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“Why WikiTree?”

“Why WikiTree?”

Listen as WikiTreer-in-Chief Chris Whitten, Forest Elf Eowyn Langholf and Greeter-Mentor Leader Mags Gaulden chat about why they choose WikiTree.

Join them at http://www.wikitree.com


12 thoughts on ““Why WikiTree?”

  1. Bamaboompa says:

    I'd love to know "Why Wikitree". I'm MORE than a little upset. To say the least it discourages newb from learning how to use it. The videos are awful at best and to figure your way around the help part of the website is most discouraging. I started working on my tree using Familysearch and easily inputting information from relatives who've been doing offline genealogy for decades. Then "a cousin" who I don't know suggested Wikitree because it was more accurate and more "tamper proof" than FS. Did a HUGE amount of work preparing a GEDCOM to import my work into Wikitree.
    Not so fast buster! We don't trust you! We want you to go back and re-key every stroke you've made over the last year and YOU BETTER NOT MAKE A MISTAKE!
    Results of the laborious GEDCOMpare was that I helped several members clear up their mistakes, but I still have to re-key every entry. Been asking for explanation for over 2 months. All I get is kumbaya.
    Am I wrong? If so, how about a clear video of how Chris wants to get new members to input the information they have accumulated?

  2. Very good video to communicate why this fresh initiative is so great. WikiTree belongs to the future og genealogy on the Internet…

  3. I <3 WikiTree I am just now discovering this phenomenal web site. I want a shirt like Chris has!

  4. I received an email about WikiTree from Mike and started to fill In my profile info. I'm a little unclear on how private my info is, and how to use WikiTree. Can anyone help get me started? Bill McGovern

  5. Is there any chance you might offer the ability to download a GEDCOM? I know some Wikitree users who are interested in developing their own website using GedSite (John Cardinal's program), for example.

  6. I want to thank you all so much for all your work on wikiTree and a great video.

  7. cylde731 says:

    it is not free i can let you no that

  8. 1:46 It's an incredible Alien Masonry act to create a world family tree 🙂

  9. incredibly eleemosynary….

  10. buzzbbird says:

    Why WikiTree?
    Because you are a freaking Mormon!
    The mormon 'church' has decided to baptize 100% of humanity, vicariouly and they have decided to build a family tree as much as possible, for 100% of the human race.

    You, however do not want people to know this, o you hide that little fact

  11. Thanks! I enjoyed the video. It gave me a bit of a new appreciation and understanding of the Tree family. Nice to be able to put faces on the people who do so much hard work for others and a great reason. jt

  12. Chris, what you've done with WikiTree is simply amazing! What a fantastic resource. And btw, how often do people tell you you look just like your uncle?!

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