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You’ve Received Your Results. Now what? | AncestryDNA

You’ve Received Your Results. Now what? | AncestryDNA

Join Crista Cowan as she walks you through a details explanation of the new AncestryDNA product, and also what to do once you do get your results. Then watch the next video in the series: AncestryDNA: What To Do With All Those Matches (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv3_JCWUF-s)


42 thoughts on “You’ve Received Your Results. Now what? | AncestryDNA

  1. I understand first cousins, second cousins etc. What are once-removed cousins?

  2. Crista,

    First, I appreciate your desire to make us all experts by following your "training"!

    Next, I am blown away by your personal findings! It makes me more confident in my own research to know that even someone as experienced as you has brick walls and major discoveries. If you can overcome these using the same technology available to everyone, then their is lots of hope for the rest of us!!! LoL!

  3. I am waiting for my results and have considered that I will be the ONLY person with that DNA because I am the Only child of that couple. Thats unique isnt it. They each had children with other partners too.

  4. This has been a fantastic adventure. I tracked down my 9th great grandfather and found that his house is preserved and open to the public. I visited the house and showed them my ancestry.com stuff and they gave me a private tour and access to old family documents that I handled with white gloves. I found that my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and were buried in a family graveyard behind his house. There were colonial era re-enactors there giving demonstrations on my 9th great grandfather's land. It was a great day. Later on I searched the internet and found two colorful stories of my ancestors fighting at two nearby battles. Studying your Geneology is like reading a mystery novel that never ends, just more and more chapters.

  5. I Aunderstand the breakdown of the DNA.  My brother is dark like my father, while I am whiter like my mother( German, Scot-Irish). My dad was born in Suffer, Rockland Co., NY.I have researched our history.  Do not find any Native American.  Dad claimed he was 1/4.which leaves us children in the 1/8 or 1/16%. can you help me.?  Marjorie Ruth Knapp. 34mrknapp@att.net

  6. So is it possible that you could have only 3 grandparents DNA show up on your DNA?

  7. What do you do when you get back your results and you find out that your father is not your father?

  8. Very helpful. Probably needs to be re-done as this vid is a little blurry & the screens look a little different now. Love the fruit analogy! Thank you, Crista!

  9. If a parent has more than one type of DNA, is it possible to inherit 100% of your 50% DNA from just one kind of DNA? In other words, if Mama is half English, one fourth German, and one fourth Indian, is it possible to inherit your 50% from only the Indian DNA?

  10. donaches says:

    I love your presentation!! I really enjoyed the part about the DNA that is inherited from parents.

  11. Christa, what do you mean by if you go into a tree search with a match of yours and you find no surname match " someone has put in the wrong family information?" How can that be if your DNA has been matched? I've finally received my results and am already confused by that statement.

    2nd question, please. My daughter bought the kit for me. Again, I'm confused as to which DNA test she purchased and how my spit was analyzed in that I know my mom's side as she raised me, but our biggest mystery was that of my biological father as 'unknown'. How will I know that I received a test procedure that goes beyond just my maternal DNA?? I'll be so bummed if I'm only looking at my mom's lineage. Help, please?

  12. Hi..
    What is the important the antiparalle DNA?

  13. Thank you for such a detailed walkthrough. I'm waiting on my results and am very excited and keen to get started with this. I now feel much better prepared to do so.

  14. I began watching this but the picture quality is so blurred. Your explanations are good, but I'm a visual person. Is there a better version of this somewhere else? Thank you!

  15. Hi Crista, my question is: at 17:29 minutes in this video you show your tree, which looks like a different website. Your tree is on a white screen. Would you tell me where you recorded your tree there, or tell me your recommended place to record your information like that. I like how your information is recorded there. Hope you can understand my question.

  16. rottiefan says:

    I have a question about something that you didn't talk about in this video. How reliable are the low confidence regions when it says that you are less than one percent of some type of ethnicity?

  17. Very confusing for me to understand this. I have cousin 2nd or 3rd cousin which it's 218 cm shared across 13 DNA segments. Which one related to? sigh

  18. what if you mom is dead and do not know much about you father on a little can you still do a family tree

  19. Will I be able to figure out if I have gotten some of my family tree history wrong from the test and matching? There is at least 1 member in my tree I haven't been able to 'verify' and wonder if this might help me to either include or exclude him. I'm still waiting on my DNA results and just interested.

  20. frost1977 says:

    is there an updated video for 2017? cause I think the test results screen has changed a lot.  and like the expanded ethnicity page?also I know for a fact that my great grand fathers mother was a Cherokee Indian but on the main section of the test I get a zero

  21. Crista Cowen is a terrific, concise presenter.

  22. how can i combine my cousins tree with mine as we share many relatives

  23. why is it that some people will get their results and say that its bogus. I am assuming that is pure ignorance. This is scientific evidence of your genetic makeup and if you are going to deny it, then you might as well just saved your money.. Isn't that right. Some people just want afirmations of what mom told them. Sometimes what mom told them is a crock.

  24. sig415 says:

    How come my ethnicity estimate page does not go into as much detail as other pages I have seen online? Is there a way to determine what countries I am from, rather than just regions?

  25. Sent my DNA in back in June but never received my results. Who do I get in touch with to find my results?

  26. URO RN says:

    What does ancestry dna do with peoples DNA after results have been received?

  27. Watch at 1.25 speed to quickly absorb interesting info. Sounds like I will need to upgrade to International Ancestry.com. Thank you!

  28. When my DNA results indicate my ethnicity estimate, what time period are the estimates based on? Above 'Ethnicity Estimates', it says 'Thousands of years ago', which is not very definitive and seems impractical?

  29. I loved the fruit salad analogy! so true

  30. My daughter took it and her results came back 44 % Native American so how do we find out what tribe of native American she carries?

  31. Good video but the low resolution video makes my brain hurt. Please post in HD

  32. Jan Evans says:

    Hello Crista, I got my DNA done for my father's side a few years ago. But I have lost whatever info I received. My number is T784554. Where can I go from here. The Matches that Ancestry told me about mean nothing, and don't ring any bells.
    Jan Moon

  33. How do you trace people from 5-6 generations back when you have no DNA from them?

  34. Where can I find that generation chart you made. It would handy to have at my finger tips.

  35. Crista! I'm having a bit of a hard time with my DNA, I think my results are significantly skewed! The reason I'm saying this is Mom and Dad are 1st cousins 1X removed. They are no longer living so I had a maternal uncle and paternal aunt done as well. My grandparents are all deceased as well. Knowing that DNA is inherited 50% from mom and 50% from dad, my difficulty is that I'm finding it incredibly difficult to sort out the cousin matches and which side of my tree these cousins belong on! I realize that the DNA test is autosomnal. How can I sort out who is who? Is there a particular person who would be ideal to have tested? I have one paternal uncle left living, and two brothers. If the test is autosomnal, it's giving the whole picture of your DNA across the board, right? I'm also confused about Iberian peninsula. I''m showing 35% for my DNA and my uncle and aunt are both 33%. Another question I have is why does it take so long to get my results back. The last test took about 10 weeks, our Canadian kits go to Ireland apparently. A cousin in the USA says his goes to Utah and his took less than 3 weeks.

  36. My test was received by your company in Jan.2017 and haven't received the results yet. Please contact me asap.

  37. I was researching my father's lineage which resided in the Ontario, Quebec, and Acadia regions from mid 1600s-1890s. I came across Jesuit marriage & baptism records involving my European ancestors with persons that had Christian first names, but METIS as a last name. Metis were half breeds that merged French & First Nation cultures; My question is how accurate are these and how probable does the METIS last name equate to a Native American? These marriages took place in 1600 & 1700s.

  38. What does "scanning DNA matches" accomplish? When I do this, it takes over every tab on my computer. When I leave it overnight, it's still scanning the next day. What's happening here?

  39. These videos need to have a clear date since it changes so over time.

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