Home DNA AncestorWhere did Senegal come from for my daughter’s DNA results?
Where did Senegal come from for my daughter’s DNA results?

Where did Senegal come from for my daughter’s DNA results?

Sharing my DNA results and comparing with my brother’s DNA results…mystery with my daughter’s results…why does it show Senegal and not Nigeria?


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  1. Rob Hill says:

    Looks like a Wolof in the proverbial wood pile.

  2. Nini Prom says:

    Now let’s start testing the KKK/ All the hate groups’ to see how many percent of AFRICA is in there DNA ????? #Senegambia

  3. IDK? That's odd, if your brother isn't your daughters father then maybe the science is wrong? Doesn't some genes skip generations? Your mother or father probably had a percentage of Senegal & Nigeria blood in them and you got a percentage of the Nigerian DNA and your brother got the Senegal and maybe through your mother or your father (which ever one carried the Senegal marker) is where your daughter gets the Senegal DNA from that skipped you? IDK? Genetics is crazy like thar. But thais my Theory….You need to talk to a geneticist

  4. Lol you killed my suspicion lol but no o think you inherited one and your brother another. Then it mixed up with kids.

  5. Trish Gibo says:

    Probably a recessive or dormant gene, hope that helps.

  6. tom banks says:

    because eveyone's dna is different specific to them you could be native aswell but only showed up in one o f your grandparents someone was african 2 % about a 3rd great grand parent that would have been western african very common for americans

  7. kdixie67 says:

    You can look at DNA like a deck of cards. You have one deck of cards and your wife has another deck of cards. Shuffle each deck of cards. When you have a child you give half your deck of cards to the child and your wife is half a deck of cards to a child. Each time of you have a child you Shuffle the deck of cards and you repeat the game. each child ends up with the same number of cards. They will have some cards in common but not all. Some children may end up with perfectly unique cards which are created by random mutations. But mostly the cards will be similar to the cards and either Mom or Dad's deck. No child will have identical cards to Mom or Dad. They will have some random combination of mom or dad.

  8. It's from your parents, if you and your brother have the same mom and dad…

  9. Slaves came from west Africa. As we all know slave owners had children with their slaves. That's where it comes from. There were many that could pass for white, so they would choose to pass as white to have a better life. That also meant they could never acknowledge there family anymore once they made that decision.

  10. Your surname is Farnham and comes from England. Would you know if by any chance you were related to the Australian singer (who was born in England) named John Farnham? He used to be a member of the Little River Band back in the 1970s. I think he was with the LRB. He has been a well known and popular singer down under from the 1980s. Especially after his famous album Whispering Jack was released in the 1980s. I'm just curious!!

  11. i think they say about those dna tests they aren't the b all end all just a guide ppl moved around i think now if u end up w/results that u really dont want then don't take these tests in the 1st place u should try the others 2 compare they might not show any background that u didnt think u had

  12. The analysis is a generalization from a sample of your DNA. So probably your Nigerian % is an over-generalization and the Senegal was missed. They are both Sub-Saharan and W. African, so there is probably a lot of overlap anyway.

  13. Your DNA does not come in whole from just your parents. If it is somewhere in your family they can pull from it. Like Grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents.




  17. This video was so informative. Thank you!

  18. maury voice your brother is the father

  19. Like whites use to say 1% makes u black

  20. There are some children that don't look their parents but look like their grandparents, uncles or aunties. I think that's how she inherited it from brother because of your parents. My sister's first daughter looks like me but i didn't give birth to her. She my copy.

  21. There are DNA tests that can tell what African tribe someone is from. Perhaps the Senegal/Nigeria confusion is that the DNA sample is connected to one country, but not accounting tribal migration.

  22. What it's like these senegalese fucked the all world .

  23. he looks so disappointed he has black blood in him!!!!

  24. cool your license plate should say I'm Senegal!!!!

  25. this guy looks albino African!!! I can see the African in this man!!!!

  26. wilb6657 says:

    If this dude is in anyway part Italian, or any other type of Mediterranean-I might be able to explain his Senegalese side. One of the Moorish dynasties which conquered parts of Italy and Spain originated in Senegal. This dynasty brought many Senegalese warriors into parts of Southern Europe-where they settled and possibly had kids with the local population.

    This Senegalese, Moorish invasion is believed to be the reason….that Sicilian Americans have the highest incidence of Sickle Cell Anemia in New York city-aside from African Americans.

  27. emanxavier says:


  28. could be a recessive gene either from you or your wife family side

  29. The DNA skipped a generation and she took it from the grandparent that your brother received it from.

  30. LMAO! "Before you get any ideas…."

  31. Funn Chip says:

    Child swap mix up in hospitals?or maybe different genes from past ancestors pops up,idk,I'm blonde hair blue eyes,my brother hassle light brown hair,mom blonde hair blue eyes,father dark brown eyes black hair?idk I have low blood pressure and cholesterol level,and brother father mother high.idk

  32. Monarnyc R says:

    Imagine two bottles of Skittles one for your mother one for your father. You throw most of the Skittles on the ground but leave some in the bottle. That is your dna from your Dad. Put the Skittles back into the bottle. Throw them out again those Skittles are your brothers. What is thrown out is a little different from your brother because each Skittle color represents dna. That is why your daughter has some dna the same as your brother.

  33. junofluke says:

    "White" people have to face reality. Many have African DNA. Now what?

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