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Ancestry DNA Results | British Raj Secrets: Am I Mixed Race??

Ancestry DNA Results | British Raj Secrets: Am I Mixed Race??

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Sorry, I know the sound is a little rubbish; subtitles *are* available (select English United Kingdom).

Want to skip the background? Go to 3:31 😉 I grew up being told I was 3/4 English, 8th Italian, 16th Portuguese and 16th Welsh, but after years of being asked if I’m Asian/Middle Eastern/Latina/North African/Greek/Turkish/[insert other olive-skinned ethnicity here], I finally took the plunge and ordered a test from AncestryDNA.

My Grandpa grew up in India as a child of an officer in the British Raj, and the family has always had doubts as to whether his mother was really Portuguese. Time to find out!

I later put the raw data into GEDmatch and it’s been showing up a teeny tiny amount of Native American which, as a Brit, is really quite baffling. Guessing just an anomaly!

***MY GRANDPA’S ANCESTRY DNA & DNA LAND (with screenshots of my results too) REACTION VIDEO UPLOADED HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doIcfDSaSAE ***


22 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results | British Raj Secrets: Am I Mixed Race??

  1. I read your DNA test it said 100% Hottie!!

  2. It is always interesting to see videos like this and your ancestry is awesome 🙂

  3. I had you penned as British, Italian, and Indian. Pretty close!

  4. jfsfrnd says:

    Pretty obvious you look Indian from India.

  5. Why did your grandma came out nothing British but you have a significant amount of British?

  6. Rod Ola says:

    all that = 100% cutie

  7. Alix4991 says:

    you look more like pakistani or indian than british

  8. You're very much like a lady from Jammu and Kashmir.( Northernmost part of India

  9. She looks like North Indian or NRI born in colder climate countries, hot regardless

  10. Nim Boo says:

    This girl looks very Brittonic-Anglo-Saxon-Norman more so than her 1/8 Indian.

  11. You look related to Dianna Troi from Star Trek TNG.

  12. Now your DNA is considered open source and will be used in scanning for criminality suspects.

  13. Kate Kaur says:

    Indians are mixed race….

  14. This is great! All the different races makes you beautiful. I was shocked as well when I found out I have Portuguese in me, being Mexican, I was certain it was all Mexican and Spanish, but nope, no Spanish, just Mexican and Portuguese mainly…it was a shocker 🙂

  15. I'm Indian and made a DNA video also, your video was awesome!

  16. You look Pakistani. hahaha

  17. 1rst says:

    "I'm mixed race" I could of told you that flower without a DNA test lol

  18. Jai Jagai says:

    Now you have to learn some Hindi 🙂 You could become a Bollywood actress.

  19. rooster 00 says:

    I enjoy when you transition between reserved englishwoman and excited young lady.

  20. 444suse says:

    One of your great grandparents have been mostly ethnic Finn perhaps during era when Finland was part of Czar's Russian Empire called as Great Duchy of Finland (some century ago). Or Finn who have lived in Sweden or Northern Norway where they were called as Kvens. Or Finn living in USA.

  21. Is that 15% italian or greek??

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