after the update again

  9. Natanya T says:

    87% Yoruba. Wow!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your gedmatch with me. Looking at the various models at GedMatch, your DNA seems to really strengthen the idea of the SubSaharan Africa gene being the first Eurofarmers in the area. You have matches with a very diverse group of people with diverse Haplogroups. Going through your gene comparisons are even more befalling to me if we were to follow the prevailing theories out there. What is your view of your results via these different modeling applications? As I said , I am only trying to figure this stuff out and get to the bottom of this. Does your Gedmatch comparisons make sense to you? You range from 75% to 90% subsaharan in these models yet your Gedmatch relatives vary significantly.

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