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  1. In Ancestry all the Celtic peoples are listed under "Irish." She probably has some Briton ancestry. Also Iberians were among the groups that anciently settled Britain. I keep bumping into many people who have mostly English or British ancestry and show as having Iberian ancestry as well. It's funny, though, when you look at the circle of Western European that supposedly makes her "non-British" the whole of England is covered within that circle of influence. Besides, as others have said here, those areas are where the English came from (Normans/French, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians, Angles, and such)….

  2. Have hopes of being related to Tho. H. Huxley. 🙂

  3. surnames in Ireland are a better judge of how irish one would be. So if there are a high level of names of irish origin the more likely that wd transfer genetically

  4. 730 Mŷ says:

    All Europeans are mutts. Whether a Briton, Spaniard, Italian, Swede, Pole, Slovakian, Serb, Finn, Dutchman, Russian or other Europeans. Since migrations such as völkerwanderung, invasions, conquests, trade, immigration or holiday making. The Germanic tribes from southern Scandinavia, northern Germany and the Netherlands. Romans from Italy, Celts from central Europe or Slavs from Eastern Europe. These different European tribes have travelled and mixed with natives from new countries they moved to. How amazing and fascinating!!!!! (*@*)

  5. C_Muff says:

    I'm a little sceptical about the Ancestry DNA test. I know some facts about my Ancestors, where they came etc. I may take one of these tests and see if the ancestors I know exist, come up on the test.

  6. She is actually English, as English people are from North-West Germany/Southern Jutland peninsula originally. Which is Western Europe on the Ancestry DNA test. She's not British, but she's definitely English.

  7. How did she not recognise Darwin!

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