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Fun camping with Filipino food in Korea

Fun camping with Filipino food in Korea

Fun camping with Filipino food in Korea
Special guest : Mr.BilBil and his son
Business contact : mrbulbulman@gmail.com


46 thoughts on “Fun camping with Filipino food in Korea

  1. Awesome guys, Filipino goods are good too. Sardines without rice? Priceless.

  2. New subscriber here. 🙂

    Love from the Philippines. 🙂

  3. Mac Mac says:

    cant focus on the subs. im looking at ur kid. very cute

  4. Bulbul in Filipino – Pubic Hair
    Bilbil in Filipino – Body fat

  5. Malaki ang bilbil.. Hahahaha

  6. Lstr says:

    the moment mr bilbil said "this is for beer"… i thought…. he knows what he is saying…

  7. Reese Glim says:

    i like watching your videos specially when filipino foods are involved

  8. haru Sj says:

    Hahahaha mr.bulbul and mr.bilbil nice name ?????

  9. Ton Ton says:

    Haha foodtrip..????

  10. had to give this a #thumbsup mr. bulbul, great taste test ?

    P.S.,…how old were you in that pic from '85

  11. Primo Jibs says:

    Try that chippy with mayonaisse dip ?

  12. Primo Jibs says:

    you should make this video longer, mr. Bulbul ? , I crave for all of that snacks during midnight lol. makes me want to buy in a convenience store immediately. please more videos like this (better with friends), Mr.bulbul ?

  13. I hope the video would be closer.

  14. mc gelo says:

    i really appreciate u mr bulbul thank you

  15. Anyeong seyo haha bilbil man ?

  16. Kare-kare ata yun, Hindi curry hahahaha

  17. Mc Elep says:

    Lol Mr.BulBul and Mr.BilBil hahaha epic review ???

  18. I actually really love Cracklings

  19. nice one Mr. Bulbul & Mr. Bilbil.

  20. Mr. Bulbul , it's very wonderful watching you,bb bulbul and mrs. bulbul and your family friends out camping.It truly is fun and very relaxing and the adorable bb bulbul is out in the loose,lool.Got scared when bb Bulbul nearly choked.I was laughing so hard when your friend said his name is mr. Bilbil.I hope you do not have a friend named mr. Balbal ,lol because it means witch in bisayan dialect.If ever you will have one , your channel would be like mr. Bulbul, mr.Bilbil and mr. Balbal.Hoooly maloneeey!

  21. always Love your videos sir, thank you

  22. Oh my, I feel so bad for the kid at 0:12

  23. Me Me says:

    Crakling that sour taste, I like that. .especially during my period?

  24. ANGPEDRO1 says:

    really love your vids bro. keep it up if i ever cross your path oneday if you are here in the phillipines i will hug you man lol 🙂

  25. Omg"ur picture when ur young is look a like of baby bulbul:-)im laughinh when the one kid try the sour snack"?and about baby bulbul im worried when he almost choke, while he eaten.. what kind of food is that? But he survive… Just be careful nxtym baby bulbul, ?

  26. Back at it again with another video, Mr. Bulbul. Love your videos!

  27. Baby bul2x ang Mr bul2x are both cute and look alike ???

  28. Really love does food you eat?,I wish I can eat that again ?.

  29. haha its so funny love your videos sir 🙂

  30. There are more food here at the Philippines that you can try

  31. pjay mundo says:

    Philippines ? yummy ?

  32. Baby Boy says:

    Chingo 2 or Shin sege?

  33. Wow great camping with good taste foods

  34. the one u got is Ulalaammm (ulam is dish) you got bistek /beef steak a type of salted peper meat

  35. Paul John says:

    Hahaha Cracklings had a really strong vinegar smell but it taste good ? one of my favorite too

  36. Anne Leong says:

    Hahaha. That Cracklings is one of my favorite snacks! ?

  37. With a little perseverance, I don't think this channel will fail in the future.

  38. AiGi says:

    this is so funny LOL..and omg, mr bulbul kid photo really looks baby bulbul !!! (thanks for showing)

  39. mr.bulbul redhorse at crackling bagay jan pulutan ok.

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