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Comparing AncestryDNA results with GEDMatch results (GED Match vs AncestryDNA vs 23andme)

Comparing AncestryDNA results with GEDMatch results (GED Match vs AncestryDNA vs 23andme)

This video compares my AncestryDNA results with my GEDMatch results. Overall, the results are fairly similar but there are some MAJOR differences; mainly when it comes to my estimated South Asian and/or Middle Eastern ancestry.

Click here to see my original AncestryDNA results video: https://youtu.be/AfWyYgIFihg

Also keep in mind that GED Match offers tons of tests; i’ve only taken 14 tests since some of the tests are clearly designed solely for the use of certain groups. GEDMatch was free to use since those who take AncestryDNA, 23andme and Family Tree DNA tests can upload their raw DNA into the site for free.

AncestryDNA’s website is very attractive and very user-friendly but the website does not give a lot of information. Even though GED Match does not have a very modern or attractive website, there are a lot of ancestry tests and there is a wealth of information including chromosome tests.

***Abbreviations ***
Anatolia- Turkey
ANE- Northern Eurasians
ASI- South Asians
Balochi- South Asians
Beringian- Inuits/Eskimo’s (Bering Strait)
ENF- Ancient European Neolithic Farmers
Near East- Middle East
WHG-UGH- Ancient European Mesolithic Hunter Gatherers


39 thoughts on “Comparing AncestryDNA results with GEDMatch results (GED Match vs AncestryDNA vs 23andme)

  1. I did my prehistoric mitochondrial (MoMS) dna.,which originated
    from east Africa. The test was done by national geographic several years ago.

  2. Persia is Persian its not spelled wrong, beringian is also Canadian native

  3. Midnight says:

    Hey, to be honest I've know two people to take Ancestry DNA and they don't do much of a breakdown. Maybe this is more scientific but at least it's more detailed. Try wegene but use google because it lets you translate it into English and see what you get. Maybe different companies have different ethnic focuses. I know Ancestry doesn't really break down the European if it's from the North and Western parts of Europe and it lumps all those counties from Southern Europe into one group. (I'm sure the Albanian woman was glad to know she was really Italian or Greek) She has other things but I'm sure she would like to have seen Albanian in there somewhere LOL.

  4. Good Vibes says:

    I know you. you're on SSC.

  5. Happy says:

    So is Gedmatch a bunch of random people interpreting your info for free??? You mentioned the "different tests" and people making the tests? Is Gedmatch not really worth it??? Thanks in advance

  6. Technews says:

    The website is nutty. lol

  7. I got a lot of the stuff you got I'm basically from all over Africa but majority West African I have Middle East I have self India I have Native American and I have Europe in a little bit of melanesia

  8. yeah ancestry don't know what they're doing even Somali people don't even get East African or Ethiopian people they always get Southeastern Bantu

  9. For GEDmatch, the related Oracles provide more of a detailed ethnic approximation – I personally find the data from GEDmatch much more useful than the Ancestry extract, which is too generic for me

  10. willie417 says:

    Stop complaning DEDmatch was Free wasn't it? here's what the
    WHG and WHG/ANE: indigenous European hunter-gatherers
    EEF: mixed European/Near Eastern Neolithic farmers
    ANE/WHG: Proto-Indo-European invaders from the Eastern European steppe
    ENA/ANE: early Uralics from the Volga-Ural region
    EEF/WHG/ANE: late Indo-Europeans (ie. Celts, Germanics and Slavs)

    Early European Farmer (EEF):
    apparently this is a hybrid component, the result of mixture between
    "Basal Eurasians" and a WHG-like population possibly from the Balkans.
    It's based on a 7500 year old Linearbandkeramik (LBK) sample from
    Stuttgart, Germany, but today peaks at just over 80% among Sardinians.

    West European Hunter-Gatherer (WHG): this ancestral component is
    based on an 8,000 year old forager from the Loschbour rock shelter in
    Luxembourg, who belonged to Y-chromosome haplogroup I2a1b. However,
    today the WHG component peaks among Estonians and Lithuanians, in the
    East Baltic region, at almost 50%.

    Ancient North Eurasian (ANE): this is the twist in the tale, a
    component based on a 24,000 year old Upper Paleolithic forager from
    South Central Siberia, belonging to Y-DNA R*, and known as Mal'ta boy or
    MA-1. This component was very likely present in Southern Scandinavia
    since at least the Mesolithic, but only seems to have reached Western
    Europe after the Neolithic. At some point it also spread into the
    Americas. In Europe today it peaks among Estonians at just over 18%,
    and, intriguingly, reaches a similar level among Scots. However, numbers
    weren't given in the paper for Finns, Russians and Mordovians, who,
    according to one of the maps, also carry very high ANE, but their
    results are confounded by more recent Siberian (ENA) admixture.

  11. 03daguil says:

    from all the companies family tree dna was the worse, they keep changing the results and every time you call over there they give you a different answer.

  12. you look East African to me for sure!

  13. To get a more meaningful and more accurate results of your ancestry you have to use the correct "calculator" to measure your admixture from Gedmatch. I see a slideshow with "Eurasia K9 ASI" and that is not the calculator you should be using. If you are African with European admixture the best calculator is the "ethio" part. Can't recall the exact name.

  14. Did you use the oracle button? There are breakdowns on the regions

  15. Crimea USA says:

    I would never think blacks did the DNA test. Why? What is not clear?

  16. Crimea USA says:

    Very "classy" – naked on YouTube. Why would you do the test? Black is black- Africa.

  17. If east africa was in your dna…gedmatch says e.african 🙂

    ancestry includes pakistan etc in the asian section 🙂

  18. I agree with you, it's not very user friendly and some of the percentages vary and are vague. However, it is a little more detailed than ancestry. Thank you for making this video and explaining it thoroughly.

  19. gedmatch for me did show that are as Baloch people …as my dad has indian and pakistan in him

  20. Why are there so many young black men commenting about their DNA without wearing a shirt? What don't I know?

  21. Queen Isis says:

    Sorry @eddiesmith most of that message was meant for @avalawerence

  22. You actually have a good understanding of geography unlike most Americans, that's to your credit.

  23. AnrisisTF says:

    You know after slavery was abolished or even before slavery tons of Asians came over here to labor or build railroads and stuff and that could of intermingled into you as well, I suggest finding out.

  24. The important distinction between Ancestry DNA and Gedmatch is that Gedmatch accepts raw data from various sources. In other words, there are opportunities to find a greater number of relatives. Ancestry can only give you matches from Ancestry's subscribers. Gedmatch is a volunteer-run site; no charge; more information, but not as pretty. You seem to only be interested in ethnicity, though.

  25. Tam says:

    North West African includes Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania,

  26. fi stla says:

    In every calculator you were overwhelmingly African. Don't understand why you are searching so hard for middle eastern.

  27. Thanks for doing this type of video. Very interesting comparisons and evaluation, and your observations, as well, about a lot of parameters and points needing further study. I noticed that your interpretation of the "North Sea" category omitted Scandinavian regions. Here are some things from Wikipedia regarding the North Sea and the bordering areas and history: "The North Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean located between Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. An epeiric (or "shelf") sea on the European continental shelf, it connects to the ocean through the English Channel in the south and the Norwegian Sea in the north…. The North Sea was the centre of the Vikings' rise…. [The following refers to the coast of the North Sea] In the north, deep fjords and sheer cliffs mark the Norwegian and Scottish coastlines, whereas in the south it consists primarily of sandy beaches and wide mudflats."

  28. Queen Isis says:

    It defines it more if you click on the oracle , oracle 4 which means 4 generations ecy

  29. These are kind of generalities, a lot of overlaps. GEDmatch is awesome and loads of tools, to compare your relatives and look at their matches.

  30. What does Atlantic means?

  31. Do you know ur mtdna and Ydna?

  32. you also have native American ancestry gedmatch can detect admixture that ancestry.com can't

  33. Can someone please explain the oracle part for me ?? I tried it and I dont know what it means.

  34. Thanks for sharing this with us. I recently took the test with Ancestry.com and I'm awaiting my results so that I can upload the raw data to GEDMatch. I wanted to ask you if GEDMatch will give you the percentage of Neanderthal DNA you would have since it's not tested with AncestryDNA. I know that 23andMe provides customers with a Neanderthal percentage but for some reason AncestryDNA doesn't. I'm going to research the different GEDMatch tests to see which ones are the most accurate in their findings.

  35. This only makes my research more frustrating… This website is a nightmare to comprehend

  36. I'm always confused why people are confused. People traveled in the world. East and West Africans were allowed to travel so that you probably have a East African ancestor it doesn't matter how. You keep mentioning noise. it's a ancestor way back hollering hello i'm here. It's not noise it's part of your makeup.

  37. Keep in mind that East Africa wasn't affected by the slave trade as the western parts of the continent. Not a lot of Afro-Americans will be descended from those areas

  38. Mpirefilms says:

    After doing this, do you trust the results or do you think they are just making money off of people's curiosity?

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