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When You Find Out You’re NOT Mexican

When You Find Out You’re NOT Mexican

DNA testing to find out your origins is all the rage, but what if your test results came back to reveal you’re family is not actually Mexican but PUERTO RICAN?!

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49 thoughts on “When You Find Out You’re NOT Mexican

  1. Does she not know what platanos and cono mean ?

  2. i was adopted by black people, and was told my real parents were mexican my whole life. Just took ancestory.com and looks like im puerto rican. great vid

  3. Koriana says:

    People from Puerto Rico originated from Mexican people..as far as I know..

  4. ALEX Lopez says:

    That food is Mexican by the ways

  5. Cory Soto says:

    your friend is hot and what the 40 percant

  6. Cory Soto says:

    your friend is hot and what the 40 percant

  7. Cory Soto says:

    i want take one of those

  8. I thought the slang was like a Hispanic thing

  9. Dijo mi hermano que te va a pegar en la cola hasta que este roja

  10. gcn 511 says:

    Just fuck every dude in the club and your ready

  11. Be Happy Who you are??? I’m Dominican And I Came to The USA when my was 6 ????????‍♀️ I Barely Knew English I was the Only One In the School That Can’t speak English for shit?But I love My country

  12. Lol this makes no sense because Puerto Rican and Mexican aren't even a race there nationalities which means people from other countries make up the population of Mexico and Puerto Rico and they have european ancestry mixed with native American and Puerto Ricans have native American european and African ancestry so if she was Mexican or Puerto Rican it wouldn't show on the ancestry . Com thing BECUZ ITS NOT A RACE

  13. Just join the baseball team XD ?? and im Puerto Rican.

  14. I'm English and Spanish I'm Mexican Spanish

  15. I’m Miami born (to Peruvian parents but their skin is white) and raised in Peru ❤️❤️ #latinosunite #latinandamerican

  16. G _loca says:

    Yes the salsa thing is true iven little kids know salsa ??

  17. Weird girl says:

    I’m just super curious. What does coño mean.

  18. Cono is a very important word

  19. This shits cringe, dislike

  20. joe moreno says:

    con rason me dieron ganas de darle un chingadaso en cuanto la mire.

  21. ,stop making fun of Puerto Ricans it will make fun of you you don't like it

  22. Luis Teran says:

    Been Mexican is way better

  23. OC says:

    So relatable… huh? My parents pretended to be Mexican as well, obviously.

  24. Dashie 896 says:

    When you find out you are german

  25. Fernanda M says:

    I’m half Mexican from my mom and half Puerto Rican from my dad

  26. liz510529 says:

    Mexican? ? de onde ??. Ni de aqui ni alla. Just stop lady

  27. we keep breeding is Latinos thing jajaja weepa we own the breeding ground and the blood arenas Iberian Celts ?????

  28. Yo soy Boricua pa’que lo sepa????????????????????

  29. That's not how DNA tests work lol, they're not gonna show that you're from Puerto Rico. They'll show other countries/regions such as Iberian Peninsula, Sub Saharan Africa, etc

  30. I love being Puerto Rican ??

  31. scRUAM says:

    Puerto Rico is a country? If she’s not from Puerto Rico she isn’t Puerto Rican. DNA tests tell you ethnicity not country

  32. Jeez, people get butthurt over anything. I'm Puerto Rican and I didn't find this offensive.

  33. Are you actually puerto Rican because my whole entire family is from Puerto Rico

  34. Lol bochinche is used by Dominicans too!! Lol lots of love funny vid!!!!???

  35. She looks PRican or cuban

  36. I couldn't see really any Mexican features I was assuming at first she had to be Puerto Rican, Dominican or Cuban cuz she got the nigga features unless she really Mexican with some African blood…"I know ah nigga when I see a nigga, even a blind nigga know a nigga"

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