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What I Ate Today (vegan)

What I Ate Today (vegan)

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sad and boujee – elijah who
hello – elijah who

Filmed on Canon T6i
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

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20 thoughts on “What I Ate Today (vegan)

  1. what is that coffee drink pls?

  2. Omg I didn’t see this yesterday…had to watch one of my fave vegan youtubers first thing today!!

  3. plush furr says:

    U remind me so much uv "cheap lazy vegan". I use to always get u both mixed up. U favor so much

  4. Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymn. Now I’m hungry. ?

  5. south african roiibos is the besttttt

  6. Dessert for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! Haha I always get mad inspiration from your food. Those noodles looked absolutely fantastic too!

  7. Love your tee-shirt ♡

  8. Veggiekins says:

    The sound you made when u ate the bread, cutest chica, love u!!

  9. Dem cookie dough balls!!!! Great WIAT ❤️

  10. That drink looked so comforting ?

  11. That stir-fry looked delicious!

  12. Gina D says:

    Do you normally eat just two meals in a day?

  13. how long do u typical workout a day / week?

  14. Yess for snacking rounds!

  15. Yesss so glad you finally uploaded!!! But as much time as you need ! Good luck with your exams and studying

  16. Lola P says:

    Yum everything looks great!

  17. Eating chocolate causes acne?

  18. Yay for the dessert?

  19. Aleks says:

    Im shook I found out lately that electric kettles are not a standard thing in the US! I would be too lazy to make myself a tea lol

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