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My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Results! Who is Kati Morton? VLOG

My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Results! Who is Kati Morton? VLOG

I partnered with 23andMe to learn more about my DNA and ancestry. Learn more about them at https://www.23andme.com/

In my Vlog, I found where I was from, and I was SO surprised!! Have you done 23 & Me’s DNA Genetic testing and Analysis? If so, where is your family from? Let us know in the comments!!

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48 thoughts on “My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Results! Who is Kati Morton? VLOG

  1. cat says:

    LOL I'm Polish and don't worry, we'll still take you haha ❤

  2. 6.4% French And German too haha!

  3. 300 years ago your anchestors were niggers

  4. theDNgamer says:

    My family was always proud of being from italian descent and now that I did the same test it appears that I have no Italian blood at all.

  5. Iberian is Portuguese and/or Spanish (Iberian Peninsula)

  6. I just got my results today. 64.9% British/Irish, 19.2% French/German, 0.7% Balkan, 0.4% Scandinavian, 10.6% Broadly Northern European, 2.8% Broadly Southern European, and 1.5% Broadly European.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    The Morton surname has an English and Scottish origin.

  8. Your Scandinavian side forgot to mention you're 0,5% Finnish 🙂 They sometimes do that to us, the Swedes mostly.
    Greetings from your Finnish 0,5 cousin. Your name Kati (said like 'Cutty' in Finnish – not Cuddy) is our version of Cathy.

    Morton is family name that has a Finnish branch. Don't know how many of American Mortons come from that source, I expect minrity. The Delaware delegate who was the last to give the final vote for the declaration of independence, was called John Morton. Yeah, we Finns like to Fin(n)ish things 🙂 He was from the Delaware Swedish family of Mårtensson ('Mort-'). Mårtensson was derived from Finnish Marttinen, a version of Martin, best rendered as 'Martinley', in my opinion. That -nen is an olde adjective ending like -ley in English. But it was usually used like 'the child of' – not only as 'the son of'. So some of the people called Morton could also be called Martins or Martinson 🙂

    That Welsh story you were told is not necessarily wrong. So much British Islands, mostly, so you're very likely very Welsh, and very English etc. You could check, how common the name Morton is in the UK and in which part of the country. To see if it's from a Celtic origin (Welsh etc.), or in Northern England – south of Scotland, north of Manchester – it could be Danish or Norwegian (Scandinavian), especially in the East Coast.

  9. flymobilll says:

    Kati Morton,. You only check, your mom's DNA. Since You don't have a Y chromosome… it's not a joke check it…

  10. John V says:

    I always went around thinking I was 100 % Anglo-American. Did a DNA test and it turns out I'm 65 % Great Britain from Northwestern England and 30 % Scandinavian which I have no clue where it came from. Also 5 % Western Europe but that I knew since I'm related to Cindy Crawford and by extension to Charlemagne.

  11. littlejay says:

    i'm Polish and the food is amaaazing

  12. Oh No says:

    We have the same dna relatives map mine is same amount in all of those except new mexico

  13. On Ancestry I found out that I am not Latvian but more like Polish Czech and Lithuanian. Don't know how true is that.

  14. And what about haplogroup?

  15. Maka Ayan says:

    While you get 50% of your genes from each parent, you get different fractions of their genes, hence why siblings look different. You may have received otger fractions but very little of the polish dna. This is not to say it is not there. You may have a sibling showing up with 20 % polish dna. So don't read too much into this.

  16. Gaynor says:

    Morton is not a Polish surname.

  17. 5000Kone says:

    Finns married quite a lot of native Americans in the USA. It seems like you have some ancestor that was Finnish-native American-west-African, because all the percentages are quite low, but the timeline when the genetics come is at the same time.

  18. Hey! So we get 50% of our DNA from each of our parents, and they get the same going back through the generations. So our personal DNA only reflects a small percentage of our ancestors, but tells us what our personal DNA is made up of. So for example, your grandma might be 25% Polish, and your mom so happened to pick up half of her Polish DNA and have 12.5%. However it’s completely random what 50% you personally are going to get, so you may get a completely different mix of her DNA and not pick up any Polish what so ever! Does that make sense? They recommend you test your parents and grandparents as well as yourself to give yourself a broader picture of your direct heritage. 🙂 I found out that my grandmother was born in South Africa, yet I don’t have any South African DNA – I guess I just didn’t get that mix! lol – nice one for getting tested. Have you thought about researching your family tree and linking your DNA with other relatives?

  19. It looks like you don't understand basics of DNA testing results. Let me explain ; If you are a boy your test will show your ancestry of both sides – mother and father side. But if you are female ( and you are !!!) your test will show just results of your MATERNAL SIDE ONLY ! The only way to know the heritage of your father side is to make the test on your father or your brother's spit or blood. SO IF YOUR FATHER IS POLISH , NOTHING IS GONNA SHOW ON YOUR DNA TEST RESULTS !!! SO. YOU BETTER APOLOGIZE TO YOUR GRANDMA ! AND MAKE YOUR FATHER OR BROTHER TO GET THE TEST.☺And only then the truth will come out.

  20. jazz girl says:

    Your German and Jewish may be Polish as well. Alot of them used to live in Poland and had the same customs. 🙂

  21. Hécate says:

    Don't do the test with 23andme, they suck !!
    They let you know that you are 90% north western european right ?
    On this 90%, they can only determine 50% !! The rest they don't know….

    It has been the same thing with me. Half of my background is indeterminable… and I paid 100$ for that !!!

  22. One drop rule lmao you black!!! Jk nice results

  23. Just by looking at you I would have totally guessed you were Polish or of some other Slavic extraction. Maybe your appearance came from that Polish ancestor?

  24. Hey I'm Welsh! Welcome to the family ❤️ Croeso I Teulu ❤️

  25. Just because you have XX pair not as men XY you can track you ancestries only by your mother's side.

  26. Amit Kumar says:

    I know the result before even playing the video. You are 99% European white.

  27. You're beautiful, honey! And you also look Polish #polishpower ❤️????

  28. I was told my whole life we were Native American and Irish. So when a large number of my family members took ancestries test and none of us came up Native American we feel so they robbed of our heritage LOL

  29. Lukasz S says:

    I am just waiting for my DNA results. I wonder if I got same surprise as you especially that my family lived in one region of Poland for generations!!

  30. A CATAL says:

    Lol! That is funny!

  31. this is funny .you eat all that polish food  and you are   only 1.3%  polish. ??????

  32. Lothor says:

    Every person that does 23 and me and is white is about 40%+ British and Irish, they are not very accurate

  33. I think I am almost A 100% Norwegian maybe some American maybe

  34. your a melting pot of European. Put some dark chocolate Blake in there than you can be a melting pot for real

  35. Mac Seon says:

    cheek-swabbing is the preferred method for DNA collection

  36. catwalk33 says:

    you look like one of those irish girls that get drunk and fight at the bar

  37. Betty Hill says:

    love your video hahaha Thanks for the share. I can't wait to do my Husband because he is a Polish too.

  38. It is plausible that her grandmother was 50% Polish or Eastern Euro ancestry and the other part Anglo- and she maybe didn't grab any of the Slavic side- though some Poles have a plurality of Celtic, Latin, Scandinavian , Gypsy Jewish ancestry, the trace Jewish ancestry , could represent her Polish side as well , or maybe the Grandmother was from Chicago and wanted to say she had Polish ancestry to fit in ? But her mom was right, place your pin on Washington, we're all American.
    Perogies are delicious,though or is it "Dobre".

  39. Let me tell you Kati, this DNA test is real. I hooked up with relatives thought long lost. Its beyond amazing!

  40. "Come on grandma, what happened? How come we thought we were Polish?" I cracked up laughing at that 🙂

  41. KaGamer123 says:

    How long did it take to get the results?

  42. Iberian (Peninsula) = Spain

  43. G. Billo says:

    Haha the bit where she faked that the results would be given in a future video! I was like Noooooo! For a second?

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