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Puerto Rican DNA Update, Comparision to Various Companies & GedMatch

Puerto Rican DNA Update, Comparision to Various Companies & GedMatch

DNA tests are NOT, I repeat NOT 100% accurate. However, I have been able to use them to my advantage to further my family tree and dispel rumours within my family history. This is an update to my family history and what I have found out so far. I also uploaded my raw data to GedMatch and various other companies and in this video I touch on that as well as what can be expected from GedMatch.
On GedMatch, the ‘pie charts’ I used were located on Eurogenes after you click on the Admixture (heritage) link.
My Maternal Haplogroup is C1ba (Native American)
My Paternal Haplogroup is R-L2 (Western European)
My ethnicity estimates varied a bit between companies but here is a breakdown. And again, they are ESTIMATES (hope it makes sense!):
European: Between 65% & 74%
Sub-Sahara Africa: Between 4% & 8.1%
North African: Between 1.1% & 3%
Native American: Between 17% & 18.5%
I hope you enjoy the video and if you have questions and/or comments, please don’t be shy!!!! Thanks for watching!!!


8 thoughts on “Puerto Rican DNA Update, Comparision to Various Companies & GedMatch

  1. Mari E says:

    Take your raw dna and upload to both jameslick and ymorley for a further breakdown of your mtdna and y dna.

  2. Mari E says:

    Same with me. 23andme, ftdna, and ancestry were virtually identical. Have you uploaded to wegene and dna.land as well?

  3. Bryan wolf says:

    All Europeans are the same thing their all white?? a lot of people don’t know this but Irish people come from Spaniards because Spaniards are celts and celts originate in northern Spain.

  4. Hello my friend! You should make a video once a week. I just enjoy it so much. ??

  5. Christian…enjoyed this video and your commentary in it.

    I do KNOW that these DNA tests are NOT completely accurate, but for a general DNA genetic profile they "can" provide at best an overall profile of a person's DNA background…outlining where an individual's MAJORITY DNA elements are from, as well as those other "trace" or otherwise "noise" elements are.

    Thanks for sharing. The problem comes in when people take these "findings" and then feel compelled to "identify" with parts of their DNA profile they didn't know existed and
    they are in fact generations away from on a personal, social or cultural level.

    I knew someone once who told me he was part "Cherokee" and I just accepted that statement.

    Well he took one DNA profile test and he has NO "Native American" background…ZERO, NADA, ZILCH.

    But he has profited so much by doing his fake rain-dances, pounding on MADE-IN-KOREA "war drums" and painting his face with war paint for historic re-enactments as he continues to embrace is FAKE "injun" roots…it gets him lots of FB BFFs and more selfies. I've dropped him from Christmas card list because after all how many "injuns" believed in Santa Claus or Baby Jesus.

    Now if he tells me he believes he is from Wakonda because he likes to eat KFC, then perhaps I'l reconsider sending him Christmas cards again.

    And to make his "back-story" more ironic, if not idiotic, he has brainwashed his sons to believe they too are "Cherokee Warriors" who just "happen to look white"…sad but not as rare as we might think.

    Thanks for your vid…for now…

  6. Christian, I watched your video twice as it was jam packed with lots of info. Your story about helping a couple of people find their families and also solving the mystery of your grandmother's ancestry were heartfelt. It is wonderful what can be done with these results!

  7. So you might be part Irish after all! Nice

  8. Thank you for sharing!

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