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What Genes Did You Get from Mom & Dad?

What Genes Did You Get from Mom & Dad?

You share 50% DNA with your parents and siblings, but what does that look like on a chromosome level? And just how identical are twins at the DNA level? Let’s take a look.

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5 thoughts on “What Genes Did You Get from Mom & Dad?

  1. I’m an identical twin, but my other twin has none of the other brain disorders I have..

  2. Niti Shahi says:

    How about if it were a child of incest.How would the matching be?

  3. SORRY., but blah blah blah blah.

  4. My parents had seven kids…two girls, the first being me, then five boys. None of us look much alike. What is the chance that in a large family every piece of the couple's dna ends up in at least one of their offspring?

  5. Could you explain this?: on 23andMe in DNA relatives, it says that this middle aged woman is my 1st cousin (same in AncestryDNA), & this this lady is my dad's half sister. Doesn't make any sense because my dad doesn't have any half siblings. I know you can inherit DNA more from one side than the other but it can't be that this lady is so much related that by DNA she can pass as my dad's half sister and my first cousin.

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