Home DNA AncestorMy Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #4 Eskimo/Inuit.
My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #4 Eskimo/Inuit.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #4 Eskimo/Inuit.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #4 Eskimo/Inuit.

This How To video reveals my DNA results in the form of a series of doll repaints which will depict the different ethnicities of my DNA makeup. This video, part four in the series, reveals my Eskimo/Inuit heritage.

This is the last video in the series chronicling my ethnicity estimate. This video is NOT sponsored by MYHeritage DNA.


“Dubme” An upbeat reggae tune written for me and performed by my talented brother Dean Walker.

“Mountain Emperor” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Night of the Owl” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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30 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #4 Eskimo/Inuit.

  1. You are very talented, and very creative. Why did you put a link to an empty Etsy shop (since 2015)??

  2. Please please please add the Arawak doll!

  3. I love this series! Each doll is so beautiful ❤

  4. A Estrada says:

    It only means that we are all related, mine came back with 4% but I guess it was expected

  5. I got so excited about the Taino part, my mothers family is from Puerto Rico and I'm named after the said tribe. Makes me happy to hear about my background in a lovely video

  6. wataa nola says:

    This series is wonderful and once again you created something beautiful♡

  7. She is beautiful! New follower here.

  8. I also recently found I have a significant amount of Inuit DNA, which surprised me a great deal. I was researching Inuits and came across this video. I really enjoyed watching your video and the doll is really awesome!

  9. Arellica says:

    I think this is probably my favorite. Followed verrrry closely by the African doll. I just love this doll’s eyes

  10. Your attention to detail is amazing.

  11. This doll is so beautiful! I recently took a dna test too and found I was half Native American. Please do a Native American doll! I would love to see how you’d do it!

  12. Kay Min says:

    One should not be using the word *skimo as it is completely offensive and should not be utilized at all, the proper word to use is Inuit

  13. moda78z says:

    She is the cutest thing ever! ?This is one is my favorite of all your dolls so far??

  14. Jade Duong says:

    e f f o r t omgggggg

  15. Ay! I love love love ur viedos but this viedo just felt a lil werid bc most awakrans (ik i misspelled ?) consider themselves a different nation from tanio and idk I am from a southeast usa nation and dna testing is used to disenroll us/wont allow enrollment, and the govement break treaties because dna testing is SO faulty and really inly good at connection lost family than acuttly ethicancy telling espilly towards Black people and all 3 of the americas indigoues population because how both of them tend to be SO racially and genetic diverse it just doesnt add up right and gentic testing is really just a load of bull :((( and tbe founders of most Morden genetic testing use it orginally as a way to prove white ppl are "geneticly supifer" n idk it gets gross onces you dig thur it and feels more like a scam bc personally i want to do one to hopefully find my dads bio family and than i had a friend family members not allowed enrollment bc the testng dont aknowagle how a lot of SE usa nations are the most genetic divese and they were black ndn but only shown african, plus dna testing is werid within the L.A. (n carribean but idk as much abt that) community too bc it lets gross neo indigoues stuff thrive n simliar issues i barely get even tho im both (non indigoues) latin and SE ntv ???

  16. Seriously in love with this video – the hood and coat is amazing. -:)

  17. I NEVER comment on anything but you are soooo talented!!!

  18. You're so cute when you get excited. (: Lovely work as always!

  19. I’m also Inuit! It’s probably where I get my slimmer almond eyes because I’m not Asian.

  20. I freaked out when I saw this because I am Alaskan native too!

  21. Roi Black says:

    What a lovely doll and amazing series. Great series.

  22. Rae Hart says:

    The reason some Inuits/Eskimos have eye folds is because the ancestors of Native Americans originally crossed the land bridge that once connected Alaska and Russia. They were East Asian explorers from the China/Mongolia/Siberia area. Native Americans from all over North and South America are descendants of the same people as East Asians. 🙂

  23. Though the word is quite rude I’m glad you used another term

  24. I’m Eskimo and this was a gorgeous doll

  25. +Walkercolours what a neat idea!! All your dolls turned out great 🙂 what doll did you spend the most time on and which one the least?

  26. Raechel914 says:

    I'm inuit and this doll makes me so happy! You did so well on all of them!

  27. This was very cool thanks for sharing ???

    Also was I the only one sooo freakin happy when she had them all meet at the end ??? so beautiful

  28. Susan P says:

    You have really cool DNA results! This is such a cool series. Again, the hair and clothing of all these repaints was very impressive and the actual painting was gorgeous!

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