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Were Your DNA Test Results Disappointing?

Were Your DNA Test Results Disappointing?

Have you gotten disappointing DNA results? Many people on YouTube have and so has Devon Noel Lee. But why are the results so disappointing? Let’s discuss them!

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46 thoughts on “Were Your DNA Test Results Disappointing?

  1. Is this person retarded? I mean, really, she looks a bit mentally retarded.

  2. theDNgamer says:

    My family always mentioned that we had Italian descendants and when I did the 23andMe test, it said that I was 0% Italian. Now, that was heartbreaking

  3. I'm not getting why people are getting disappointed do you think the world was born maybe on your birthday things were going on thousands of years before we came along and do you think not that they were mixing beause they were. Most of you were mad because you have black blood or Arab blood in you oh well get over it

  4. You are what you are deal with it

  5. The problem is that police are taking people's genetics, without anyone's permission, to try to basically convict people of crimes they did not commit. Therefore, people have no reason now to share their genetic relationships with anyone.

  6. soso says:

    middle east result is the most diffecult results ever

  7. soso says:

    your wife beautifull and cute love you all

  8. Many Germans who settled in the Ohio Valley first passed through Pennsylvania.

  9. Download your raw DNA and upload to GEDmatch.com. You will find more cousin matches on there I am sure, you can compare to other people who uploaded their DNA from other Testing companies like Ancestry, etc.

  10. Mine was ok, but my daughter's and grandchildren's was odd. Grandchildren's so different even though they have the same parents. I was disappointed in the results. I used ancestry.com, and the 5% this, 8% that was annoying and confusing.

  11. One of the reasons you stated for being disappointed is because people who do DNA tests either dont put up family trees, or dont put up enough generations on their family trees to make any matches. Does this mean that I should be adding aunts, uncles and siblings of my parents, my grandparents and my great grandparents (Who do come from large families thank goodness) to my tree on my DNA company website in order to increase my chances of a match?

  12. I recommmend the ancestry test of www.24genetics.com. The results entirely fit with the info that I already had and seem very proffessional.

  13. mmgpa2580 says:

    How can people from the America’s, specifically from South America, know our ethnicities solely by our genealogical trees? I went as far as to know my great great grandfather’s name but there are no other records out there!
    Any advice?

  14. Sal Valino says:

    I don't like the trace regions and low confidence breakdown. They should just leave it unassigned or assign the unassigned percentage to your other DNA. Does that make sense? I know a lot of people get excited with 1%-3% something, but in reality it's just a guess. I wish they went away with low confidence and trace regions.

  15. Alan7997 says:

    My 23andme results did not show up my Italian or Greek ancestry that every single test I've used with the same data (about 5 or 6 tests) showed up which I found odd. They did however recently show that I have British as well as Irish ancestry which wasn't clear before.

  16. P C says:

    Ancestry DNA is best

  17. I found out one of my relatives was a player. Mercy, a bunch of kids with different dad's.

  18. dzsm239 says:

    I got disappointed after showing my results to friends and noticing the only thing there were interested in was my 25% East Asian (Japanese) while the rest of my 75% Northern European seemed boring.
    The ethnicity I am the most is 30% British and Irish, but I don't know what is British or Irish or Celtic or whatever and unlike the Japanese, I've never had any strong connections to those countries since the people of European descent in my family have just been white Americans for at least a century.
    For a few months after taking a DNA test, I would list off my ethnicities like, "I'm 1/4 Japanese, 1/8 Irish, 1/8 British, and 1/8 Scandinavian, etc." but I began to think that I was being extra listing all that stuff and as more time passed, I began to feel that despite knowing what my European ethnicities were, it was all irrelevant. These days, I just explain it in the way I used to, "I'm 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 white." I'm more white/European descent than anything else racially, yet more Japanese than anything else ethnically which had been something I had always suspected which was why I identified more strongly with my Japanese heritage than anything from Europe in the first place.
    TL;DR I was disappointed because even after finding out what my European ethnicities were, they were still smaller than my Japanese and felt irrelevant or longer mattered since I don't have a single great-grandparent even from a European country. I felt more displaced than I did before.

  19. I was surprised that some of my DNA was from Ghana like a neighbor. I ran to tell her that we were old country neighbors and might be kin. The Scots wasn’t a surprise and neither was the American Indian

  20. dlwatib says:

    My family tree is just the opposite. Most of the families have about 8-10 kids until you get to the modern ones, and even those typically have 3 or 4. I've got oodles and gobs of cousins, but most of them don't seem to be interested in genealogy, so far as I can tell. I haven't taken any DNA tests, but the cousin thing wouldn't even be very interesting to me. I'd be more interested in knowing what it might say about our health. I hadn't even considered that data before.

  21. Hey! my 3rd Great grandfather was German with the name Berger (not Karlsberger). Not sure if they were in Ohio. I know of Kansas., and Illinois I sent in my Ancestry DNA kit last week so it'll be done in a few weeks.

  22. Linux DOS says:

    A lot of wives used (cheated) sperm donors. The husbands just don't know it. Women / Wives could win an Academy Award for coning their husbands. True (Fatherhood) paternity meaning nothing to them. There is no guilt. If husbands only knew .. Wow! Those Ancestry-DNA and 23andMe kits has exposed some lies & deceit, but what husbands really need – Is a kit like this one. https://www.easy-dna.com/ Wake up guys – Far to many husbands have been had! Over 35% of supposed fathers have been deceived. Wives are being found out!


    It isn't right nor fair for a husband and children not to know the truth.
    Prenatal Paternity Determination Test – Listen closely – Get his DNA.

    Unfaithful wives opt for prenatal paternity tests … One area of one Country. Think about that!

    Wives are cheating and and having prenatal paternity tests – Just one area of one Country. Think about that!

    I just read where a husband found the morning after (Plan-B / RU-4-86?) in his wife's luggage and she tossed them out. She admitted to cheating in the past on her business trips. If you find them in your wife's luggage, don't throw them out. It is better then her coming home with a spurious baby on board and then deceiving you.

  23. My mom was adopted. The more I learn about her biological family, the less I like them.

  24. crawf668 says:

    im still waiting for my results…im very nervous about them…very curious as to how different it is from what research i have done.

  25. rich mo says:

    You're disappointed because your ancestors were frigid and boring like yourself, so nobody wanted to have sex with them.

  26. Drake Kidd says:

    My great grandparents are from Germany, and on my other side they are from Sweden, Serbia, Scotland and Ireland. I did ancestry dna and my results are sooo far off from what my family tree says and what my grandparents dna says. It said I was 83% from Great Britain?????? My grandmother got 84% Germany (West Europe) I’m very confused and sad because I feel like I lost my identity, not that I don’t like being from Great Britain it’s just strange to think you’re something and then it turns out you’re not.

  27. puncheex2 says:

    "You are only related to 120 ancestorss in any generation…" No, that's not what he says. You are related GENETICALLY to 120 ancestors altogether. In his video he points out the difference between being genetically and genealogically related. You're talking genealogy, and that number doesn't apply. You are genealogically related to potentially 2^n ancestors in the nth generation, 2^(n+1)-1 if you count all the ancestors in between. At the tenth generation, you have 2^10 or 1024 potential ancestors, or 2047 if you count all the ancestors in the 1-10th generations. The thing that reduces that number is the amount and kind of cousin-cousin marriages in your tree.

    Wht small families do is restrict the numbers of cousins, including aunts, uncles, nephews anf nieces. When China went to the one child family rule back in the 80s, that meant that a person could grow up without siblings, without uncles or aunts, and without cousins, at least back as far as where the law took effect (and if it was effective). Genealogy becomes simple, and boring.

  28. puncheex2 says:

    Heh. I did the FamilyDNA somatic DNA test last year. In looking at my match list. I had excellent matches with my mother and brother, but beyond that the closest match was about 90 centimorgans, and went downwards from there. GEDmatch's matches were all different people (but one), but still nothing higher than 93 cm. The same for my wife. Like you, we were both 95+% European. Unlike you, most of our ancestors had and came from large farming families. The problem is, I believe, that genetic testing just hasn't yet made big enough inroads into the general population; no one in our 2-3 degree cousin relationship has had a test.

  29. Ooh. I have Sparks/ Sparke ancestors. Mostly from Devon and Somerset originally but I think many went to the US.

  30. Hardly any of my closer Ancestry matches have trees. Pity, because the two or three that do have yielded interesting results. Some of the very distant ones have trees but I can't find links. I think there must be a lot of non paternal events!

  31. My DNA is 99% Montanan and 1% Grizzly Bear. Great great Grandpa was a little wild.

  32. Midnight says:

    Hey, I didn't see any Spanish now that's a surprise lol. I thought you were mostly Spanish.

  33. Yes, my was very disappointing. Also all my matches from my father's side share not more than 10 cm.

  34. lucidity4 says:

    I lost half my identity. Now that I'm over the shock, the frustrating disappointing part is trying to find out who my grandfather was. And why half my matches are under user name Primo, (cousin) and have no tree.

  35. Dale Jones says:

    I was very happy with my ancestry dna results which showed me as 100 pct European descent however my results from myheritage show 99 pct European but 1 pct African which is total BS!!!, there is no African dna in my ancestry, I don't even know any Africans and I don't want to know any. Do not get any dna test from myheritage, they are not accurate.

  36. Matxe9212 says:

    it´s really funny how pretty much all of my family lines are small families with 1 or 2 children born. Then i have one line, my grandmother, whose family consistently had 6+ children for 3 generations in a row. Makes it pretty boring aswell because everytime i get a match i almost always know its on that line.

  37. wizkei says:

    I was also disappointed because I wasn't fully what I thought. I thought I was going to be around 70 to 80% Middle Eastern but it ended up being completely different 🙁 I was only 6%, I had more European and Native American heritage than Middle Eastern. I admit I didn't like this at all… It made me feel weird, almost like a stranger to myself. I know this is kind of ridiculous to say, but that's what I felt. I cried badly :/

  38. I was sorely disappointed with Ancestry because of their relative lack of coverage of Asian countries. My results said I was 29% East Asian, and then just listed literally every country in eastern Asia without any further breakdown. That was so annoying, because I'd gotten the test to help solve the mystery of my grandparents' origins. They both grew up in the Philippines, but she definitely didn't look like a native and had been adopted by a local family. He had a Spanish name, but we had no way of know if he was descended from colonialists or native tribes.

    I've already made a couple of videos about my results. I ran my data through GEDmatch and figured out that my Asian side is a complex combo of Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. Going by the prevailing theories of human migration, my grandparents ' ancestors reached the Philippines from opposite directions: Taiwan from the north, and southern China via the Malay Archipelago. The tests that factor in ancient populations has my ancestors all the back on the Eurasian Steppe, then Central Asia, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Nepal, eventually ending up in Yunnan. My European side is Scottish, English, French, and German, with a dose of the Balkans and Scandinavia further back in time. By the way, there was almost no Spanish whatsoever. I wish Ancestry – and all mainstream DNA test products – would step up their game and get better Asian sample databases.

    As for family, I have only a couple of 1st cousins on Ancestry. I kind of expect that, because one of my cousins talked me into trying it. I have 293 2nd – 4th cousins, but very few of them have set up their trees.

  39. QTee says:

    Not really… I didn't take this test to find extended family members.. I took it to see my admixture because I had an idea, but I wanted details… and I got some pretty cool surprises… I wanted to learn more about my grandmother's background and her family because those were the elders in my family.. what I found was not anywhere what we knew she was from but other cool stuff instead and I am very curious about this data because where the hell did it come from???

  40. On ancestry.com I have two 2nd cousins, five 3rd cousins, and 138 4th – 6th cousins. The cousin matches are starting to increase due to the big November sale eight weeks ago. My first cousins, aunts, uncles, and parents are all dead. But I've been able to figure how almost all my 145 4th cousins or closer are related to me via the cousin matching feature, their trees, and my years of microfilm research. I focus on helping my paternal line cousins connect their trees to our shared German ancestors.

  41. I was excited because it confirmed my research. But where I was disappointed was in being able to sort my distant matches. Having seven GB's and trying to differenate between them and where the fit because once it gets that far back I often don't have enough descendary research to be able to easily figure out where they connect to me.

    On another note, my family is in/from Ohio and many are German descent. But those names are not familiar in my tree.

  42. ldk777far says:

    I did AncestryDNA and loved it – I am from all over but mostly European and I have found a number of connections with distance family. My Mum has now done her AncestryDNA and I was amazed at the differences, she has large parts of her DNA that I don't share. There is 46% of her DNA that is not passed down to me at all. Also she has more connections from her testing than I have which I think is odd (or maybe that is the stuff that she did not pass to me??!)

  43. I put mine on gedmatch, but my dna test is in the new Beta Genesis version (my test is from a company using a new chip) and my tree is in the original version. Apparently they will be merged eventually but no idea when. I had a few possible second cousins who only had their results on it for a day then disappeared again. Everyone else on my list of matches is very distant (50 centimorgans or less)

  44. I was disappointed do to had 1st to 2nd cousins on my dads side who was adopted, no tree no response. It would solve who his mother side. See how close some is but no help.

  45. Thanks. It gets harder to trace every generation.

  46. Thank you for making this video.

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