Home DNA AncestorAncestry DNA/Ged Match Couples Results – Puerto Rican & Moroccan, 2016.
Ancestry DNA/Ged Match Couples Results – Puerto Rican & Moroccan, 2016.

Ancestry DNA/Ged Match Couples Results – Puerto Rican & Moroccan, 2016.

West Indian husband and North African wife go on the journey to take their DNA test ! Click and watch the video to check out their amazing Ancestry & shocking GedMatch results. Watch till the end! (:


– Karim Lizardi DNA –
European 61%
African 20%
Native American 16%
Middle eastern 2%
Asia Central 1%

– Ruby Lizardi DNA –
European 10%
African 54%
Middle eastern 36%

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32 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA/Ged Match Couples Results – Puerto Rican & Moroccan, 2016.

  1. I don’t know why she’s acting all surprised and disappointed that she’s 36% Middle Eastern. Most of North Africans now a days are mixture of Arab/Berber because of the spread of Islam centuries ago. FYI, North Africans are actually considered Caucasians too, not just Middle Easterners like you said. Look it up. You’re not “African” because Morocco is in Africa, same as Middle Easterners are not “Asian” because they’re in Asia.

  2. ancestry dna??!!!! hahahaha Come on ….it all wrong go use another company like (23andme)

  3. We are not one if you was religious you would know that

  4. French is not Iberian, but there were of course French people went there. But as far as genotype, haplotype etc, it doesn't fall under Iberian. Basque country straddles the border. The Basques are pre-Indo-European (the "natives") people of the continent. The romans kind of left them alone because many were in inaccessible mountains. Others that straddle the border are the Catalan. They are currently going through an independence movement only in Spain. France succeeded in subjugation/appeasing its Basque/Catalan people. But these two groups are like the border that separates Iberia from France

  5. He didnt get his 20 percent african from the iberian peninsula. Iberian people have very little.african if any. I am mostly spain and.portugal decent, my ancestry results were 98 percent european and my african was .3 percent. Not even half a percent. All of.the iberian results I have seen have very nominal if any african. Some have zero. He got the african from horny spaniards having.sex with slaves they brought from africa to puerto rico

  6. Please will you give lessons to everyone on how to do a DNA video! This was excellent! Your results are amazing. You are a great mixture.

  7. North African are not called Moors.they are called Amazigh …and I think it is very stupid for someone who claims to be Moroccan to use the term Moors…Imagine that non-English calling the English some other name then the English started using that name to refer to themselves…you see how stupid it sounds… and the moors is a term used to down-grade the people who ruled over the Iberian peninsula for over 800 years so as Moroccan you should not use it..you might be brown and that because you are not pure so maybe you like the word Moor because you believe you fell in that category but you don't know how the original people looked like over 1300 years ago…I know for a fact people in Morocco known as Jeballa,Rouaffa and people from the souse region are white looking and those people claim to be the original people of Morocco… those who keep writing comments about the meaning of moors , I say get the hell out of here. the term Moor did not exist before the invasion of Spain but Morocco did exist so the word they used to describe the people was probably taken from the name of the country(Morocco) and it was probably used to describe the people not their skin color..plus the Spanish did not speak English..low IQ netizens.

  8. You guys have a beautiful chemistry together lovely to see.xxx

  9. We are amazigh. Not berber. Berber is originally barbaros in greek langauge. Called to all ppl who they we're not greek. Its a racist word too so

  10. racism is a disease and it consumed some people.

  11. Asía is a piece of the Africa puzzle before the formation of the Seven Continents

  12. Caribians are African tribes indigenous who where taken from Our humbled Beginnings in Israel Africa heritage

  13. Indigenous Origen are African descendants from different Regions in the African continent so Tahinos are African

  14. Yes but the taíno you don’t lose it because of the mother taína is the carrier our Taino blood is not lost the taínos many killed them selfs because they didn’t want to be slave the others were killed and your percentage is very high

  15. eso está super Raro Creo Qué Ese Estudio salio mal ese hombre tiene fuertes Razgos africano Y salir con más de Europeo uuummmm algo de Dudas tengo? muestren los resultado,Por favor eso Dato son Dudoso

  16. There is a Big Big difference between Spanish European and English European. So saying "European" is not all "White "

  17. You do know moors means black

  18. Civilization originated in Africa ! There are over 4000 different tribes in Africa scientists have confirmed that , that why Africans don’t look a like. Africans populated the entire Earth no matter what color your complexion is .

  19. Middle East is in Asia west usually people think only Chinese as Asians hahaha

  20. So you're an Israelite. Not European. Whites are at 0 percent population growth so they even include Ethiopians in a Caucasian grouping to increase their numbers. They just allowed Hispanics sometime in the 70's to term themselves white.

  21. "scald"anavia! where its scalding hot!

  22. That's awesome! I'm Puerto Rican and my husband is Moroccan (from Casablanca) – opposite from you both. lol

  23. Ryt5014 says:

    Because the middle Eastern invaded north Africa

  24. lotus 3.0 says:

    Beautiful. Loved your message.

  25. What kind of man forces his wife to dress like that. You are a bitch treat a woman right.

  26. Masha’Allah! You are so proud of your wife AND with good reason! She’s so beautiful. I am Latina (Mexicana) and my fiancé is Moroccan. Definitely gonna show him this. I hope you guys get a chance to go to Morocco if you haven’t done so already. Such a beautiful country. I would love to go to PR. Allah bless your marriage, Ameen.

  27. Your wife is pure bred ARAB Morrocans are Greek and Arabic mixed that lived in the Iberian Peninsula after the white Spanish exiled them. She is Ishmael descent not Isaac(negros) who came from Palestine/Israel. Iberi/Ibri is the true translation of ebrew/hebrew

  28. Iberian Peninsula were where the Morrocans came from after the Exile of 1492 they were black Berber

  29. Morrocans are vagabonds and slave traders

  30. Yall look alike it's obvious you're North African Arabic descent but she looks more Turkish

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