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WeGene DNA Results

WeGene DNA Results

These results are highly similar to Ancestry DNA. What do you think about it? Also, the 2 gentlemen related to my haplogroup are Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein.


2 thoughts on “WeGene DNA Results

  1. Lol Somalians are black there just East African

  2. So dope… but that haplogroup tho! lol I think I would just mention Einstein 😉 I'm still waiting for my results, but it's taking forever. I know my heritage is mostly African, but I have no idea (besides Scottish) what other ancestry I might have. I've been mistaken for Latina, but my parents and grand parents are all African American. I know I've got something else in me, but I'm really curious to find out what . Great video! Please keep us updated on your research. Subscribed ♥

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