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45 thoughts on “You May Never Forgive Me For This…

  1. ctse26 says:

    Hey it's Dark Seid Phil's Mic 😀

  2. Isn't there some kind of Canadian law that prevents employers from forcing their workers to sing karaoke?

  3. So lew can fucking beat box too?

  4. Damn he does the voice of the angel

  5. The Rift says:

    Tom is all like " Why Are We Here? Just To Suffer "

  6. I have never seen he beatbox?

  7. You’re worse than a drunk businessman from Hong Kong!!

  8. Can you use it for what microphones are used for, like recording regular audio?

  9. Don't give up your day job or any job you won't make it as a singer

  10. I know this is a year-old video, but seeing a lot of "Song during beatbox part?"..

    [please correct me if I'm wrong, would love to know if there's an other like lowbeat-hiphop-instrumental song that sounds like his impression!!]
    Check out 'Wu-Tang Clan – Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit'. You may think it's 'Carlos Santana – Maria', but the ending part of his beatbox "session" gave it away (or that's the original at least and knowing Lew's choice of music..). I love these videos with music sections.. The newer ones with for example 'Vic Grimes' and such.. Lew.. You are an awesome guy with great taste in music!

  11. Aaron Lowe says:

    These people have social awkwardness written into their employment contract :p

  12. Sara Ariel says:

    I love your videos, I watch them everyday and I subbed and turned on notifications

  13. Sara Ariel says:

    I love your videos, I watch them everyday and I subbed and turned on notifications

  14. Never again Lou….

  15. unbox. don’t sing. don’t.

  16. thats pretty cool but not the Gold colour

  17. thanks bro, been through a lot of depression and found your channel, it's really a good therapy whatching you.

  18. Wow, super impressed with the beatboxing! Great video, as always! 🙂

  19. Bobby G. says:

    Why is he allowed to play music and other YouTubers can’t?

  20. Hey man, enough of this suppressed mood thumbnail.

  21. You should try and review stuff from the CD-R King brand.

  22. my gosh you have nice voice

  23. frank Mo says:

    Microphone is dope….????✔

  24. My brand new experience with "creep" ?

  25. You had a chance to say karaGOke and you missed it

  26. Ahmed Ali says:

    Can you please tell me where to buy it

  27. When you started singing song I decreased sound up to 2

  28. Patrick says:

    The Viet Nam was so funny ? because im writing a book on it lmao

  29. My speakers acting weird after this…what to do?

  30. the last 30 seconds killed me…omg

  31. Janjan says:

    Is he like the only one with personality at the office?

  32. My favorite unboxing therapy yet lol! Dude you seriously sing. Tom, leave nam in nam. Come back to us man.

  33. Damn! Vietnam hit him hard as fuck!

  34. Gage Jakl says:

    My ears are bleeding

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