Home DNA AncestorLet’s review how GEDMatch interprets raw data from Ancestry and 23&me!
Let’s review how GEDMatch interprets raw data from Ancestry and 23&me!

Let’s review how GEDMatch interprets raw data from Ancestry and 23&me!

This is the longest video! I wanted to break it up into three parts, but since this one includes at least one example each type of test currently ran on GEDMatch, I just kept it intact. I will ask that you pardon me for calling Africa a country once, because I meant continent as I have said in my previous three videos. By now many of us understand Africa currently has 54 countries!


21 thoughts on “Let’s review how GEDMatch interprets raw data from Ancestry and 23&me!

  1. You are gorgeous I wonder what will results will be my mom is black/ mixed her dad afro/ European. Mother is black and my dad is mexican.

  2. Thank you for your informative video, it really helped me to start understanding my results better. I have a question about your ancestry, what were your percentages for African, European and Asian if you have any percentage?

  3. Hi, your video is very informative. I did my GED match 2 days ago and it reconfirmed what my parents been telling me about their ancestors, the one discrepancy I have and it's a huge one, it's the world9 (deocad) it says I'm yorobian+Dominican for all the distances but I was born in Jamaica? I don't know why it say that. Do you think I should email them about that? Thanks.

  4. NHKN says:

    Thank you, for this video. Just got my results back from FamilyTree DNA the results match up pretty well with GED match. I did find that the percentages changed in GED match and they broke the groups down more. There is a lot of data to understand I'm really trying to understand my closet matches as well. Looking forward to your updates.

  5. I am enjoying your videos.  Please allow me to say that I like your wall art.  Abundant blessings, Tom

  6. The results that anyone gets from these DNA tests are always going to have anomalies because your test is achieved by comparing your DNA to the global DNA samples that  have been taken from typical indigenous groups around the world, and also don't forget Africa was divided the way we see it now by the European colonists.

  7. I'd like to put 23  in you 😉

  8. Andre P says:

    as far as West Asia those that usually refers to people in the Middle East(Arabs, usually) or in the Caucus regions (Turks, Arnenians, Persians, ect,)depending on how someone labels it, when they create the kits tests. ancestry DNA is interesting because they label North Africans as indigenous North Africans, like the Taureg, instead of the Arabs and Europeans who immigrated.

  9. Andre P says:

    I really appreciate your taking so much time to go over all this detail the results. I will be getting in touch with myself and my grandparents so I look forward to using gedmatch.

  10. You look like you could be related to James Earl Jones.

  11. Cinthia 9 says:

    How long did it take for your results to come back?

  12. Great video. Im about to look deeper into my results on the GED site. I got my results and also my mums results, so that will be interesting to see what GED has for both of our results. Looks very complicated, but im sure ill get to learn how all the features work and what the results actually mean

  13. Enjoying your Video !!

  14. Hello Jacqueline,
    Awesome video. very informed and detailed! Greetings from London.

  15. Hi there. Love your video. I also have my highest African in Cameroon and it can be associated with South Africa. I have recently found out that I have 2 family lines from Madagascar. And they are mix of African and East Asian with sometimes South Asian. I was wondering if you could be connected to the them as well. I would love to compare kits because I know exactly what to look for and people from Madagascar to compare your kit against. Hope to talk to you soon.

  16. Thank you for your video. I found your results fascinating, I was engrossed! Much love from England. X

  17. Excuse me, I meant your question is great:-)

  18. You are most welcome!  You question is great, and I'm no expert however in my opinion, the DNA should be the same(on the African only, not non-African DNA) as whichever ethnic groups we relate to, at a possibly lower percentage or with more than one or two ethnic groups, usually several, due to our unique history.  My African contacts who have taken the test have more than one ethnicity as well because people intermarried on the African continent.

  19. Thank you for sharing!  I've been looking at my results from GED match for days and I am wondering how "Afro-American" is calculated from DNA. Or, are they seeing African DNA and labeling it Afro-American?  Wouldn't DNA from American Africans (natural born American Africans not African American immigrants) be the same or very similar to DNA of African immigrants and Africans born on the  continent of Africa?  I've seen it on GED match but when I heard you say it that's when I wondered about it.   Just thinking…in print.  Thanks, again, for sharing!

  20. Yay DNA ! says:

    thanks so much for sharing ! I've been trying to figure out GEDMATCH for a while & want to start posting videos about it since it's very detailed.

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