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I’m Mixed with African My Ancestry DNA + GedMatch Results

I’m Mixed with African My Ancestry DNA + GedMatch Results

Hey Ya’ll! I’m so excited about sharing this video with you guys! My goal in doing this was to do research on my ethnic background. Most African Americans are unaware of what regions or countries within Africa they their families came from… So … I went to ancestrydna.com paid $99 to have the test done. Waited. And shared my results. I’m happy about my discovery!

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31 thoughts on “I’m Mixed with African My Ancestry DNA + GedMatch Results

  1. Interesting for a light skin woman.

  2. Wow omg she's more black wow welcome beautiful African queen

  3. You look Zulu. You have a South African/Zimbabwean face.

  4. You are a mixture. I think the DNA Test can't pick up everything. Some of these test are liars.

  5. Sarah Carr says:

    you're so pretty! Nice results!

  6. Since you were able to go back to the 1800s, did you identify anyone coming from Africa?

  7. kjkb tv says:

    Features and skin color mean absolutely nothing. Your African DNA is far higher than expected. This is amazing.

  8. KEL7000 says:

    first off beautiful just beautiful my Queen also nice video ….

  9. Wow ! My mothers line passed names to carry on…..

  10. Oooooo slay queen. It was good meeting you at the sugar factory. ❤️❤️

  11. What a beauty! Congrats on 92%!

  12. girl you are fine i m proud to have 10% AFRICA !!!!!!! i know that aint a whole lot but if you go out with me together we will be 102 %

  13. Cool Kek says:

    Nice hair- I really like the style.

  14. I congratulate your parents for doing such a wonderful job????????????????

  15. Azl Mcl says:

    u are so pretty

  16. Tiffonique says:

    You are Soooooooooooo Beautiful xoxo

  17. Im not gonna lie, I was gonna assume you were maybe in the 70% range. Even though you are a brown toned girl, you have some native phenotype features

  18. I'm hoping mine at close to 100%?

  19. Whoo I did one of there test too! Happy to see someone else with such high African percentage as me!

  20. Government says:

    even without the DNA test you are clearly African, too cute…I had love to personally take you round that continent..I have my documents standby.. dear when you are ready, we fly…

  21. L. Sher says:

    You are 100% BEAUTIFUL!!!

  22. Uh…OMG…you're black than me…I'm jealous. I'm 87% African…..I'm 29% Ivory Coast/Ghana, Cameroon Congo 21%, Nigerian 16%, Senegal 9%, Benin Togo 7%, Southeastern Bantu 4%, African South Central Hunter & Gatherer 1%…Our DNA is surprisingly similar.

  23. Enjoyed your video <3

    Let me know what you think of my videos!

  24. Whatever you are, you're beautiful. Congrats

  25. I would think the 90% of your African came from the Horn of Africa but not from the other parts and in saying that you're very gorgeous

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