I used Wegene to find out what made me as a person. Of course results are taken with a grain of salt but it’s just fun to find out.

AncestryDNA results video: https://youtu.be/5eJsVdYLtwk

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Images taken are mainly in the Public Domain or taken as screenshots from the Wegene website for information purposes. Other images are from the Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures.

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  1. Thinking they classify your Indigenous Taiwanese part as Chinese is so bad…
    Aboriginal Taiwanese people are Austronesian peoples relate to Indonesian, Filipino, Polynesian, Malagasy… etc.
    However, 33.28% of the 70.73% Chinese part is Amis & Atayal, that means one of your grandparents was a fully Indigenous Taiwanese person
    My grandma was Paiwan, the 2nd largest aboriginal tribe in Taiwan, and I live in Australia recently

  2. Jc Dizon says:

    You look very Filipino. I thought you were Filipino but you had an unfamiliar accent and there is the Indonesian gamelan music in the background

  3. chonburi11 says:

    southern han chinese is not accurate i think

  4. u2bst1nks says:

    From my own experience and from what I've seen on the internet, Wegene is very inaccurate for Asians. It vastly over allocates Asian ancestry to China. For example, if you're Southeast Asian, it will tell you you're mostly Gaoshan and Southern Han.

  5. Very interesting! And I thought you was high lol ? ? ?

  6. Warcy says:

    South East Asian doesn't include South China. that's bull

  7. Nay Ponle says:

    Hello bro I am from Cambodia and I want to know how to test Ancestry?

  8. Suzie Blue says:

    Loving this, thanks again.

  9. ufc says:

    you must be strong! right? also you are tall n big? you looks so. am i right?

  10. ufc says:

    u dont look chinese at all. which country you live in?

  11. very interesting.they are right..their results are impressive!

  12. 0:50 And..they break it down a litle bit more furthahhhhh

  13. Thanks for sharing Bro,Salam Kenal. Wah aku juga baru mau test. penasaran aja gimana asil nya nanti,aku orang indonesia bagian timur jug, kalau pulang kampung pesawat nya mesti transit di Ujung Pandang 🙂

  14. Zsaisa C says:

    Wegene seems to be better in breaking down dna’s compare to dna ancestry.

  15. Hey Lukmi! I got my WeGene results back and had a flipping heart attack because it told me a bunch of things that didn't match up with my known ancestry but seeing your results makes me feel a million times better. Most of my mother's family comes from Malaysia, Indonesia (as far as I know Bugis) and with distant Indian and Vietnam ancestors.
    The european results are very inaccurate but here are my non-euro results:
    China Nation: Dai 6.42 – Gaoshan 3.19 – Hmong Mien 1.46 – Tibetan 1.13 – Lahu 0.23 – She 0.17
    Southeast Asian: Kihn 1.68
    South Asian: Indian 5.61- Sindhi 0.71
    Oceanian: Papuan 0.79
    Since we seem to hit a lot of the same categories I feel less crazy and more inclined to believe the results. I can't find any Malay people doing ancestry/23andme/wegene so you are the closest of a comparison I have. Many thanks!

  16. ?Buginese?! Are youre parents from Makassar?
    Im half Makassaran and Half Dutch.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.✌?

  17. ashsqx324 says:

    bengali??? wow!!! :)))

  18. T Theories says:

    Omg Shouts out to China for breaking it down into tribes!

    This is awesome! Happy for you!

  19. ThatsoLin says:

    You look like my younger brother. Thanks for sharing.

  20. rafa_vela5 says:

    Nce results! You should try uploading to Gencove.com

  21. Ito Roots says:

    Great video with great research..

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