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Who Am I? Part 5

Who Am I? Part 5


Who Am I? In Part 5 we continue exploring and examining the ancient American civilizations as we analyze the Valdivia, Chorrera, Tumaco and Tolita Civilizations and Cultures, and we dig deeper into the history of the Mayans and Aztecs of Tenochtitlan, Mexico; known to the ancients as Memphis, or Old Egypt. This presentation will challenge the status quo and what we are told to believe, and it will be a shock to many to learn that the Old Testaments are the Histories of what we know as the Americas today…One of the Greatest Deceptions of all time.

We examine the devastating impact that the conquests of the Mongols and Indo-Europeans have rendered on the People and the Lands of the Americas; Pointing out the Fact that Before the Conquests and Usurps of the Eurasians, Pale or so-called White Skin was an Anomaly in the Americas. Further exemplifying how we have been so conditioned to accept the construct of the racial layouts of populations for the continents and different regions across the Earth. Embedding a false belief that many of these populations are native or indigenous to many of these locations; without the mention of usurps, migrations, displacements and the relocation of entire populations through conquests. But, when you research and find out that the oldest people and things are what is called Negro, then it all begins to make sense. The illusion of Out of Africa is crushed with the TRUTH that the Ancient Aboriginal People of Asia predated a thought of an Egyptian Dynasty by at least 12,000 years.

The many depictions and illustrations of the People who made up over 500 Nations in the Americas in comparison with so-called African Americans today, the TRUTH is undeniable! We have scientists confirming that the oldest skulls ever found in America are Negro. These skulls are 9 to 12 thousand years old, which says without saying that so-called Negro civilizations have been in the Americas since antiquity.

Scientist have even announced that the oldest “Y Chromosome” which is said to be the Father Gene of all men is 338,000 years old and it was discovered in the DNA of an American, who was formerly classified as a Negro. This predates their Theories of a Bering Strait Crossing and their Theory of Evolution by at least 325,000 years.

Within the past 2,000 years the lands that were once originally populated by dark skinned people are now inhabited and controlled by pale skinned people of Scythian, Tartary, Turkish, Mongol ancestry. We’ve been lied to, tricked and manipulated since the Mongol’s conquest of Central and South America in the 13th Century, and then Columbus’s invasion in 1492. This was the beginning of a trans-Atlantic slave trade when Columbus and his men kidnapped, enslaved and took thousands of Americans to Spain. Not to mention the many other accounts of Americans living in the east coastal territories being kidnapped by sea merchants and sold into slavery in Europe and Africa throughout the 1500’s.

Less we forget the Dutch West India Company and their total monopoly on the capture and trading of American slaves from their settlements and trading posts in New Amsterdam (New York), the Caribbean and New Holland in Brazil in the 1600’s. The ultimate weapon of war and mind control was unleashed on the original Americans that were called the Indios. Christianity was enforced and taught by the colonizers in the Native language of the Algonquin Indians in 1663. Before this there was no such thing as Christianity and there was No Jesus in America. Period.

The Mongol tribes of the Plain States that migrated into North America were not discovered or encountered by the U.S. Military until 1846. This is 16 years After the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears. So, this proves that Mongol tribes or today’s Native Americans weren’t the people that the Indo-Europeans first encountered and they weren’t the Natives that the colonizers were at war with for over two centuries before any Mongol tribes were encountered in the Plain states. Mongol tribes weren’t on the east coast or in the colonial states or the cotton-producing black belt states of the South during slavery. Today’s so-called Native Americans were just discovered less than 20 years before slavery was abolished in America. Look at a U.S. Census from 1790 to 1850. There are No Native Americans or Asians in America accounted for or recorded until 1860. Yet, there were over 750,000 Blacks in 1790 and over 3.5 million in 1850. But Not One so-called Native American or Asian of today. Think about that.


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32 thoughts on “Who Am I? Part 5

  1. The issue is that Jessie Jackson created the term African American ?

  2. So how is it that Copper Colored people are considered the biggest threat to this country when we have seen all diff shades of melinated people get hated on, discriminated against and even killed? What am i missing here? And if they know we are aboriginals why arent we getting reparations? Another thing, it is clear those Indians on the reservation now arent like us. The characteristics are so diff. They dont have the same spirit, energy, they dont invent anything for society, dont entertain, sing, dance, play sports, comedy, etc. Attributes that we are most known for. Yet they get reparations. We are suppose to believe they are the aboriginals. I never saw one of them hanging from a tree. Ijs


  4. Salute. Great. work brother! #TribeUp

  5. The question is how exactly did the pale mutation occur?

  6. But isn’t blue eyes on Aborigines is a mutation? That’s what Eye learned.

  7. Dominique says:

    Cheddar Man's nose looks like some of my relatives which leads me to believe I may have Indo European ancestry as well

  8. Yeah! I See You Good Work!!?Get Em????????✔✔✔✔

  9. Again great work, talent & message
     @ 7.55 Hispanics & Latinos, Native Americans.. census what race are you ? White ..
     This clearly demonstrates indoctrination at junkie level also it highlights that these ignorant people to be kind don't understand or search to understand what, where, who, when, whatever history, culture or basic understanding of conquer & divide.
    To think these absolutely non-white people consider themselves perhaps the credit rating of white in a color/establishment sense. Black, being the lowest denominator a disgrace a calculated defamation that still remains negative & unexposed to the populous deceived junkies participating.

     Hence everything is a deceit from the curriculum to church to the world history of the planet.
    Perhaps one should question why, after all, you're the deceived one in a game of hierarchy or peasant, black v white, global supremacy.

     Reparation is what the Caucasian hierarchal infrastructure & supremacy fears.

    Land return & $£, after all the Caucasian, is the greatest invader, genocidal, fratricidal, plagiariser and manipulator of the World,
    changing history & facts in their wake of exploitation.

  10. aborigine ab= not
    means not original
    just say original

  11. Now if I was asked what race I was I would have to tell the truth I had my tribes DNA done and family tree DNA I have every single race on the planet yes you heard me correctly. and if you got your DNA done you would probably be shocked.

  12. I absolutely agree and people need to be aware of who their ancestors are. whenever I post things like this on my page I get my ass jumped from people I didn't even know we're prejudice. We've all been fed Ally let's get over it move on cuz United We Stand and divided we fall. See that's the bottom line that's what the man wants he wants us fighting amongst each other if they can keep us fighting and Prejudice and separated then they have won.. Their illusion will soon disintegrate but we need to be United on this.

  13. Medicine man, since you have an expertise on the biology category of genetics. I wanted to ask on your input on blood type, RH(factor) and also previous input on the Neanderthals,Hominoids, and etc.

    World of mouth of no type of documentation cite, I heard B blood type had something to do with Naga descent myths relating to areas of Abyssinia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia.

    Another thing I heard which sound probable of been fact(again no evidence found yet). The ships with dragon heads(Viking, Chinese, Korean, Mongols and etc). Are they related by any chance in your source of knowledge?

    I was on the bat of using email but I dunno if that or you tube message system was a reliable way of reaching you.

    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing more about the African subterranean pale skin monsters. The deeper I go into that subject I meet up with "Damntio memoriae"(destroying all traces of documented evidence) just like Dark Ages of 476-983 AD.

  14. DarkHawk24 says:

    Thank you so much. Subbed

  15. mark small says:

    Black's want to be native to this land so bad Y'all can't sleep at night, pseudoscience is not evidence and day's of guessing is over thanks to DNA……

  16. This religion stuff ehh especially the people who follow it because Eye don’t need a bible to tell me how to live.

  17. Human race, what nationality are you. ?

  18. Sweet Life says:

    I don't remember which video it was I was watching and we discussed Peleg meaning water and I promised Id find what Yucatan means. It means richness.

    I find it interesting that camels were said to gone extinct 10,000 years ago in America and that is also the time it was said that Africa was underwater and then repopulated by America. Just a wild thought but what if the species was on a decline and the remainder of the species was relocated to Africa?

  19. Oh my God….So it is true, look at those PHOTOS!!! I have just been listening to a researcher called Dane Calloway….Find him on You Tube and listen to what he's found out/put together about the true descendants of the Americas. Unbelievable!

  20. ORiGIN 1 says:

    Medicine Man excellent work as always!! Haya Haya

  21. The more the TRUTH surfaces- it becomes obvious why the Copper Colored Aborigine is the most feared and hated globally unless we're Bouncing a ball, dancing, or singing. The fear of this awakening is the GREAT secret of all the non- Copper Colored, and those traitors placed around us to keep us confused. Vibration is peaking and it's about knowledge and action. Keep up the great work… Peace and light.

  22. Great research and work. Thank you CCB.

  23. Rising Sun says:

    Undeniably revolutionary!

  24. MrTyrese21 says:

    Wow… another heavy hitter…? excellent video brother… keep up the good work… ???

  25. Zeal 201 says:

    I guess you watch Lex too . Great video keep it up

  26. We wonder why all melinated people around the Earth can't pull their resources together. Most of US…dont know who the hell we are! Nationality and Ethnicity has became a race. They have us all so programmed. Sad.

  27. mrcjaden says:

    Man, No words!! #DaTruth
    ?? (dap) Amazing Research! Medicine Man and Lex Will #DaTruth

  28. Salute Medicine Man – new sub here

    Do you know what the name of the book is towards the end of the vid about how the Aztec 'Negro' Indians were used to build the railroads?

    Great content your channel is awesome

    Peace And Light to you

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