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You Received Your Results. Now What? (Part Two) | AncestryDNA

You Received Your Results. Now What? (Part Two) | AncestryDNA

You took an AncestryDNA test. You waited the 6-8 weeks for your results. Now they are in. But, what does it all mean? Join Crista Cowan as she walks you through a detailed explanation of your AncestryDNA results – what does it all mean and what to do next.


27 thoughts on “You Received Your Results. Now What? (Part Two) | AncestryDNA

  1. Janey Ann says:

    Are you saying that 3rd cousin matches share great, great grandparents?  And that 90% these can be found by the Ancestry DNA test?

  2. I didn't really have a very high range in any of my estimates. I got a little bit of a lot of ethnicities lol. I expected to have at least one solid ethnicity though. Is my DNA just too mixed or does that mean I could have had a bad sample.

  3. What does once removed mean?

  4. I already have 1 family tree, can I make that one public for matches, or do I have to make a separate tree?

  5. Pat Rogers says:

    We are awaiting our results. Now do we have to pay more and join Ancestry.com to gill out a family tree, or is that part of the results we will get?

  6. L.R. Marsh says:

    My sister had her DNA tested thru Ancestry.com about 7 years ago. The results were not as specific as the testing now. The old report only gives a haplogroup. Have/are those old test results been added to the data base? And to get the better results offered today, does she need to retest? I recently ordered my DNA test and it should arrive soon.

  7. So do I only get results from the this section of they have done the test themselves?

  8. I just sent for mine. I'm excited but also apprehensive. What happens if there are no matches? I have only been on ancestry for 9 months or so. I haven't seen one family member that has the DNA match symbol in their tree. As most people I think I know my heritage but… Finding lost family is more why I am taking the test.

  9. Tank says:

    Why do I have more great Britain than both of my parents?

  10. How do I start a "Public Family Tree"?

  11. I don't see the 'i' on my match list. I do have the question mark. Does it matter how recently you took the test? I did it maybe 2 years ago.

  12. Lee Power says:

    Great info…. easy to understand.

  13. I have a situation where I share ONE grandparent with someone who popped up as a match on Ancestry. What happened was that her grandfather's wife died leaving behind seven children. Her grandfather then married MY grandmother and they produced three MORE children including my mother, so we, therefore, share a grandfather. Ancestry couldn't decide whether we were first or second cousins, but went with the latter. Does anyone know the term to describe the relationship I have with the lady I matched with? I don't think you could describe us as first cousins and we're not really second cousins, either! :-/

  14. Oh my gosh, all this knowledge is making me excited and impatient. I want to receive my DNA results already?

  15. My question is that I have 3 leafs, 2 of which I can see the connections (the third is locked and he hasn't responded to my message yet, after several weeks), but after seeing the conncections, two of the 3 still show as 5th to 8th cousins, but one is a 1st cousin twice removed, and the other is a sister! (what a surprise!)

  16. Will it do any good to have both parents tested if you're from the South and your parents are like 5th or 6th cousins LOL?

  17. Oh Brother says:

    I did my uncle's. It may be right but I will do another company for him. A lot of people have problems with Ancestry. I think they're quick to put up 26% Native American DNA if they see any. My uncle is probably more. People are getting a lot of "Surprising" results from Ancestry.

  18. Pam Staley says:

    Where are these 'categories' located? I can't find that. I've got my mom & dad on my page – but it only starts with cousins – there is no child/parent etc…

  19. Can Ancestry set up our matches according to which line they belong to. Maternal or Paternal. We would do the work once we know what line the person is on. We could move it over to the list of matches for mother or the list for father.

  20. one my second cousin's has less centimorgans with me than a 3rd and 4th cousin that we share.

  21. Obligatory post about how AncestryDNA needs a chromosome browser. Please!

  22. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me understand why I have over 2,000 4th cousins or closer and my mother has only 40 4th cousins or closer. I share 3,432 cm over 77 segments with my mother. I am 40% Polynesia, 31% Ireland, 13% Great Britain. My mother is 82% Great Britain, 12% Ireland. I am from New Zealand and am of Maori decent. Thanks.

  23. It's weird that your paternal grandmother shares that amount of DNA with you. My maternal grandfather shares 1,866 cM of DNA across 53 DNA segments, that's quite a lot more… O_o

  24. How Come I don't have any Native American?

  25. My dad was adopted and I am trying to build his side of the family tree. My brother and I have been tested. I ordered tests for my two half sisters. What's the best way to get all of the DNA tests on one tree?

  26. PriestJade says:

    so my dad had a half brother they had same mother but different fathers and me and him took DNA test and call him a first cousin not my uncle is this correct?

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