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Welcome to AncestryDNA™ Ethnicity

Welcome to AncestryDNA™ Ethnicity

Take a peek inside AncestryDNA™. www.ancestrydna.com. It’s the next generation of DNA technology to discover your family story. Simple. Powerful. And connected to Ancestry.com, the worlds largest online resource for family history. Learn more at www.ancestrydna.com.


17 thoughts on “Welcome to AncestryDNA™ Ethnicity

  1. Most of my life I thought I was 40% or more Native American (Mexico) since I was born in Mexico.
    To my surprise I'm 34% Great Britain 19% Native American (Mexico), 14% Europe South, 13% Iberian Peninsula, 9% Ireland/Scotland/Wales, 3% Europe West.

    I am more excited about my husband's as he is African American and doesn't really know anything about his ancestors.

  3. S Moreno says:

    I always thought I was Moroccan, guess what???? I am 5% Moroccan 15% Moroccan and 80% Moroccan.

  4. Orca Luck says:

    Omg Im looking forward to mine….

  5. I thought I was 100% Dutch, turns out I'm not that Dutch at all!

    41% Great Britain
    31% Europe West
    21% Scandinavian

    The top three parts of Europe I love the most, are the areas that formed me in the end. Amazing to know, got to visit it again knowing those countries made who I am today.

  6. 730 Mŷ says:

    I'd like to meet my Native American, Ashkenazi Jewish, Eastern European, Nigerian, Congolese, Central Asian & Polynesian relatives..

  7. Skeeps says:

    Minecraft anyone?

  8. Skeeps says:

    I tried to listen to him, but the background music just reminded me of the old minecraft and I got flashbacks and then the video ended.

  9. Lecia Acey says:

    My ancestry is Noah Garland! He was Cherokee. No one has any Scandinavian ancestors in either side of my family. My mother's people are Cherokee. My father's ancestry was traced by relatives. My mother's ancestors were part of the resistance from the trail of tears! So, now you might understand why I am a bit resistant to your results.

  10. Lecia Acey says:

    I don't understand my results! My ancester is in the Library Of Congress. He is Cherokee! yet, it doesn't show that I am any Cherokee! I am 40 percent Cherokee . Not 40 percent Scandinavian ! I feel this is all a fraud for money !

  11. MrOrange says:

    AncestryDNA says I'm 93% Great Britain!

  12. Good videos, but, please, no background music!

  13. skidmin says:

    It's come a long way since I started it in 2007 – highly recommend to everyone! I've connected with long lost cousins in Denmark, Arizona, Wisconsin and a few other places through DNA matches, found our common ancestor on our family trees and made new friends!

  14. I couldnt hear the speaking commentary in the video because of the musc background.

  15. I am using Safari on Mac OS X 10.11.5. The links on http://www.ancestry.com and http://www.ancestrydna.com do not work! How can I continue?

  16. necesito en español para buscar a mi familia paterna.

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