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The Errors of Sargon – The Alba Agendum (008)

The Errors of Sargon – The Alba Agendum (008)

Discussing Sargon’s recent video responding to James Allsup.


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15 thoughts on “The Errors of Sargon – The Alba Agendum (008)

  1. Avid Fan says:

    Just finished listening; I though it was a very interesting discussion with many excellent points.

  2. Avid Fan says:

    Sargon is irrelevant.

  3. Spr1ggan says:

    In Scotland Gaelic is pronounced Gahlic not Gaylic.

  4. 1:01:45 – You got a source for 8.7 birthrate by UK Muslims?

  5. Let's just say it clear. He is an enemy of the white race and (hypothetically) deserves the ultimate punishment for this. The rope or the gun. Pick one. His line is polluted with nigger filth they are all compromised.

  6. Alt right echo chamber. Woes is a faggot. So many half truths and complete lies about sargons views.

  7. Carl seems to think that by ignoring biological unity (nationalism) the ever polarising diverse "society" we live under will just naturally hold itself together and won't need a tyrannical state to brutally hold it together…

    Guess wot Carl.
    The latter is literally the case right now.

  8. MrCool Mug says:

    Why is Sargon going after Allsup anyway, he said he was done with the Alt-Right?

  9. MrCool Mug says:

    Sargon has no personality though. He's made a lot of money by appealing to a lot of idiots, who like to see the same thing over and over again. That's the reason Sargon is big, and nothing else.

    Not everything needs an intelligent explanation. Sometimes a turd is just a turd, even if it is rolled in glitter.

  10. MrCool Mug says:

    Sargon's politics is the equivalent of attempting to shoot everyone (including himself) in the foot, in the interests of fair play. And so he's shot his own group in the foot, and he's limping after every other ethnic and religious group to shoot them in the foot as well, with bullets of degeneracy. And these other groups are not joining in.

  11. MrCool Mug says:

    Are the National Trust or the Lallans Society, or Free Tibet totalitarian outfits, Sargon? What the hell is this fat bastard talking about.

  12. MrCool Mug says:

    Sargon is saying he doesn't like it when we categories animals into species and genera. If you call a pit bull a pit bull, and attribute a value to it's characteristics, then Sargon has a problem with that. Just stating simple biological facts is a problem for Sargon; he doesn't want good taxonomy, he just wants two arms, two legs, and a head, and you get to be in the gang.

  13. MrCool Mug says:

    You can easily break the argument that we and the Alt-Left are joined at the hip by identity politics. Alt-Left identity isn't identity politics, it's class and culture war. They want to break down the structure of society, we want to maintain it.

    LGBT is not identity. It's pseudo-identity. Black is another matter. Black people have a genuine ethnic and identitarian interest. But within the paradigm of Alt-Left politics, Black identity only exists as a social construct, as something "presented," and ultimately as something meaningless which can be adopted by other people. They don't view Blacks as a race or identity in themselves, or if they do, they only recognise that identity in a limited way, as an "oppressed group" which should threaten the society in which it exists.

    Blacks only exist on the left as a social construct of the evil straight white male patriarchy. Blacks only exist as "an other" which should fight those who have "othered" them. But there isn't any deeper understanding or acceptance of Black identity beyond that in the Alt-Left, because Black identity, when it comes down to it, is the ultimate Modern pseudo-identity. It is the standard for deracination.

    Where you do see a deeper understanding of Black identity is among the pure fantasies of Afrocentrists. But they're grasping for things that were never theirs, intellectual and cultural and spiritual property that was never theirs. Just like the Alt-Left "oppressed" Blacks are trying to take what isn't theirs: material property of the whitey.

  14. MrCool Mug says:

    When the sausage machine keeps giving you pink goo, get A NEW MACHINE. https://youtu.be/XeOGpVYM7Rk

  15. MrCool Mug says:

    That initial fragment of Sargon's dross brought to mind a few lines of poetry:

    … Small-minded
    I will not say, there were depths
    in some of them I shrank back
    from, wells that the word “God”
    fell into and died away,
    and for all I know is still
    falling. Who goes for water
    to such must prepare for a long
    wait. …

    There was something quite sad about seeing this fat little man reading from his tinchy black notebook to the multitudes at the Day for Freedom event. He was at least boring, and not totally unbearable like Gavin McInnes with his Scottish accent, or Milo with his stale muscadin routine.

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