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The White Tribes of Asia – Caucasian Ancestry

The White Tribes of Asia – Caucasian Ancestry

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The name “Caucasian” comes from the fact that the first time anyone laid eyes on white people were in the Caucasus Mountains, at a place that to this very day is called “the Pass of Israel” by the locals.


20 thoughts on “The White Tribes of Asia – Caucasian Ancestry

  1. Drea says:

    So now we're the Jews??? Gtfo

  2. This taught me nothing about Hebrews…. the Ethiopians have caucasoid skulls … why don’t you do some research there and stop finding pointless video clips to fill your video and make more money

  3. Keep em comming bro…..fuck youtube ? show's your touching a nerv

  4. Listen you need to look into the lawsuit against YouTube for illegally DEMONatizing . ISSAC GREEN channel is sueing

  5. keep it coming brother! you know.. we know.. you're doing the right thing

  6. Caucasian are a mixture of Hebrew Edomite and Gentile and a few are of cannanites stock. Predominantly they are Edomite History and the Bible says soo.

  7. I don't believe there's a lot of time because things are happening far too quickly. So I'm just going to speak as directly as I can, knowing that you're more than capable of validating or disproving everything I'm going to share. What is happening right now in Hawaii has been planned for a long time and the evidence is right there hidden in plain sight. The company responsible for the Puna Geothermal Venture in Hawaii is also the company who owns the Geothermal plant in Guatemala and it is no coincidence that both volcanoes are erupting right now. Ormat Industries is owned by Israel and funded by the Rothschild's.

    Please research the history of this Globalist family, especially their connection to the Council on Foreign Relations, the origin of the United Nations. and the Elders of Zion. They are Satanic and their evil knows no bounds.

    The Eruption began at the PGV and the fissures have been following the Hilana Slump faultline. Their intentions were not to simply start the eruption and hope for the worst. They've left nothing to chance. There are 11 wells now being inundated with lava. All 11 wells have been filled with an explosive, flammable liquid called pentane (very similar to propane or butane). 10 of the wells have been plugged with a heavy metal plug that's been driven 20 feet deep into the wellhead. The 11th well has not been plugged with a metal cap. All that's been done to the 11th well is mud has been poured into the exposed wellhead. Why? The answer will remove any doubt if this was planned or what their true intentions are. Nothing these reptiles do is coincidental!

    Follow along with this little thought experiment with me and it'll all become very clear. Imagine that you're mucking around with gunpowder because you're bored and want to see things go BOOM. You pop open the powder keg and pour about half a pound of it into a small pile on top of the rock. You stick a fuse into the pile, light the wick, then retreat to safety to observe what happens. What do you see? When the powder ignited you saw a flash and a puff of smoke and that's about it. Not very impressive.

    Next, you get a small length of pipe complete with 2 end caps. You drill a small hole into the side of the pipe, then twist on an end cap to seal one side before turning it sideways like a cup and filling it with powder. After that, you twist on the other cap so both ends are sealed tight, then poke the fuse into the hole you drilled before lighting it and retreating to safety. What happens? Your ears are ringing from the loud explosion and you felt the shock wave despite being a safe distance.

    The difference between the harmless flash and the explosion was due to what happened with the expanding gas. When ignited gunpowder burns up rapidly and the energy it releases expands outward but contained in the pipe it couldn’t do that because it was confined to a sealed space and literally had no place to go. The gas just kept rapidly expanding inside the sealed pipe but the pipe prevented it from occupying additional space, so the pressure inside the contained space skyrockets. In milliseconds the pressure inside the pipe increases exponentially until the pipe itself could no longer contain the force of the gas expansion and ruptured. When that happened the trapped gas rushed out faster than the speed of sound resulting in an explosion.

    Congratulations, you just made a pipe bomb.

    Now, what happens when you take that concept to yet another level. You pull out your handy boy scouts 6-foot long carbon drill bit, locate a large boulder, climb on top then bore a hole down to the center. You fill a paper tube with powder, drop in a blasting cap so you can ignite with electricity this time, then drop the charge down the hole reaching the boulders core. Lastly, you plug the open drill hole with quick dry epoxy, run the fuse wires to safety, hook it to power and ignite. What do you think happened? That little powder charge had nowhere to expand and was enough to split the solid boulder in half. Kabooom.

    I'm sure you get it now. It wasn't just about triggering the erudition by fracking,, that would only increase the chances of the Slump sliding into the ocean. They wouldn't go through all this trouble unless they could be certain. That's the reason for filling the wells with pentane and the reason they securely plugged 10 of them. So what of the 11th you ask? They needed a fuse, didn't they? If all 11 were plugged it might not detonate.

    There's little we can do now about what's already been done except pray for the best, however, there is something we can do about their failsafe, we can and we MUST STOP IT. The United States Military is now openly talking about plans to bomb the Volcano in Hawaii. They claim they are considering doing so to slow the lava but this is a bold-faced lie. The only reason to bomb would be to detonate the pentane filled wells, split the rock and send an area the size of Manhattan plunging into the Pacific. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!

    They can only get away with such a thing if it happens in shadows. Their plans depend on us being asleep and unaware. SO WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  8. Oh The Asia didn’t exist then when the Titans Have war against the Anunaky!

  9. Is call Russ- Slav , is Vedas

  10. Is call Russian- Aryans , The Titans/Atlas(Atlantis)Of North Pole since 40 000 years ago

  11. Funny how so-called White Caucasians don't even look Asian at all. ??

  12. Now I understand why 2 Countries labeled me as Psychopathic and or Sociopathic by nature. None of their experts knew me.

  13. I don't give a crap what YouTube thinks, I really love this channel very informational. Thank you for your great work!

  14. Well, if i recall, wasn't Noah some new species of man? He had veey light hair and eyes for the region…. unless maybe he had albinism…. he was a new species and 'god' didn't want the new species to die off… ? Maybe… i dunno

  15. The question is… why does cau has asian it. Seriously think sbout it.

  16. Well, can you count Arabic people has white ? Since Western Europe and est européen are close ? Arabic aren’t close to a western européen guy or a est europeen ? Physically Arabic look like a mixture of bédouin they are black hair like black and they are brown skin most of them even white skin Arabic has black hair mixité like negroide. When u look at a Western Europeen or à estern européen it won’t be easy to guess from where they come from since u can be confuse I seen french or Germanic people look like almost like Slavic people and I’m not even mentioning Nordic who’s look like Slavic ppl russian,polish,Ukrainian, u can guess however by the facial Slavic has a kind of a slimmer face but it’s hard to guess, but Arabic i always know when it is a Arabic people cuz they don’t look like eastern or western européen, most of the time eastern and western look the same in north area western ppl look like Slavic

  17. They're trying to shut down freedom of speech.

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