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Why The Golden State Killer Arrest Is Problematic

Why The Golden State Killer Arrest Is Problematic

It’s great that the Golden State Killer is finally facing justice but how he was caught could affect you. Kim Horcher, Hasan Piker, and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join

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Read more here: http://abcnews.go.com/US/privacy-dna-wake-golden-state-killer-suspects-arrest/story?id=54777919

“A third-party genealogy database was a critical resource for the arrest in a cold case that stumped California law enforcement for decades.

But the use of family members’ DNA without their consent to find the “Golden State Killer” has highlighted potential privacy concerns involved with genealogy databases and DNA testing.

Those who participate in DNA testing websites “are doing it for the purposes of genealogy, family history and in some cases finding their biological family,” CeCe Moore, an independent genetic genealogist, told ABC News.”

Hosts: Kim Horcher, Hasan Piker, Mark Thompson

Cast: Kim Horcher, Hasan Piker, Mark Thompson


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34 thoughts on “Why The Golden State Killer Arrest Is Problematic

  1. GED match did nothing to identify the killer. Police work did. They identified distant relatives.

  2. Young jerks. Mouthpiece for taking away our rights.

  3. What's wrong with your voice?

  4. People's "rights".. if this helps stop serial killers exponentially quicker, then DO IT !!! If you place rights above lives, there's something very wrong with you.. and perhaps you have something to hide.

  5. I feel like she is on the verge of having a panic attack. I get that sometimes. Feel like ur suffocating while talking.

  6. Re the "partial" DNA match issue- there's actually a 100% DNA match linking Deangelo to several murders, so if he pleads not guilty the trial is gonna be a mere formality. But it wasn't a "partial" DNA match that made Deangelo the prime suspect for the EARONS/GSK crimes

  7. There's "progressive" & then there's "bleeding heart living in an ivory tower in lala land progressives who give other progressives a bad name". Jay Stanley of the ACLU clearly falls into the latter category…

  8. You did know the police didn't put in his DNA someone that was a relative did it for them.

  9. Me Myself says:

    You raped 50 people? Men women and children?

  10. Lucy Ross says:

    We should have DNA taken at birth, let it be our SIN#

  11. Lucy Ross says:

    We should have DNA taken at birth, let it be our SIN#

  12. crimony says:

    GSK is Zodiac. DeAngelo was a cop during the Zodiac years and had access to information about the Zodiac investigation.

  13. yeah… we wouldn't want to mess with a serial killers rights now ..

  14. Can you imagine how these same buffoons would be screaming bloody murder if they found out later that the cops could have done this but didn't? It's like the left thinks that all of society should benefit from advances in technology and data sharing, except the cops… they should just be using typewriters and rotary dial phones.

  15. CJ JACKSON says:

    Do you guys only employ morons these days? At least Anna Kasparian bothers to learn about something before she misunderstand it.

  16. You mean if I upload my DNA to a public geneology search website its not private anymore? OH MY!

  17. He needs mask to enhance the trial

  18. Why not just take DNA sample at birth for everyone then criminals/suspects could be caught much earlier.

  19. Must of been some awkward rapes considering his pinky finger penis.

  20. ken doe says:

    they should let him live the rest of his days in a retirement community

  21. ihartevil says:

    ana talked about this before and i am surprised they arent already hacking into these sites and that this isnt happening more

    thx for this ha bisky vid i know that they need a warrant and it should stay that way forever

    i wont ever use a place like that and i know my DNA is very unique

  22. jo douglas says:

    This women looks like she hasn't showered in months. sickening

  23. John Bo says:

    I wanna know what happened to his roast in the oven??

  24. D: says:

    Your DNA gets EVERYWHERE! It even survives the washing machine.

  25. Boy this female host looks like she's having a tough time lol

  26. Throw him in general population!

  27. figures you communists, would find a way,to whine about something,

  28. firstube says:

    Get a clue. They don't guarantee privacy, idiot. Libs are so dumb

  29. don't upload your data if you want to remain anonymous. it's that simple.

  30. non-genealogical, not non-geological.

  31. but he "looks" like he has dementia…..so he really doesn't have a clue what's going on

  32. This women reminds me of the c grade students in my public speaking class
    P.s. Stop using the word "problematic" thanks

  33. Who's this new kim girl?? Wheres anna?

  34. I get that "GED Match" is a public DNA database quite different from 23 And Me for example. What's unclear to me w/o registering w/them is does GED Match do the DNA analysis themselves? Is it kinda like 23 And Me except, "we'll sequence all your 3 Billion base pairs at no charge, the only catch is anyone can search your entire genome, warrant optional?

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