Home DNA AncestorCuban Ancestry DNA Results Are In! (#23andMe) | Jenny Lorenzo
Cuban Ancestry DNA Results Are In! (#23andMe) | Jenny Lorenzo

Cuban Ancestry DNA Results Are In! (#23andMe) | Jenny Lorenzo

After what seems to have been a thousand years, I finally got around to spitting in a tube and getting my ancestry DNA results from 23andMe!

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45 thoughts on “Cuban Ancestry DNA Results Are In! (#23andMe) | Jenny Lorenzo

  1. MORE NEWS, GUYS! 23 & Me is constantly updating and improving upon their database. So now I can see more details within my percentages. So far I can see that out of my 71.6% Iberian, I am more Portuguese than Spanish. And within my 1.4% Native American, I am mostly Cuban. Followed by Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Dominican, Mexican and Colombian. My parents, grandparents and some great grandparents were born in Cuba of predominantly Spanish descent. But in some other time, I also have Native American roots in the countries mentioned which is pretty cool!

  2. Curious…what DNA from Ancestors could they possibly have to tell you where you from…from that many years ago…the science behind it makes no sense….just asking…

  3. Ow! you're my height sister! I'm exactly 5ft tall too!!! Yaaaay

  4. Allie S says:

    As 23 and Me increases their data base of DNA, don't be surprised if they start taking away things. If you are less than 1 percent they can decide to take it way from you. I was put down as being less than 1% Native American, but it seems the company can't decide if it's Native American, Siberian, or Chinese. So, they decided to place it in the unknown category. Personally, I think it's Unicorn.

  5. You’re 100% awesome ?? ???????❤️

  6. M. torres says:

    Jaja bien dicho Mija! Que perrito mas chulo

  7. You are so funny, specially about your hight and about Neanderthal DNA. I would be proud to have Neanderthal DNA, as it is very rare and they where tough as nails.

  8. Fidel says:

    23andMe, shares your DNA with law enforcement & FBI.

  9. So youre a white chick.

  10. Mo says:

    "my great grandfather on my dad's side was French" apparently he was mostly British lol

  11. I got a 23andMe from my dad. I’m of the world! Everywhere but Northern African and Australian. My sister got her Ancestry.com results first. It was really cool to see the similarities and differences between us. I have more Native American and Baltic countries. She has more Iberian. I have East Asian and she doesn’t. So cool.

  12. Actually you are wrong about the 100%

  13. My maternal haplogroup is B4! Interesting that yours is B2 which is a branch of mine. I’m not Cuban tho, I’m actually mostly Chinese lol

  14. roboboro says:

    liru liru liru liru

  15. Tritone says:

    That means you are not a minority or a "person of color". They should eliminate the "hispanic/latino" nonsense. It serves to make white people into fake minorities.

  16. Shady Thot says:

    She’s 2.1% alien

  17. You remind me of Pat Benatar

  18. Fabian69 says:

    95% European? Wow that's insane very uncommon to be that white as a cuban

  19. rjg0483 says:

    Hey Cool results Jenny:) Not surprising to see your 95% European I would say you have a very Mediterranean look…..For comparison I also got 95% Euro , 88% Italian, 2.3% Iberian 4.8% Middle Eastern & North African…I'm Italian -American and comparing to ur results there seems to be some Genetic overlap in Southern Europe….Thanks for posting.

  20. Just me says:

    Most Cubans, like most Puerto Ricans are whites of European heritage. Usually, that north african % is from the Canarios/ Berbers, a very white north african group. Yes, North Africa was for centuries very Caucasian. The middle East element is white too. So you are pretty much a white human being.

  21. Before i watch, I will guess from your surname large percent Italian? I'll watch now 🙂

  22. You’re 95% European but you’re maternal haplogroup is Native American, that’s so cool. Somehow throughout all your family’s generations, they lost all the Native American DNA

  23. hey jenny! my name is nick lorenzo and I am also cuban. we have some similar dna breakdowns and the same last name so we could be distant cousins! lmao

  24. Mattack says:

    Why tf does this feel like a lecture?!?

  25. nancysrios says:

    A lot of Cubans are mainly white. There are black and Chinese people.

  26. jjgnbf says:

    Mis resultados en 23andme:
    Paternal haplogroup: R1b L51 ( european )
    Maternal haplogroup: H1 ( european )
    Autosomical: 99.8% european
    Iberian: 65.2% ; Italian: 7.6% ; Balkan: 1.3% ; Sardinian: 0.8% ; Broadly Southern European: 13.7% ; British-irish: 3.1% ; Broadly Northwestern European: 5.3% ; Broadly European: 2.7%
    Unassigned: 0.1% ; and less 0.1% african
    0% de norteafricano, árabe, gitano, judío y nací en Andalucía

  27. One Two says:

    I knew straight off the jump that she was fully European…. When she said she was cuban I said to myself I don't think so !

  28. the middleeastern comes from the time the arabs controlled spain.

  29. the french and the british had wars, jean d'arc fought against the british. it is no wonder that in that period british could have mixed with french.

  30. Is that… A red megaman?!

  31. eim says:

    1:45 "2.8% british" shows map of england

  32. Lee M. says:

    Unassigned power!

  33. You arnt cuban sorry lol

  34. Hola, Jenny. Don't be surprised about the Irish. Emigrating from Ireland to Cuba was a thing. My mom was born in Havana. Her grandfather was an Irish farmer, but moved to Cuba during the potato famine. Your fair skin reminds me of my mom. She was tiny also.

  35. Grace A says:

    I did an ancestry DNA test recently and I was surprised to find out my diverse genetic makeup. No one, even my 92 year old grandmother were expecting half of the results from it. #Everything

  36. always in DNA Tests there is a percent of Northern African …i m lucky i dont need to get back home lool

  37. Sage C says:

    Honestly I wish I would have done this test instead of the ancestry.com test. this has has so much more information.

  38. Could've sworn she said Throw back thursday EBT lol

  39. NO OFFENSE but she ain’t got native indigenous amerindian in her…………

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